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Oliver Sch. , Spain

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Sep 01 2009
This is a very good Theme and I wait for his completation. ;-) - May 02 2009

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May 13 2009
It's nice. Like that, too. But I think iconrc should be turned off as default. The next is the little arrow in the menu. It's good. But if you are over it the arrow is converted in a ugly white one... and I don't mean that the white is ugly. ;)
This on a murrine-engine would be great, too.

cheers - May 01 2009
Pilsner GTK

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May 01 2009
thumbs up :-).
Explain me please what aurora-engine is ... I didn't found it in the repos.
Cheers. - May 01 2009
symbol Icon Project Preview

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Apr 28 2009
DanRabbit is right - narf! My experience says that the work with the small sizes killes more nerves than the creation of the Hi-Res-icons. The next problem is the amount of the icons what should be created. And we don't speak about only 50-100 icons ... ;)
It's impossible for only one person to do this. Breathe for example haves some talented peoples involved, but even here it's going all very slowly. The best is, if we want a new, good and complete Icon-Set in a short time, we will need 20 or 50 peoples who's working over it. ;) It's the hard reality... :D
And if I talk about a Icon-Set, so I mean the real Art-Work-Set and not the Collections-Sets ones ... ;) - Apr 28 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
Fine for understand me... :-) But in Kubuntu Jaunty I have any weather-svgz-icons in the /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scaleable/status/ -folder. Seems like that for example the Canoncial-Distri haves a less complete kde-oxygen-iconset-package ... :-? Interesting. - Apr 23 2009
For avoid misunderstands I try to explain better and in German if you allow. :-)

Es geht mir nicht um die Popups mit Maus drüber bzw. klick drauf mit Maus. Das sieht nämlich alles sehr gut aus. ;-) Mir ging es eher um das generelle Aussehen des Plasmaoiden auf dem Panel (Task-Leiste). Ich weiss nicht was Sie mit SVG meinen, da das Oxygen-Theme keine Wetter-Icons in SVG anbietet. SVG ist auch kein Allzwecks-Heilmittel - vor allen wenn es sich um kleinere Formate handelt. Vom optischem wäre es einfach ideal, wenn CWP im Panel entweder nur fix 22x22 darstellt bzw. sich nach der Höhe des Panels anpasst und die gegebenen fixen Auflösungen darstellt. Es ist eigentlich egal ob jetzt der Text links oder rechts vom Symbol ist. Aber mit dem Symbol und dem Text unterhalb haben wir zwar ein Quadrat, aber auch nichts scharf (übliche Panel-Höhen). Das ist eigentlich alles, was ich jetzt zum Thema sagen kann. :-) Wie und was jetzt letztendlich möglich ist, werden Sie besser wissen als ich. Hoffentlich kommt aber am Ende etwas besseres heraus, als wie es im Moment gerade ist. Naja, das fehlt mir eigentlich noch an diesem genialen Wetter-Plasmaoiden. :-) - Apr 23 2009
sry... I mean below and not above. ;-) - Apr 22 2009
I have a suggestion for the Panel-mode. I'm already not satisfied with the aspect of it. The icon is scaled and very "wischiwaschi" or better said not clear. The same happens with the text above. It would be better if you will use, in the Panel-mode, only fixed sizes 16x16, 22x22, 32x32 etc. and put the text on the right side and not above. If you want some nice wheater-icons in small sizes look for my submission (OxyUpdater). Hope you are with me and the next version will contain this or a similar improvement for the Panel-mode... Ich lasse mich überraschen. ;-)

Viel Spass beim hacken ... :-D - Apr 22 2009
... Jaegerschnitzel and your Plasmaoid. ,-)

It's a very complex and very good Plasmaoid.

Lassen Sie sich nicht von den Votings pikieren - ist doch eh sehr sehr hoch skaliert und auch nicht so wichtig. Einfach sich freuen über Ihren Beitrag zur "Community" und geniessen Sie ihr Plasmaoid, so wie es viele, dank Ihnen, schon jetzt tun.

Thank you for cwp! :-)
Bye ... - Apr 07 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 284 comments

by dridk
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Nov 30 2010
It's a old screenshot:

But here you can see that peoples can use (like me) different dictionary-icons. ;-)
It looks very bad so ...

You can tell me how I can fix it? What I should delete in the source, that the mini-flags don't appears on the tray-icon?

Thanks. :-)

PD: A version with enable/able this would be nice ... - Apr 21 2009
What I must delete in the source for get it without mini-flags on the tray-icon?

