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steven s

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Feb 17 2012
Yes, I do. I always delete my previous icon set before I use the new one, hopefully this will help - Jun 19 2010
hmm.. I am user of your icon set for years. Right now I am using Lucid Lynx, and when I am using empathy, your icon set seem make the icon become too big.

How to revolve this ? or how should I do ?

thank - Jun 18 2010
Hi... I am using your icon themes for years and I found it is great icon.

Recently, I installed it to Lucid and found something missing.

For example icon for Bluetooth icon in top panel and user icon in top panel too..

Hopefully you can fix it. Thanks - May 04 2010
Meerkat Alpha

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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May 29 2010
good wallpaper for meerkat. anyway, could you remove the "alpha" written text ?

thanks - May 29 2010
Silver XCursors 3D

Cursors 62 comments

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Jun 29 2003
any new version for this cursor themes ? I found that current cursor not working for 10.04 aka Lucid Lynx version. Thanks - May 04 2010
Ubuntu Clean Theme

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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Jan 24 2010
Hi your theme is a nice work.
Can you give me, that wallpaper please ?

thanks - Jan 24 2010
Afisufi Sunset [User list version]

GDM Themes 11 comments

by cimoc
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Dec 03 2009
I am interesting with your GDM. Is it can be used with Karmic ?
Because I don't know how to change the GDM default in Karmic until now.

If it can change the default GDM of Karmic, can you teach me how to do it ?

Well done...

- Dec 05 2009
Green Light Color Pack

Cursors 16 comments

by KuduK
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Nov 16 2009
I see your work with good attention, and trying to download your work. unfortunately, it seem your download page can not be loaded. so I can't download anything.

would you mind to fix this things ?

thanks - Nov 15 2009

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Sep 27 2009
You've done a good job here. You have a good icon set too... what is your icon set and source ?

Thanks in advance - Sep 28 2009

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Sep 20 2009
Hi, I like your theme. what set of icon you are using ? can you share with me ?

thanks - Sep 21 2009
Think Linux be free

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Oct 26 2009
It's a good job, well done...
It will good enough if you remove the text "Think Linux" and "Be Free"

btw. it is looks like I see the tux and all the distro image before, is it true ? What is the source of those image ?

Thanks - Aug 14 2009

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Jul 01 2009
Futurelooks 3.3 with metacity seems can't download by me. Broken link ?

Thanks - Jul 01 2009

GTK2 Themes 57 comments

by Cityy
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Jun 06 2009
Hi. very quick update ... hmmm :)
I already know my location of your panel.rc file, which in my: /home/username/.themes/CT-gtk-light/gtk-2.0

I already open panel.rc file or /home/username/.themes/CT-gtk-light/gtk-2.0/Panel

But I can not understand anything :) . I am using gnome, thats why I have top panel, in which either your CT-gtk-light or CT-gtk-blue not transparent in Applications-Places-System menu.

I already using compiz to setup my drop-down menu with transparent style and either in my Top panel except the Applications-Places-System menu still in solid black.

Can you help me how to change your panel.rc or ~/panel so I can have your CT-gtk with transparent things on my system.

Good work ... and keep update.

Thanks - Jun 06 2009
If you want to change the panel bg go to "~/CT-gtk/gtk-2.0/" and open "panel.rc" ---> I can not found it in my /home/username ???? where is it ? I can't find it everywhere.
fyi: I installed the light one, to make my top panel not too black, is it correct ?

thanks - Jun 05 2009
Hi.. thanks for you gtk. my desktop looks good now :)
Anyway, can you make the top panel color not too black and transparant too. that will look your gtk more sophisticated !

keep nice work....

thanks... - Jun 04 2009
Colored Cube (1440X900)

Wallpaper Other 10 comments

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Oct 23 2010
i vote for good on this wallpaper :)

anyway... what is your icon set of your desktop, Can you share me the source of your icon set ?

Thanks you - Apr 08 2009
Yellow Jackets

GTK2 Themes 25 comments

by Puli
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Mar 16 2009
good work...
nice looking, I see you have a lot of gorgeous wallpaper.

can you share with me ? what is the site of the wallpaper ?

