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Oliver Sch. , Spain

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Dec 25 2008
/stock/generic/stock_people.png ... than it's working ;) Maybe recolouring the green ones and finish ... but if you find something better?! Mhhh lets surprise :D
I am working on a important pretty svg-Icon ;) - Oct 18 2008
I like the Wireless, but green (bright) and white isn't very differentiable. I must come near to the screen for seeing what signal-quality I have ;)
UserIcon on Panel is something I miss already!
Is here hope? - Oct 18 2008
It's done... I copied some Icons from Royal I like and with this customized Set I am happy and no more work is necessary in my own project. No more painting and no more wasting time :D For have a reference for my talents and good ideas Royal is very showable ;) Finally I have quite good and quite complete Iconset installed ;) Before I didn't like any really and let me think: "why don't paint your own" :) Thx. - Oct 14 2008
Thank you my friend :D
I haven't downloaded it, but I am sure you did you wanted to do :)
Unfortunately AWN sill is my Problem. Monochrome and coloured Icons don't fits well. But okay, I must paint finally the Apps and letting meanwhile the rest ;)
Hey I watched your 1.11-Version. What you think about to change for example cat-graphic and cat-office? I saw it wasn't very clearly in the Menu. My suggestion is: don't use to complex Icons for categories ;) But finally you decide... it's your IconSet :D - Oct 08 2008
So much peoples gives you Feedbacks or wants something you should to do ... so I will do it too :D
Is here a possibility to name your Set only with his Set-name? I explain you why...
It's seems to be fashion putting the Version behind the Set-name. But in index.theme you can make some fallbacks for Icons the Set don't have. So it would be great for other Icon-Sets putting "hydroxygen, human, tango, gnome" for example ;) Yes I know it's maybe very much I am pleasing you, but fallbacks improves a lot of the usability from Icons-Sets not so completely like yours ;) Okay, some clever Users do it by hand and puts the inherits like they wont. But a lot of people don't know it! I put my Version in a textfile together with the Set in a Zip-File. But the Set-name is stable ;)
I hope you had understood me and I hope too you think about. Tell me please what you think about it.
Saludos :) - Oct 06 2008
You find it in .icons/YourIconSet/...
If you install a Iconset (Theme) your system creates a cache-file ;) Nothing important. Continuing working :D - Sep 19 2008
Hey and you found them in Apps-Extra. Yes I know. They are the only ones and are placeholders. It already a Preview and in the 1.0 Release they will be converted in own-made Icons ;) You know, I don't use many programs there are in use. So the list is one part of the App-Icons I wanted have in my ehem 1.0 Release. So please don't use this like a argument against me. The separation from Icons-Artwork and Icons-Collectors I think is a very good idea. - Sep 18 2008
you worte: "I don't think I'd ever could be blamed for my iconsets." It wasn't my intention. I am involved in these theme and I am more sensible for this. How everybody will do. He starts asking and thinking ;) But don't be worry. You are doing a good and correct job.

you worte: "But maybe you can purpose to the gnome-look admins to separate in two different categories the submissions... by one side the original artwork, and by the other side the collectors' ones."
I like this idea! How come to contact with Gnome-Look-Admins :D I think it's more fair play.

you wrote: "Oh yes, I perfectly know." (scaling) Oh yes I am too. I had to learn, but know I got it ;) You scales good, but complex Icons are, with the best scaling methods, already a (gnomeingo) pixelrush. I give you a Tip: Delete some stuffs in the high format and scale them down ;)
Another Tip: Try to make your folders better. Hey it's only a good meaning Tip. I had ugly folders and I haved to change them three times ;) - Sep 18 2008
There are existing three possible Icon-Sets. 1. (Own) Artwork-Sets 2. Mixed Artwork-Sets 3. Collectors-Sets. Point 1 is the hardest way and not up to date. The Trend is changing up to 2 and 3 ;) Would I know it before, I never had started my Artwork. But I begin it without knowing nothing about this situations, only for fun and because I like paint and drawing. Now I want use it like a reference for a possible future Job in a Designer Role. But it's okay. The work is done and I will continuing what I had started without collect other Artworks. Hey and yes your work is one of completes collectors works at moment ;) What gnomeingo wrote about svg and scaling complex icons makes sense. Good scaling is a kind of artwork too ... you know :) - Sep 18 2008
Hi. I hate Gnome-Look for three reasons. 1. the voting 2. the present of your concurrence above and down from your artwork 3. any control of illegal Stuffs and Licence violations --- Beginning with point 3: You are sure that you can give your Set the LGPL-Licence? Or it's more GPL, LGPL, GNU, CC, PC etc ? You know all Icons you are sharing must have the same Licence like the origin authors Licence. Gnome-Look don't controls the corruption of law and let this illegal actions go. So we come to Point 2: Peoples who wants use Icons normally they don't imports the Licence etc. They want the best and better. So what happens? Developers takes Collections-Sets selecting form all the best for be better again. Don't importing about the Licences and nothing. I reeded in ChearlooksOSX-Icons: "But I got the Icons in Gnome-Look" (Point 3). Hey the trend is copying (Boulevard, florilege, ChearlooksOSX etc.) If you say something about Licence violations they ignoring and continuing their Colletorswork and not Artwork. I am sad that Gnome-Look let thinks like this happens. I am painting a lot... Icon for Icon. Not one cent I got for my wasted time. So I am very sensible and coming sad seeing what happens at moment. It's a very sad Trend and the most peoples don't imports nothing. They want only the best and free. Point 1: Voting is a good idea for searching etc. But I think that not always is fair game. You makes a update and the percent coming down. But you know it's better than before... If you download a Artwork with many percents you are wondering why if you see the stuff in action it have so many percents! So I hope you understand why I am sad and why I am hating Gnome-Look. Okay let's see what you will say about your Collectorswork and the Licence-problem? - Sep 17 2008

