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Nov 14 2004
Wow, thank you very much for your kind words! They are very much appreciated!

As usual, my apologies for taking this long to reply. I don't frequent this page as often as I would like to.

I would also love to respond to your inquiry stated at the end of your post but I am afraid I am not quite sure what you mean. Sorry!

Once again, I thank you for your kind compliments regarding the theme. Should you happen to have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Ico - Feb 08 2009

Have you tried ogg files or wav files? This may be bug in the latest version of Ubuntu. I am using 7.04 and that one works apparently fine.

Best wishes,

Ico - Sep 25 2008

Many thanks for your interest in Borealis. Haven't been here in a while. Given that the installer was created almost 4 years ago, it is likely compatible with KDE 3.x series only. I haven't tried installing it on KDE 4 and I do know that since Gnome has no easy way (please correct me if I am wrong) to install a "theme" if you are using Gnome the best I can suggest is to manually install specific sounds.

If someone can point me towards a KDE4 theme install format, I may be able to generate a new installer. Likewise for the Gnome platform (I am still running Ubuntu 7.04 and so far I haven't encountered anything that would fit this description).

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - Sep 25 2008

I am not sure. I want to add more but my life has become awfully busy. For what it's worth, what may help nudge the project along is to have specific sound events that may require attention.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - May 14 2008
Many thanks for your kind words!

Best wishes,

Ico - Mar 27 2008
Thanks! :-)

Best wishes,

Ico - Mar 27 2008
DOH! I just realized that I already changed the license for the theme's inclusion into the UbuntuStudio project as the default theme some time ago. So, hopefully this makes things a bit easier.

As always, if you opt for using the theme, please do not forget to give credit where credit is due and link to my homepage which is

Many thanks! - Mar 21 2008

Just noticed your question. Please allow me to clarify. The license does not prevent you from using the sounds within the Gnome environment even if you have Acroread and/or other non-(L)GPL-ed software installed on your computer because these sounds would not be associated with those particular software packages. Gnome is GPL-ed and therefore compatible with the sound theme license, including their inclusion and free redistribution provided that the credit is given where credit is due. The sounds, however, may not be integrated into a non-(L)GPL-ed software such as Acroread. If you wish to use sounds for a project that is non-(L)GPL compliant, please contact me for licensing options.

On a side-note, if you do opt for using the sounds as part of an (L)GPL-compatible software, I would greatly appreciate it if you would please let me know.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - Mar 20 2008
There are definitely plans to implement this. Currently, you can simply associate manually sounds as you like using Gnome sound settings.

That being said, I am still waiting on Gnome to implement ability to import sound themes. Last time I checked this was not possible, but that may have changed since. If you know of a place/way to import all sounds at once overriding current settings, I'll gladly provide a suggested theme. Otherwise, I am afraid the only way to import this into Gnome at this point is to manually configure individual sounds.

Hope this helps!

Ico - Jul 23 2007
Actually, there should be no clipping, or I should say it's not there in the Wav file (and as logic suggests, it shouldn't be in the ogg conversion either). I re-tested the files last time someone reported this and found that as expected they were close but nonetheless below the treshold that would make them distort. I noticed, however, that on certain notebook drivers 100% loudness distorts pretty much everything and in some cases KDE tends to do funny things at logon as far as volume is concerned (I don't recall any problems at logout, though). That being said, I have not tried latest versions of ALSA or KDE, so please take this with a grain of salt.

Hope this helps!

- Jul 21 2007
This documentation predates Ubuntu, hence the disparity. That being said, I believe that sudo -s should preserve your home dir as well. Alternately, you can also look up documentation on your flavor of Ubuntu on how to enable su for the root account (although personally I don't think this is a good idea since that may decrease overall security of your system in the long run).

Finally, if you do not wish to mess with these settings, you can always manually copy audio settings into your ~/.kde folder, overwriting current settings. If you do this, please pay close attention into which sub-folder it is supposed to go into as well as make sure to back-up your old file should you desire to go back to original settings. The install script does all this automatically for you but has not been tested with the sudo -s. If I get a chance, I'll test this on my Ubuntu box tomorrow and let you know.

Hope this helps!

Ico - Jul 11 2007
Thank you very much all for your kind words and compliments! As always, they are most appreciated!

Best wishes,

Ico - May 22 2007
Oops, apologies for the double-post.

I guess another thing that I forgot to account for is that on certain soundcards I noticed that ALSA tends to be distorting in the higher dynamic range. This is especially true with laptops. So, I guess it may not be KDE issue after all but one of these two.

Best wishes,

Ico - Mar 26 2007

I think this is because the sounds were "enhanced" dynamically with a compressor. Hence they are quite close to clipping but they never actually do clip. Another solution would be to simply take any basic sound editor and take those two sounds and make them softer (i.e. using normalize plugin or amplify or whatever its name is in a particular editor).