Thank you... - Mar 17 2009
[Cairo-Dock] Gnome-Colors Themes

Cairo-Dock Themes 23 comments

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Mar 13 2009
You've done a good work.

Btw what is your screenlet used ?
Is it a concky or screenlet ?
Could you give the source ?

Thanks - Mar 13 2009
Configure Hydroxygen

Icon Sub-Sets 41 comments

by syco
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Mar 12 2009
Hi syco, good idea. I already installed my hydroxygen icon in my system and your program too successfully installed.

Unfortunately, I just get menu box with just one option that is.. installed hydroxygen from .tar.gz

Where is the other 2 option like yours ?

Thank you - Mar 13 2009

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Feb 12 2009
ok, but how to do that ? to re-install all the gnome icons ?

thanks - Feb 05 2009
Is this orange and gray arrow in folder usr/share/icons/Human-O2/22x22/actions and /apps ? what is the file name ?

Thanks - Feb 05 2009
Hi, I want to inform you that as today, my PPA for human-o2 update for itself :) thanks

I hardly can see what is new for this version ?

The other things is, I have look up in my folder: usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/actions and folder: usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/apps as you mentioned to me, and yes... I saw a lot of icons, BUT I can anything that nearly same with my grey star icon and orange star icon.

I saw your human-o2 folder too.. which one is icon update with an arrow, as you mentioned ?

What is the filename either with yours human-o2 or gnome ?

Thanks - Feb 04 2009
Hi I think I would like to wait, until all the things run smoothly with updated from PPA.

Anyway I have done my screenshot, in url:

You can see the gray star in the most left of my top panel, the other icon is much like that but with orange background.

Thanks - Feb 04 2009
ok. I'll do the zoom for you.

anyway I notice that you have new version. Why my Ubuntu do not updated as usual ?

The other things is I see you battery icon like quite weird, when my battery almost empty, there is a message , but after that I notice that the icon is change to almost-full charge ? Why it happened ?

- Feb 03 2009
Could you save the picture and zoom it?
It is in the upper panel of gnome...

Please let me know

Thanks - Feb 02 2009
hi this is the link of grey star update in my ubuntu, the other one is orange star update...

thanks - Jan 31 2009
Hi. I've got my desktop screen-shot to show you the star with grey background and orange background.

How I attach to you? There is no option in to attach the picture.

What is your email ?

Thanks - Jan 30 2009
It's ok.thanks for fast reply.Where is your country ?

Anyway there is wrong how to, it should be place in /usr/sbin not /usr/share/sbin

thanks - Jan 30 2009
Wait until Ubuntu give me updated on one or two things and I'll give you my screenshot.

Anyway, why bash can't work anymore ??

Thanks - Jan 30 2009
oh I see. you are working on KDE, are you using Kubuntu ?

I dont like KDE stuff, because it looks like menu in Windows :))

Icon I see is Orange background with a star, and Gray background with a star. I never see an arrow as you mentioned.

This morning I receive update from your icons set. Is it the new one you've told me ? with new pidgin icon ? ;)

Thanks - Jan 29 2009
Hi, recently I have a lot of updated things from my Intrepid, and with your icons set,the updated package manager in my panel looks different from usual :)

Could you make better icons ? What the difference between color orange, gray ?

Anyway I used transparent panel on my top desktop, so it is not look good with your grey notification update icon.

Maybe it should be more eye-catching icon,sorry for the criticism, I just want the Human-O2 get better. - Jan 28 2009
Hi, I think I have solved the GPG key things... you have to manually import with software-sources utility, can not just double click like I have mention above.

Anyway, what is the 36 MB something ? I quite qurious about that, there is no new icon set yet :)

Thanks - Jan 26 2009
Hi. thanks for reply. I try to download your GPG key from

After that I double-click that file to install and give nautification that import key installed.

BUT when I try to check using Update Manger Ubuntu, there is same error ... NO GPG key . Why this happened ?

So.. right now have no new icon set ?
Why is size quite big... like 36 MB something, if that contains a script as you said before ?