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Oct 11 2008
No time and no more lust for continuing painting in this Set. This Set shows how I like MORE or less my Icons and haves many good ideas ;) Would be nice if some ideas will be used in future by new Iconset-Projects ... take a look and good by :D - Oct 14 2008
Thank you my friend :D
I remember that I used your Black and White Theme a lot of time before...
then I started with Solid and Sevila my own Sets. I was unsatisfied, but I learned a lot of about Icon Design. So it was born Royal! My little own history :D - Oct 12 2008
Thank your for your comment. :D
Unfortunately this Set have a big Problem. The Applications! For AWN my idea was to do it in monochrome and simple. The Apps I use are painted yet. But there are many Apps and this will need more time to come finally to the 1.0 Release. ;) At moment I have the impression that peoples votes down, because monochrome Icons in mix with coloured Icons don't fits very well. But maybe the haven't see or forgot that's a Preview already :D But step by step. Till to the Release 1.0 will happens a lot ;) - Oct 08 2008
Why not ;) Every work for improving Linux is worth getting some respects :) - Oct 04 2008
Please more feedbacks and voting down, telling me why. Only so I can improve something more ... At moment I am doing all without suggestions and support. It's boring and demotivating. ... and one ask! Somebody use this Set? - Oct 03 2008
ha ha ha, MrNonsense I like your NickName :D Yes I will ignore it. I see it like motivation but like your NickName... it's Nonsense :D :D - Sep 30 2008
be water my friend... Project will be continued. For peoples who likes or loves it ;) Sorry for my down! - Sep 29 2008
Thank you much. But voting down and no feedbacks etc. shows me that all this work goes for nothing. Seems the majority of people don't like it. I not willed to continuing. 4 months painting for come to this version makes me quite sensible. I really don't know what I should do?! But this version is in a enough good stadium for enjoying. So enjoy ;) - Sep 29 2008
mhh .. Gracias. - Sep 23 2008
What? Icons? Emerald? Metacity? All all of them? Nothing... it's okay. Enjoy :D
If you have Wlan, so you can (if you want) try the light improved Version 0.91.1 ;) - Sep 19 2008
Thank you. The wallpaper is a problem. I catch it form gnome-look a long time before? Look for it in the older Wallpapers ;) The Emerald-Theme I developed a long time before, too. But I let continuing this stuffs, because I have enough with the Icons to do.
The Theme I don't know it fit's well with this Icons. But Emerald is nice ;)
A very good Metacity you will find in the Dust-Theme. Metacity (Dust) and a bright Theme looks well with Royal. Only a idea you can try ;) Enjoy - Sep 18 2008
:) - Sep 18 2008
:D It's Okay. It's not bad behaviour I am not answering quickly but all free time I am painting for reach finally the next update ;) I hope there will be a good resonance for my new ideas and styles. Let's see ;) - Sep 10 2008
Ah, I don't shared the Icons. Excluding the Apps-Extra-Icons the most of them are my Artwork ;) - Sep 07 2008
Yes it works. Maybe you renamed only one of them. So go to 24x24/places - 32x32/places - 48x48/places and do this in all this folders. Then leave the session and log in again or restart. But this Gnome-Icon is old and untested... sorry. Maybe, if you think it don't fits well, you can search for another Start-Icon and replace them instead the existing Gnome-Icon. It's only a Preview and let me in your mind then I let out finally the Version 1.0. I think you will like them much ;) - Sep 07 2008
Thanks. So I have the idea of letting the Preview-Updates! The next upload must be a 1.0 and must have serious the style I want this Icon-Theme must have. I have some good ideas and will need more time for develops them. Of course there wouldn't have no more Oxygen-Icons in the Apps-Extra-Folder. Ugly maybe is not the correct word, but yes some Icons don't have the appearance I like much. So this was one of the reasons I started to draw ;) - Sep 07 2008
It's History. It should work now better with dark Themes! User-Icon will be changed in next Version ;) - Sep 01 2008
Yeah, I normally never use dark Themes. I tested all always with nearly dark Themes ;) and it was okay. Today I tested it with the dark dark Theme from the new Ubuntu 8.10 and I see that this Icon-Theme isn't usable on very dark Themes. So I will adapt the next Version for very dark Themes too! For this I must draw new arrows! Please give me the suggestion if I continue with hands or better I should create new arrow-icons? If you have more suggestions, please let me know ;) Thank you. - Aug 25 2008
Host is DeviantArt ;) - Aug 20 2008
Mhhh I thought always it's a good host. Only typing the Anti-Spam-Code, Enter and downloading. But in the next days I will manage the DeviantArt-Page and I will try to make it downloadable from there ;) ... easy going. - Aug 19 2008
Royal Blue

