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Ivo K
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Dec 14 2009
OK, I reported the bug. There were the same problem in version 0.8.0
Unfortunately I don't know about Eclipse because I don't use it.
Take care and keep the good work. - Aug 05 2009
Hello Anton,
since I installed Ubuntu 9.04, your theme is the only one I have used and I won't change it for a realy long time. Truely and honestly, I think that this is the best theme for gnome there is.
The only problem I have now is the menu in Netbeans, the menu words are black just as in Firefox with the default theme.
I know that you can't fix everything that you read here in the comments, but I just wanted you to know.
Thanks again for the best theme! - Aug 04 2009
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Sep 11 2009
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GTK2 Themes
by dilomo

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Aug 04 2009