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Sergey Davidoff Moscow, Russian Federation

Fonts 59 comments

by west
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Mar 05 2010
Lower-case 'z' character is replaced with cyrillic 'ะท'. Fix that, please! - Nov 11 2010
Gimp Splash screen (3 variants)

Gimp Splashes 10 comments

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Sep 18 2009
I'll be waiting for the next iteration then :)
I'm making an Ubuntu remix tailored for artists, I've made a custom splash from scratch for 9.10 (see but I'm not happy with it in 10.04/10.10. I tried several ways to improve it, changed fonts/colours/etc but the concept is too plain, so I gave it up and googled for a better one, and found your great work. Now I want to have something like this for my distro! - Sep 24 2010
Great work! I'm looking forward to getting the XCF! By the way, I have a plenty of space to host it. And what's the font you used for "GNU Image Manipulation Program" caption? - Sep 23 2010

GTK2 Themes 58 comments

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Sep 09 2010
It IS possible - as far as I remember, I did it some time ago. Don't remember how, though. - Sep 11 2010
I had the same problem, but the latest version from git fixed it. Screenshots: - Sep 01 2010
safari sunset

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Apr 08 2010
I like the concept very much. Definitely would be my wallpaper, if it would be 1600x1200 and with antialiasing. - Apr 09 2010
XSplash Background Settings

XSplash Themes 84 comments

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Jan 25 2010
Neat! I'll test this as soon as I can. - Jan 13 2010
I'm familiar with basic packaging with debhelper, even into debian source code packages, which is required for Launchpad PPAs, but I'm completely unfamiliar with Pyhton. There's one problem with packaging: DEBs are always installed with root privileges, so we need to choose a user whose wallpaper will be used as XSplash. This probably can be prompted, but then we need some complex dialog called from bash script, and, AFAIK, that's impossible without external modules. Maybe it can be achieved through involving Python in configuring. - Dec 31 2009
Is there any way to install this script via DEB package? I'm going to use it in my Ubuntu remix, and I think it would be quite handy to have it in Ubuntu repository too. - Dec 30 2009
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Sep 23 2010
Ubuntu Wilderness

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by Artemmer

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Sep 10 2010

GTK2 Themes
by iperatoner

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Aug 26 2010
LOTR Distr

Wallpaper Other
by GrafTrahula

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Feb 13 2010

by west

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Jan 05 2010

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

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3   Jun 26 2011
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes
by DanRabbit

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9   Nov 21 2010
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9   Sep 23 2010