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Oct 11 2008
Don't care about votings ;) Peoples are trying all Sets, no mind. If they like it, they would stay with it ;) Normally with time you get the true percent :D
ROYAL Blue??? You like this name Royal? Good I don't had the idea to make a blue Version ... :D - Oct 12 2008

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Oct 10 2008
Peoples who are voting down can give please an argument or feedback. I think it will help the person how set the parameters in this marvellous Hyo-Theme for make something new from the great Basic. How I said... it looks very interesting ;) - Oct 06 2008

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Sep 30 2008
... and me... I am glad that Linux, thanks the peoples spending her time and sharing her works (themes, icons, gdm, etc.) for all in internet, is coming always more sexy :) And the second is, I am glad that I am a part of them :D Have a nice day :) - Oct 01 2008
Hello bung, nice to see you again :D Maybe the most beautiful eeePC in the world - Duplo. Sry DeviantDark, but I couldn't hold me ... don't be angry for using your place :) - Sep 30 2008
I had the same idea since a long time before. Not the same but similar ;) I wanted to put the text and the 24x24-Icon above. But I never I had time etc. for realize this idea. But okay it's done and I think it's a great stuff for AWN ;) Good work/stuff and I am wondering there you get all the time for all this??? Sometimes I thing you do it like a work all day and not like a hobby. But okay everybody do what he wants to do :) - Sep 30 2008

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Sep 29 2008
"I dont know if I have written all good, excused if isnt understood something" ... Yes very well ;)

It's a very stable and bugfree Theme. I am surprised of the short time you invested ;) I use it with the Metacity from Dust and it's very good looking. Of course I normally like more the bright Themes, but why not switching sometimes ;) Greetings - Sep 29 2008
In so short time the votes go so much down (47%)? Peoples really don't know what work is behind all them!!! ... and the most peoples have really bad tastes I can see here! I think your work is very good and great ;) - Sep 29 2008
Hi my friend :D I don't see nothing from you since a lot of time. And this theme you have created is very very good. FF3 finally looks good with this dark theme and the User and Language Icons on the panel aren't buggy. I use it with my Icon-Theme and hey!!! adapting them to dark themes works on this theme very well. A big "+" for your "magnific" theme ;) - Sep 29 2008
MacUltimate Leopard

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Jan 27 2010
Garden Eden, he? I installed your Set and saw that you are using 100% original (Private Common License) Icons from Apple. What feeling of freedom! And you really don't have problems with lawyers and the Gnome-Look Administrations? I really wondered. This kind of violations of licenses are always more and it's a poor trend. Sorry but with your project you will earn many similar comments like this. - Sep 27 2008

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Sep 26 2008
ha ha of course here is a free choose. Only I wanted you knows it fits well on your Theme... nothing else ;) - Sep 26 2008
I thought my English is bad... but soo bad you don't understand nothing! Oh ...
Okay here you get a Picture for being finally understanded ;)
But this with the Royal-Icons you have understand, I think?! Okay there are some things in a middle good status, but the usability is yet very high. You should try it, because it fits very well on your Theme ;) - Sep 26 2008
It's a very nice Theme, but ...
Users and Language don't fits well on Panel. The bottom from Windows (Line) is too dark. More I hadn't found at moment ;)
Another ask? You had tried it with the actual Royal-Icons? I think you will stay surprised ;) - Sep 26 2008
Roma orange

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Aug 27 2008
Yes it looks great with Royal-Icons, too :D - Aug 27 2008
28MB for only one Theme? You think about a second Downloadmirror without Icons, because I have other I want use ;) - Aug 27 2008
ICE icons

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Apr 19 2009
I see... but you think you are able to make Categorie, Apps, Device etc. -Icons in a Ice-look? It would be a lot of work and months of work if you are alone, but there would be a nice Icon-Theme for Linux. ... But you will know how far you wants to go ... :D - Aug 11 2008
Sry for the quick comment. I meant that step by step it will/would crown... till to finishing it! ... And than people are able to choose what Iconset is better for their Theme. This I wanted to say ;) - Aug 11 2008
It's a good beginning for a new cool Icon-Theme. Step by step and then people can choose ;) - Aug 11 2008
simpel Icons

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Aug 11 2008
Yes very nice ;) Now I like them and I think they aren't sooo simple ;) I am retouching my set again till I have it in a perfect state... Thank you for the tipps! - Aug 11 2008
Metal Theme

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Jul 25 2008
One ask? Can you create a Theme based on this, but without Mac-typical stuffs? It would be wounderfull. The Panel shouldn't be one color ;) A lot of people would thanks you... because a Linux-Theme based on this could be very great! What you mean? - Jul 27 2008
... it's not a Linuxfeeling. - Jul 27 2008
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Jun 04 2010

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