I have a similar issue on my computer but have also come to the same conclusion which suggests that KDE sound system is to blame.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - Mar 26 2007

I think this is because the sounds were "enhanced" dynamically with a compressor. Hence they are quite close to clipping but they never actually do clip. Another solution would be to simply take any basic sound editor and take those two sounds and make them softer (i.e. using normalize plugin or amplify or whatever its name is in a particular editor).

I have a similar issue on my computer but have also come to the same conclusion which suggests that KDE sound system is to blame.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - Mar 26 2007
Thank you very much for your kind words and compliments.

To answer your question, yes, there is a new version in the works. Although at this point I would prefer not to make any promises as to when the next release will be ready, other than it is my hope that it will be sometime "soon."

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - Feb 16 2007
Many thanks for your interest in "Borealis." I must admit that I am intrigued by your comment. Do you mind telling me which distros are actually using my theme? Please feel free to e-mail me off-list if you like.

Many thanks!

Best wishes,

Ico - Dec 24 2006
The aforementioned fix is in the case the uninstall script that is provided with the package proves for whatever reason not to work. If latter happens to be the case, I would appreciate it if you would please inform me, so that I can make appropriate fixes.

Best wishes,

Ico - Dec 02 2006

You should be able to simply go into the KDE control center and under system alerts press "Default" for all of the altered categories. That ought to do it.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Ico - Aug 27 2006
Yes! There are definitely plans to expand the collection, it's just a matter of finding time to do so. (-: It is my hope to have 1.0 version ready in the next couple of weeks, but I won't make any promises...

Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement, though!

Best wishes,

Ico - Feb 22 2006

Can you please be a bit more specific? Is this only with the ogg files or both wavs and oggs? If it is only an ogg issue, then it is likely something with your system setup. Otherwise, you may be talking about the reverberation that has been applied to the mix in order to make the sounds "warmer," Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this either as it may be simply a matter of taste.

Thanks for your interest in the theme!

Best wishes,

Ico - Jan 29 2006

Thanks for your interest in the "Borealis" sound theme!

I am actually also using Kubuntu and haven't had any problems. Could you please provide me with specific steps you did as well as any errors that may show up? Other info (i.e. which version etc.) is also helpful.

Best wishes,

Ico - Jan 21 2006
Hi, I actually haven't made any changes to existing sounds but there will be some new ones added hopefully soon.

Thanks for your interest!

Best wishes,

Ico - Aug 10 2005
Server is back up although strange noises are emanating from the HD so my guess is that it is on its last legs. Hence, grab the files while you can :-)

Hopefully, a new server will be set up soon.

Best wishes,

Ico - Apr 06 2005
Thanks all for your interest in "Borealis" sound theme. Unfortunately it seems that currently the university Linux server that is hosting this content is down. I am not sure whether this is due to university network issues or if the actual server is having problems. If the connection is not restored by tomorrow morning I will go check on the server.

In the meantime please accept my apologies for the inaccessibility of the content.

Best wishes,

Ico - Apr 06 2005
Well, I posted this on but ever since has been added, the site apparently makes no distinction between KDE and Gnome sound themes. This is likely why you saw it on as well.

That being said, there was someone who posted a comment here mentioning they adapted the theme to Gnome. Try looking through the post archive for more info. I did not add it to the package since they never provided me with the config file for Gnome.

Of course, I always welcome contributions if you are interested in assigning sounds with particular Gnome events (which in itself should not be too difficult) and e-mailing me the config file. This way you can help others also enjoy the theme on their desktop of choice. - Mar 28 2005
Just to let you know as well as anyone else who may encounter similar error. This error apparently happens if you have no previous sound settings saved hance there is nothing to back up. It is also conceivable that some distros keep their sound settings elsewhere but including these files overwrites their settings. In either case if you encounter errors like this one simply ignore them and once the install is finished restart your sound server (artsd in the Kcontrol) and sounds should be all ok.

Many thanks to all who reported this problem as well as for providing verbose info that helped find the solution!

Best wishes,

Ico - Feb 16 2005

I am very sorry to hear that you are having problems. Have you made sure to do "su -p" when you went to install the theme? This is critical to do, otherwise you may have some problems, namely that the permissions to your settings get corrupt.

I was convinced that I fixed the issue that was reported before but since I do not have access to a Suse machine I could not make the necessary tests. It seems that the Suse has a different way of dealing with environment variables when using "su."

The quick fix for this is to do the following:

1) become superuser (su)
2) go to your user's folder (i.e. /home/username)
3) cd to .kde/share/config/ folder
4) type: chown username:username *

Please note that "username" should be replaced with your real username.

This should likely fix your problem. Please let me know if it doesn't, also please feel free to e-mail me directly if necessary.

Best wishes,

Ico - Jan 27 2005
Thank you very much for your kind words and compliments! I really do appreciate it!

Time permitting, I am planning on releasing an update soon that will include additional sounds. I will post them as soon as they are ready.

