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Oliver Sch. , Spain
Cpu frequency from Human Theme

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Jan 19 2009
oh I forgot! The right cpu-frequenz-Icon you will find in my Set under: 128x128/devices ;) - Jan 09 2009
Now you have the responsibility for it :D You should use Gimp for recolouring and scaling, because it will take a smoother effect ;) Select all, copy, delete, make the picture size to 24x24 and insert this Icon from your memory. Now scale it down to 96x96, then to 48x48 and finally to 24x24. Crtl+H and you have it! ;) Test it and make some corrections by hand if necessary. Good luck :) - Jan 09 2009
I killed it now from my last Version (1.07), because it's senseless to have this in a Icon-Set. These Icons in a Icon-Set don't takes effect and makes the Icon-Set for some Kilobytes bigger. You now that upload a big package is quite horrible if you have only a regular internet-speed :) Thank you for letting them alive this kind and I think it was a good compromise and idea :D
I wanted include new and maybe better ones in the next version, but I think this thematic is now taken by other artists and I hope there will have many different version for it :) Very well ... - Jan 09 2009

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Jan 15 2009
for explain this theme: pretty fast ;)
It's a equivalent between speed and nice looking. So finally my windows open faster and FF3 is running crazy. My Netbook is happy ... this Speedy-Gonzalez Theme is now my Favorite-Theme :) But it's a 0.1 Version and I hope we will see some improvements in this Theme ... you are willing? :D You're a welcome ... - Jan 08 2009

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Feb 12 2009
I like my Theme and I like use it, because I am using Ubuntu and I like this Ubuntu-feeling in the Icons ;) I needed nearly 2 months for create this Set in this moment state, because I searched till the last detail where I can improve or modificate it for getting a mostly modern Human-Theme. If I did my work well or not this I let decide the world ;)
Do a new Icon-Set? I think not ... it's too much work to create something new again. Support this one ... yes. It's a nice hobby and easy going now ;) A new promising work is G-XIRIA ... Poor Man, because it's really a lot of work he is doing! Enjoy your new Speaker-Icon from ZombieHero, it's really nice :) If you hadn't vote me down, so it was maybe somebody who don't like the orange-colour I am supporting :D - Jan 07 2009
I think you are always more rude here. Maybe you see ghosts where no are ... (German). But you're right with one of the person letting you some comment in your set and in mine. I know him from my forum and he is totally nerved with you ;) But never I told him he should write here something ... he did it voluntary. I tried to help you and send you a pm informing you about the broken links, but seems you wanted believe me. Many thanks to you for voting down my set always you can ;) This was my last answer up to you! Good bye - Jan 07 2009
Thank you for your comment, please enjoy my work :)
So if I am writing here please let me say something more ... ;)

In school the teachers always told me that I have talents and a lot of imaginations. But like normally in a human life you let it go ... till I installed my first Linux and couldn't find a Icon-Set which satisfied me enough. So I find my pleasures in painting again :) But it's not all ... I want say more ...

This Set is based on many good artist's work like the Icons form the Human-, Oxygen-Team and some more artist's in the www. And at least this Sets main-base Hydroxygen (great Theme), that was made by DeviantDark, letting me create this Set named Human-O2 :) A big thanks for all this artist's ;)

... and now some general words ...:
I am glad that the voting mechanism in the openDesktop-aeras had improved finally. Now I think I feel better here ... :D - Jan 05 2009
I don't behave ideas of deleting ;) I am glad to you like it, too :) - Jan 03 2009
he he, I couldn't wait for the promised mockup :) Thank you and I am glad you like it ;) - Jan 02 2009
fine you also like it :) - Jan 02 2009
I expressed my self and now it's good and I will finish. Please enjoys my work and good is ;) If comments comes, good or bad, I don't will push down nothing. In the next Update I will correct the text above with the right words; what this Set and my work really earns. I had to protest something, but now I will finish with it and go so prudent and correct I can. Sorry for all my comfortablenesses. - Dec 29 2008
push - Dec 29 2008
push - Dec 29 2008
push - Dec 29 2008
push - Dec 29 2008
push - Dec 29 2008
I accepted pro-forma. I don't like gnome-look at this moment state in the good of all Artist's here including me. I really don't have a problem you don't understand my little own fighting for more Artist's-rights here. And I don't have problems deleting old published comments. How I say it's unacceptable for me leave some comments for the worlds eyes that can give bad ideas. So what you told about the "security-stuff ... not trusted" ... If you don't believe, so don't download it. Already is a simple regular tar.gz-Version there you can download if you don't wont believe in me ;)

About the voting-mechanism. It's more or less correct, but there are many manipulations in it ... the concurrence, evince and ignorance never sleeps. I prefer for example that you can vote only if you are logged in. So the voting-stuff is more fair play ;) - Dec 29 2008
about my radical decisions.

