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Hikari Takahashi Lyon, France
Amarok Themes

Amarok Themes 7 comments

by otey
Score 50.0%
Oct 27 2005
Elegant - May 05 2007

Amarok Themes 6 comments

by scx
Score 50.0%
May 25 2007
No, holly grief, no, I don't use Kore, it is a disgusting and tasteless Vista wannabe.

I've discussed several times agains that Vista-ish looking some want to give to KDE and freaking crap, I hate they are winning!

Creativity please! It is fine to add some MacOSX features as well as some Vista's, but KDE by itself can be much more that. - May 04 2007
Kore Icons

Icon Themes 16 comments

by code2
Score 57.8%
Mar 22 2007
Ok, looks promissing, I am just concerned about the usability due to semiotics but just time will say. - May 01 2007
Ghost Cursors

Cursors 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2004
My favourite one, good job, and again: good taste - Jun 25 2006

Individual Icons/-sets 192 comments

by saki
Score 74.3%
Dec 28 2008
You just did right man!
This is the path to follow in KDE,

Excellent! 9.5 de 10
The most beauty theme, without all that kiddy aspect found in most other icon sets

Again: Excellent!

Suggestions and Bugs:

- You have many icons in the "actions" folder that should be in the apps" folder
- I'd love to have your iconset in every application I have,
so, I think is would be great to make icons for the system tray, kaffeine icons, etc,...
- More mime icons for mp3, wav, ogg, mpeg, avi, OOo, xls, doc, etc,...

it's just a suggestion, I'd do it but I'm pessimal designer, but I have a verry good taste,
That's why I like your theme so much ; )

Great job ! - Jun 25 2006