Thanks for any support. - Apr 21 2009
Yes it's true. Here a screeny:

CWP saves his changes. Maybe do something similar?
A Mini-Flags-unable would be nice, too. See screeny. :) - Mar 21 2009
Hi and thanks again for your Plasmoid :) I have a problem with the mini flags on the tray-Icon, so I changed the Icon for dictionary and I have them very small on the panel. It's looks bad this kind. It would be very kind from you to include in the settings a "unable" this feature. The second is that I wish a setting for choosing the default-languages for A and B. Because after every restart of KDM language A is french and B is english. :(
I saw the setting for this in your Plasmoid, but seems like it's losing after every KDM-restart his changes. *confusing*
Can you fix this? I will appreciate it very much. :)

Sincerly scholli - Mar 18 2009
sry ... a mistake :(

correctly it is:


;) - Feb 08 2009
Thank you ingame!!! You really was a big help ;) Greetings to russia :)

I did it so:

This go-next.png [we must stay with icons all IconSets contains ;) ] ... (rename it into "go-next.png" !!!)
comes into the ' kbflags ' directory and change the line 101 in ktranslatoid.cpp to:


In this source you can change also the first and the second language, too ;)

Delete all file in build-directory, recompile it so if you have Kubuntu or Suse installed:

mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install

Restart Plasma or reboot.

Finally you get this resuld:

Thank you ingame and dridk for advance :) - Feb 08 2009
Really a great tool! I have also managed to install it. Was not so hard;) Nevertheless, I have a problem with the icon between the two flags. What is the name of this icon? So I can include it in my IconSet. See my screenshot:

Cheers - Feb 07 2009
I followed your install-instructions and restarted plasma.
If I searched for your Plasmoid I couldn't find ...
So I saw in your Readme-file:

If you don't have nighlty, you have to install :

If I need KDE-nightly I prefer to remove all from my hard-disk :( What I must delete for clean my system?

But maybe it isn't necessary if you can tell me how I get it run ... :)

Cheers - Jan 31 2009

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Aug 11 2009
Thx ;-) - Apr 20 2009
:-) Thx. Good things needs a while. And yes I was planing it for the future. Firstly I want finish the works on the default-colour and stamp them all there are possibilities for doing it. Then correct the coloured ones. And finally do something like you proposed... ;-). - Apr 18 2009
Thank you Dude. :) Simple on the right place is always a good alternative. I wanted only something more consistent and followed the user-home-example. ;)
Hey your Splash is nice ... wait for 1650x1050. :) - Apr 10 2009
Will see what can I do ... :) - Apr 08 2009

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Apr 13 2009
Of course :-)

- Apr 13 2009
Strange. I never used KD3. Sorry it was a accident ... :D - Mar 22 2009

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
Honestly I don't like the Look and Feel of this Theme. I tried to adapt it more for my wishes, but finally I deleted it. What I didn't like was:
- Buttons on Kwin (simple and ugly)
- Buttons-ground in general
- Inactive Icons are to much blurred. (no settings about this are possible)
- Tabs aren't nice and confusing for me ...

I found more things I didn't like so much, but this was the most important.

But I appreciate the work and effort in it. Sorry for dislike. :(
Maybe another different Theme on base with the developed sources would be really nice ... - Apr 03 2009

Plasma Color Schemes 5 comments

by Rasi
Score 76.3%
Apr 16 2012
It's the air-plasma for 4.3. But it isnt't finished yet ... Just wait for his publish is the best. ;) - Mar 25 2009
GX Mail Notify

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May 06 2010
No more comments needed :) - Mar 18 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

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Mar 21 2009
Very good idea ;) Waiting for stable ... :) - Feb 20 2009

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Feb 14 2010
I stay tuned :)

Nevermind I am improving the deKorator-Theme a little bit ... A light play with the shine and in some colours except only grey. It's for different Backgrounds ;)

But I will wait before for your Theme ... ;)

Cheers - Feb 19 2009
... for this wonderful work. What I miss seriously is a kWin-Theme for Dekorator or native and the right coloursheme. With the Splash-Theme, Plasma-Theme and this we have, finally, a complete Set ;)

best regards, schollidesign - Feb 17 2009
Evolve KDE

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Jul 16 2012
"Poland peoples are very talented ..."

Here is my argument :D

... and you ;)

My mother is from Poland, too :)

<--- They can helps you maybe? Asking don't costs nothing. The communication should be easier, too ;)

"can you help me developing Evolve?"

I can help you where I really have talents ;) More in a PM ...

Cheers - Feb 18 2009
"In a near future I'll be need some good artists to build them faster." So you must shout loud ;) I can't help you for example - this style it's too high for me. I know my limits :) But I hope you will find some manpower helping you ;)

I heart, in summer, a decision will be necessary what should be default in KDE (4.5 ???)! Oxygen or Air? For me it's not important if Oxygen or Air is default by the first "boot/start". Important is that both are implemented by default for choose ;)

Poland peoples are very talented ... I'm glad that group of peoples had decided for doing this project. Thumbs up and best wishes for the future ... dla całego zespołu!

do widzenia, schollidesign - Feb 18 2009
Really you made them all you? In general I must say you make the icons very good and follows the rules for making icons right ;) For make a Set with this Hi-res-Icons you need a lot of time (1/2 or 1 year) for have a right complete Set. If you have peoples who helps you ... maybe sooner ;) Do it alone is ... how to say it correct? .... a torture :D
So I give you a tip! Make a launchpad with a trunk. Everybody who wants help you can get a member and get a login for your trunk. You are the leader and must manage others artists work ;) The communications you can do it with irc or another instant messenger ...