1. It's a place of the whole worlds eyes. Why I can't administrate my publishing more. I can't delete unacceptable comments like Forums, Blogs ... do.

2. "bad- is not a play-Button" is not enough. Already it is used for different intentions like express a negative opinion or maybe like concurrence - Artist's do, for hold better works in the same state then this Artist's one. This voting-mechanism at this moment state is in gnome-look is a joke and beyond of fair.

3. I can't change my description in every moment without my publish appears again in the first line and updated. What is if I don't want it?

This are the most important three points I can't accept here and I think that this is something many thought too, but continued the game here and protested soundless. For me don't imports how much peoples download my publish or how they votes at moment. What is more important is that Artist's here finally get their rights they honestly earns for spending their free time and talents for all.

I give some examples I saw here:

"I worked really hard ..."
"Please let a feedback if you vote bad ..."
"Hope you like it ..."
"Why peoples votes me down? ..."

signed schollidesign - Dec 29 2008

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Feb 12 2009
and can post me here a screenshot of this Theme working with KDE? Sorry, but I am using Gnome as productivity system - already, but I am curious to see a example :) - Jan 03 2009
Military State "Refine"

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Jul 24 2009
Like it. A lot of imagination and a detailed work. The colours are good choosed, too. Also it's a very good made grey theme. Thx for it ;) - Dec 28 2008
simpleHuman packaged

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Jul 10 2006
I improved my folders ... Take a look, maybe you like them more?! :) - Dec 19 2008
Oh yes I thing now I understand you ... Of course, do with them what you want, my Human-Friend :D - Dec 18 2008

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Dec 25 2008
maybe he read it in my "puplic announce" :) For more comfort why you don't use the I let create. It's GPL and useable for your Script, too. Feel free ;-) - Dec 10 2008
:D It's normal and absolute correctly ;) Gnome, Tango, Human, Mist etc. have the same ... One Trash for the System and one for Files. ts ts ts - Nov 21 2008
perfectska04 has right. You need for every size the correct SVG, than the result will be perfectly sharp etc. Here is a example from what I am meaning:
So DeviantDark is right too with "3 or 4 lives" ;)
Scaling PNG from large size to small sizes needs retouch by hand if you want to do it sharper. But this needs experience and a good hand ;) But the Icons here are sharp enough with a light AntiAliasing. It's very lighty smooth so I would let them this kind ;) - Nov 15 2008
Thx :) - Nov 04 2008
... and edit-find + edit-find-replace? The new one is nice and I know it since a lot of time, but with Dust or DarkThemes you don't see it right well ;)
You aren't a Rythmbox-User, right? :)
Uff your pending-list is crowing daily :D - Nov 03 2008
I liked your old Volume- and Search-Icon much more :( The problem is Dust, I can't see them well. A script for change them would be really nice ;) - Nov 02 2008
Only about the AdobeReader-Bug. You put "adobereader8.png" and not "AdobeReader8.png". The last will kill finally the Bug ;) And a Link is better than a copied Icon. It will save some kilobytes :)
Wireless isn't tested yet, but I saw it in your sources. Think it will be nice ;)
Why in /apps/gnome-session-logout.png is a X without picture, but my choosen logout-white (script)works? Very interesting ?! :) - Oct 22 2008
MacUltimate Leopard

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Jan 27 2010
hanba, mluvite hlouposti! ale mají dobrého pivo. ;)

Speak this kind is bad behaviour. But use what you want, it's not my problem ... i kupujíe se jednoho jablko - zlý :D
- Nov 30 2008

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Dec 19 2008
OOo Word: Go to Options, Appearance and set white ;)

By the way very nice Theme, I miss only the Metacity, because I never use Emerald ;) - Nov 30 2008

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Dec 22 2008
FF3-Addon would be nice, but it seems it works with this Version (1.31) better and not really necessary ;)
OOo can be improved a little bit more, but it's okay now ;) - Nov 24 2008
Oh, of course .. sry. GummyJAR-Panel is here:

