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sergio sergio tenerife, Spain
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pidgin degradado

Pidgin 7 comments

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Dec 13 2007
;) - Dec 27 2010
Yo uso el tema aero, pero le cambio muchos iconos ya qu2e no todos me gustan, te aconsejo le eches un vistazo a esta pagina, tiene iconos muy buenos:

I use the aero theme, but I change something icons, look this page, there are good icons: - Dec 14 2007
gracias, tienes razon que el tema es un poco dispar, seguiremos en la busqueda del tema "perfecto" jajajja. un saludo y estare pendiente del tema que subas. ;)

Thank you, you have reason that the theme is different, I will continue in the search of the "perfect" theme jajajja. a greeting and I look for the theme that you upload. - Dec 14 2007

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 24 2007
thanks, that you enjoy. - Dec 24 2007

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Dec 24 2007
it,s here: - Dec 24 2007
thanks for the comment, ok, I go upload later other wallpaper with GNU/linux. It,s easy. ;) - Dec 24 2007
Neo Birdie

Various Gnome Stuff 15 comments

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Feb 13 2008
ok, good Arrangement, The degradado are not compatible with fullscreen and resize window. Good theme.

pd: jodido ingles este, XD - Dec 14 2007

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

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Dec 06 2007
nunca se me habia ocurrido lo de poner fotos sobre el fondo como si estuvieran pegadas, desde luego original! - Dec 14 2007
ubuntu red icon panel

Cliparts 6 comments

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Aug 14 2007
hello themer, I dont remember where are the icons, but I leave to you two webs: - Aug 17 2007
the icon theme is aero ( but I change some icons, folders, pc, button of turn off, etc. I download of diferents web of icons, but I dont remember, watch the web there are many icons you can download.

PD: sorry, my english is very bad... :(
- Aug 15 2007
thanks for the comment ;) - Aug 15 2007
ubuntu red

Wallpapers Ubuntu 1 comment

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Jun 29 2007
the skydome is here: - Jun 29 2007
Dance Of Death

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

by 8426
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May 25 2007
hello, these are carried of discs and they are fastened to copyright, I do not believe that you must publish them here. greetings - May 27 2007

GTK2 Themes 182 comments

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Jul 04 2008
very well finished! - Apr 27 2007