Thanks - Jan 26 2009
Hmmm... I think you launch another icons version ? I've got updated from Ubuntu system. Have you solve the GPG ?

What new in this icons now ?

Thanks - Jan 26 2009
No... GPG is not an error... it is Ubuntu mechanical thats you have to put a unique number for a certain application.Just like product number in windows os.

what is new in this version ?

thanks - Jan 24 2009
Hmmm luckly I do know about installing ubuntu via software source as you mention in your reply.

I think you should create a GPG so that there is no error in installation via third party software.

Good work. anyway what is new in your current version ?

thanks - Jan 24 2009
Hi... I have a few question :)

1. when I am download why there is a *.zip file inside that is *.tar.gz ?
2. How to install ? usually I just have to double click ?

Thanks - Jan 24 2009
Hello, I'm trying to help you about where is the icon office put in ubuntu intrepid.
How do you installed the Open office 3 ? What version is it ?
anyway... what do you mean about package-manager.

thanks - Jan 21 2009
for firefox 3, I think I can solve your problem :) they save the firefox icons in... /usr/share/pixmaps you can change the icon at firefox-3.0.png file for your new firefox icon... cheers

thanks - Jan 19 2009
Hmm.. I used Open Office 3.0, and yes. there is no different, I even never see the ink icon and bird icon, from your O2-menu.png as you mentioned. - Jan 18 2009
hi... at least my battery icon on my Intrepid works well. nice icon with orange color... cool...

I have questions ;)

1. If I want to update your Human-O2, what should I do ? I usually change my icon set to others icons set, then do apt-get remove ater that do Is it that the appropriate step ?

2. I don't see the difference with your open office icons. I think there is no difference at all between NEW open office or OLD open office, Is it true ?

3. The last things is ... what is the last asking things, about home folder ? What is that ? I have installed again and again. but can not see the difference ... Can you help me ?

Thanks ... good work... continue with refresh and new icon set..
- Jan 18 2009
hi... if I want to update my Human-O2, what should I do.
Do you have wicd icon set too ? wicd is a network manager subsitution if you might know.

thank you - Jan 15 2009
Ok. so you have now a homework :)
and I am looking forward to see your updated icons.

Please let me know in my email if there is any progress work of your icons.

Thanks - Jan 10 2009
okay. now I know what you mean. Thanks. I have try it. Even, I remove your icons first and reinstall it :)

Hmm... I think your battery icons is still small, it is not propositional between my speaker icon, Wlan-block icon,bluetooth icon, and my drapes icons :)

Can you fix it again? I think human original icon on Human-icons Ubuntu is bigger than you are.

Thanks - Jan 10 2009
Hi, thank you for your fast reply.
Anyway, I don't get with what you mean.
Here is my question:

1. Do I need to remove my old Human-O2 first ? and install new Human-O2 once again?

2. I go to your deviantart and found I have to download your *.zip file once again, which is your *.deb file you mention on your previous comment ?

Thank you. - Jan 10 2009
I must admit your icons set is so gorgeous after I installed your icons set.
Could you make the icon of battery and AC adaptor on charging more bigger ?
Because I can't see the status of my battery in the top of panel..

Well done, nice work and keep updated.

Thanks - Jan 09 2009
I must admit your icons set is so gorgeous after I installed your icons set.
Could you make the icon of battery and AC adaptor on charging more bigger ?
Because I can't the status of my battery in the top of panel..

Well done, nice work and keep updated.

Thanks - Jan 09 2009
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Jan 29 2009
I love your transparant color for Ubuntu login that you make, and all the things works fine for me in 1280x800 resolution laptop.

Can you make the background more stylish and professional than this ??

Thanks - Jan 30 2009
ColorSpin Widescreen (Color changer)

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

by edren
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Feb 04 2009
Hmm nice work.I am intresting also with your dock, what kind of dock you are using ? and what kind of icons set you are using with ?

Good job.

Thanks - Jan 14 2009
(Solar) Eclipse Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 5 comments

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Dec 13 2008
hi.. nice spash... did you use eclipse with your daily project ?

and... hi... nice desktop wallpaper too... where can I get it ??

Pls reply ...

Thank you
- Dec 15 2008