;) - Nov 24 2008
I use it since 2 weeks ;) And it's great as dark Theme, very "ubuntonisch" ;-) and fits very well with my new Icon-Theme I created for Ubuntu :D As Panel I use GummuJar-Panel! - Nov 24 2008
Thank you for trying ... I use it already and I like it ;) - Nov 21 2008
Sorry ... the only one problem I have is Firefox. The Buttons for choosing (black) have a black text. This should be fixed ... the rest is very good ;) - Nov 15 2008
You can solve this problems? If I open or save something the text of files (not the directorytexts) are very strange (doublepixeld). The Filds in FireFox are have a black background (it's okay ;) ) with a black text above (not okay). You can fix it please :) - Nov 15 2008
It's better than Darkroom form Ubuntu and nearly so good like the Dust-Theme. Yes it can be a DarkTheme for Ubuntu. Thank you ;) - Nov 12 2008
Human 2

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Nov 15 2008
Nope, hadn't worked. The result was worst. Really don't have idea how to fix them ?! It's a nice bright Theme ;) - Nov 16 2008
Is here a possibility for fixin it?
Panel-Language- and User-Logout-Restart-Logoff-etc.-Icons on Panel haven't the beautiful Panel-look you created ;)
70% of all Themes here have the same Bug :( Normal... not everybody uses the Keyboard-Changer-Icon ;) - Nov 16 2008
KillBang Wow!

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Nov 13 2008
... for my notebook ;) But in Intrepid is a GTK-Engine Error-message. The second problem is that the Icons are in 16x16 in Nautilus and Firefox - I prefer 24x24 here ;) The Menu with 16x16 and System 24x24 is okay. Never mind: Thank you :) - Nov 15 2008
Progex Official Themes

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Dec 06 2008
Pues, no aparece ahí ... aún ;) Pero ya se que esta a base de ubuntu y las aplicationes son tantas porque piensan que asi viene todo ya bien adaptado ... más para cargar y installar ... seguro que desinstallaria la mitad ;) - Nov 12 2008
I saw the screenshots. Think that this distri have to much applications. Many applications for music, many apps for messages, blender, inkscape and and and ... Why so many apps are preinstalled? The distri don't have a packagemanager? What about securityupdates and actualations? It's not better to install selected apps, one or two for every category? So it would burnable on a normal CD... Which packages uses this distri? Deb or rpm? Which sources are used? Sources form Ubuntu? Mandriva? Fedora? Suse? You see ... asks and asks ;)
But yes, on the screenshots it looked very nice :) - Nov 12 2008
Ubuntu Dust

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Sep 08 2008
This Theme should be standard or included in Ubuntu ... it's great ;)
I am writing for get informed when we can calculate with the next update (0.3)? - Nov 09 2008

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Nov 08 2008
Very nice Walli and at moment very up do date ;) I gave you my promised "+". I hope here are many peoples looking for this and give you their thanks :) ... Yes, we can! - Nov 06 2008
Ubuntu Reflections (usplash)

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Nov 17 2008
I have a 1680x1050 and 1280x960 Screens. But I will try this one, maybe it works?! :) - Nov 03 2008
Wireless - My Router ;)

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Oct 24 2008
Thx :D
Lets see what is the next Icon I can paint for improving exists Icons or for get a better usability. It's not the world, but a work in detail :)
... I never saw a Router-Icon as Wireless-Status-Icon, so I am glad that Linux-Users have now the possibility to get one if they wants ;) - Oct 26 2008

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Oct 22 2008
Easy Job ;) But now I did something more and yes, it's finally some Artwork :D - Oct 22 2008
It's a old Icon I had in my repository. If I find the source I will put the right comments. Firstly I must see if I can tough it, because I want improve it a little bit ;) I will put this Add-Artwork right soon, okay ;) - Oct 20 2008

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Oct 21 2008
The white is the right Icon ;) Here I put my major work and it's finally a Icon-replace what was needed for nautilus. The rest is only a bonus ;) - Oct 20 2008
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Jun 04 2010

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by jonian

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Apr 23 2009
Evolve KDE

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by Podstavsky

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Feb 14 2009

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by naaamo2004

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Feb 06 2009
Adwaita Tweaks

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by Jazqa

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9   Jun 08 2017
Human Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes
by umayanga

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3   May 20 2017

GTK3 Themes
by umayanga

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3   May 20 2017

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by Padster

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3   May 09 2017
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3   May 09 2017

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by globalmenuwhen

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9   Apr 18 2017

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by BigCityCat

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9   Apr 15 2017
Obsidian Icon Theme

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9   Apr 14 2017
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9   Apr 10 2017