Maybe I could help you ... good luck and I hope we get one marvellous day a complete Set of these pretty Icons :)

Bye, schollidesign - Feb 13 2009

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Feb 12 2009
Sometimes I have a long cable ... :) Is here any possibility to show me this part of your problem by a screenshot? I checked all my Icons in my Gnome-Menu and I couldn't find any Hard-disks here ... Sry for not understanding what you're meaning. :(

Sincerly schollidesign - Feb 15 2009
Yepp it's a great improvement. Updates are automatic and if I find a bug or something not right I can correct it immediately an send it to everyone, who included the packages in their source.list, home. ;) And of course the regular updates, too. It was a long and stressing way for get it working (PPA), but know it's perfect ... :D

Thanks :)
schollidesign - Feb 13 2009
Check out this modding ;) Maybe you like it and it can harms your problem :)

I think Google have something for translate a website, if necessary ;)

OpenSource is beautiful ... - Feb 12 2009
:) Yepp I will try to draw them with a outline in 16x16 ;) It hope I get the best possible out ... draw .. test, draw .. test ... oh no! again! :D

Thank you for your feedback and compliment.

Cheers - Feb 12 2009
The longest "good work"-post in the world :D ROFL

I am wondering a little bit you don't know how to do it?! ... But okay ;)

Start Synaptic and look for "gnome-icon-theme" ... reinstall it.
If the problem isn't solved so purge it an install it again. By the last ... I hope there are any dependences ... ;)

Good luck ... - Feb 05 2009
Maybe the solution is very easy and we are talking around.

Reinstall your Gnome-Icons ... ;) - Feb 05 2009
Fine finally you got the newest version via PPA ;)
Seems like we found a good solution for our deb-version :D

Check my screenshots out:
Updates available ...
Updating ...

So you didn't find your ugly Icons in your Gnome-folder, so it seems like that this Icons are from a different application? You really think it's from Synaptic? I'm not sure ... :)

Cheers - Feb 05 2009
I saw it. It isn't so nice, because it's a small icon upscaled by your system.

You wrote:
"Hi, recently I have a lot of updated things from my Intrepid, and with your icons set,the updated package manager in my panel looks different from usual :)"

I don't now what you did with your system or what kind of update did this change ... in my Ubuntu is all as usual. And I have the lasted updates, too. My notice-icons about updates are nice looking arrows.
But this all we are talking now don't affect my IconSet :)
I think it's a change in your system others don't have ;)

Look to /usr/share/icons/Gnome/22x22/actions ... or apps. Maybe you will find these here ... ?! - Feb 04 2009
I know ;) ... This is what every collector is doing or should doing ... :) - Feb 04 2009
Yes do a new screenshot ;)

My friend don't want publish the actual set till he solved some possible bugs on his deb. He is working on it ...
Never mind I build a actual deb you can download it here:

I am sure if my friend had solved his problems, the updates from Synaptic will comes quickly. Sorry :)

For customize type "sudo human-o2 menu" ;)

The battery:

If you see "+" and "-" -battery so it means that the battery is plugged but not working. If you see this so the situation is critical and you need to charge urgently ;)
I have a battery-warning-Icons, too. But I hope we never will see it :D

Hoped I could inform and help :D - Feb 03 2009
Yepp ... it will come out soon. But there are some postinst- and mainpage-stuffs for solving ;) We want that "lintian" give us a nearly 100% errorfree debian-package. But bash and debian are quite complicate for me :( But some friend helps me ... ;)
Meanwhile you can download the actual deb-version in my dA-Homepage. But you don't use your own IconSet? ha ha ha - Feb 03 2009
ha ha, yes I thought it sometimes, too. I will make a second Blocks-Wlan ;) Never mind you can choose the system-own-Wlan-Icons if you don't like it so colourful :)
Thanks for your support ... Cheers - Feb 03 2009
Use this in the meanwhile ;) - Feb 03 2009
Too small! I can't see nothing. Please make it bigger ... ;) - Feb 03 2009
:D Try your Link! You can see something ... I can't. It's toooo small ;) - Feb 01 2009
Use "" and post me here your upload ;) - Jan 30 2009
It's /usr/sbin/!
But this problem will be solved in the next update through Ubuntu PPA. Meanwhile the first-aid-pack would be necessary for customize this Set. I am waiting for my friend he finally comes home and solve it ... i am really sorry for it.

Post above: From Spain/Germany and Poland ;) - Jan 30 2009

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Feb 12 2009
You are welcome ;) Thank you ... - Feb 03 2009
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Jun 04 2010

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by jonian

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Apr 23 2009
Evolve KDE

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by Podstavsky

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Feb 14 2009

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Feb 06 2009
Adwaita Tweaks

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9   Jun 08 2017
Human Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes
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3   May 20 2017

GTK3 Themes
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3   May 20 2017

Gnome Shell Themes
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3   May 09 2017
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3   May 09 2017

GTK3 Themes
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9   Apr 18 2017

Gnome Shell Themes
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9   Apr 15 2017
Obsidian Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes
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9   Apr 14 2017
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9   Apr 10 2017