Best wishes,

Ico - Jan 05 2005

You should install it as a user who will have the theme running as "su" or superuser under that user. This is because as a superuser, the theme needs to be installed in the /usr/share/sounds/Borealis/ folder, while when looking-up your /home directory, your user variable needs to stay untouched, as it will look for the /home/*user_name* folder where it will save all your settings in the .kde subfolder.

I am aware that apparently some distro's have weirdly set environment variables so that even when you are logged in as a user and then running the script as "su" under that user, that your $USER environment variable gets trashed and becomes root. This is hard to track down as apparently there are inconsistencies on particular distros.

Could you please tell me exact steps how you got this error and what distro you are using?

That being said, I am considering moving the install of the whole theme into the /home dir to fix this, so that you don't have to mess with the "su" at all. Although, this will imply that on a multi-user machine you'll have redudant copies of the same files...

Best wishes,

Ico - Nov 14 2004
Thank you very much for your kind compliments! :-)

As far as I heard there is a slight chance that this theme will be incorporated in one of the future releases of KDE. Of course, you may always encourage developers to include the theme by posting your comments and/or voting here:

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Ico - Nov 04 2004

You are likely trying to install this theme as a root (not as su but logged in as root). This should not be necessary as it is unadvisable to use root account for your everyday activity. I have looked into this and have fixed the issue in the upcoming version. Please e-mail me directly and I will send you the fixed version of the installer/uninstaller.

Best wishes,

Ico - Oct 01 2004
Thank you very much for your kind words and compliments! It is always great to hear that there is someone out there who finds my creations useful and appealing!

Best wishes,

Ico - Sep 27 2004
Oops! Thanks a lot for letting me know :-) I will fix that as well as some other minor installer issues in the upcoming release.

Best wishes,

Ico - Aug 26 2004
Thanks for your feedback!

I will be making a couple of alternative logout sounds in one of the upcoming releases so hopefully one of those may fit your needs.

As far as the beat stuff is concerned, I feel like the fact there is no "tangible" downbeat is actually for me the most interesting thing regarding that particular version of the sound, but I guess this is purely a matter of opinion.

Anyhow, thanks for your interest!

Best wishes,

Ico - Jul 04 2004
I would really appreciate some comments regarding the Kopete sounds as I am personally not using the application(although I am very much aware of what it stands for), so the comments from someone who has tried the theme and are using Kopete on the daily basis would be much appreciated as that will help me determine what needs to be fixed before the final version is released.

Thanks! - Jun 01 2004
Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts!

Best wishes,

Ico - May 18 2004

0.3a is now available (see readme for more info).

Cheers! - May 17 2004
Oops! I just tested the packages on a remote Linux server and you are absolutely right, they are not opening properly! I guess the lesson of the day is that one should never plan on making releases after midnight :-)

Anyhow, the fixed version should be up shortly.

Apologies to everyone who wasted time downloading these corrupt files. - May 17 2004
Hmmm, is anyone else having these problems? Since I've packaged these on the Windoze box (my linux notebook is currently unfortunately broken), I might have messed something up. Did you try first:

bunzip2 *.bz2


tar -xvf .tar

If this did not work please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible... - May 17 2004
Thanks for pointing out the issue of overwriting the old settings! I've made appropriate changes to the install instructions.

I will be adding more sounds in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,

Ico - May 13 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

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Nov 28 2004

First of all, incredible work! Congratulations!

I have just a small question whether the selected rounded box around the file name and/or folder name could be drawn with aliased edges as right now there is still some jaggedness?

Keep up the wonderful work!

Best wishes,

Ico - Oct 28 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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Sep 12 2004
DeepBluePlasma (Clean -- Requested)

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

by xsos
Score 43%
57 Dislikes
Jun 24 2004
Very nice! Btw, is there a way to put your nick at the bottom of the screen so that way the users who prefer to have no text on the desktop (such as myself ;-) could also use it while honoring your request to keep the nick on the desktop?

Another question, what desktop theme are you using? It's very nice! - Jun 24 2004
Yellow Rose

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

Score 61%
39 Dislikes
Jun 14 2004
This is a beautiful example of utilizing nature to create inobtrusive yet appealing desktop background! Great job! - Jun 02 2004

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Aug 14 2004
Very nice job!

A small suggestion: while I understand that it is good to put your signature on your work to ensure your authorship credits, would it be possible to have a smaller logo perhaps in the so that even the smallest kicker can cover it? - Jun 02 2004
Seasons - Autumn

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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Jun 02 2004
I would like to second Ciasa's comment. The splash is really nice, but I would also like to see it without the text, or at least making it a bit less apparent. Obviously now that you've released the gimp file it should be easily doable. Thanks!

Keep up the good work! - Jun 01 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 24 comments

by ntesa
Score 65%
35 Dislikes
Jun 06 2004
Very nice!

Is there a way to make dials antialiased so that they do not have jagged edges? I think Qt should allow for that but I am not too familiar with the Karamba framework.

Alternately, perhaps you could use .png images of dials that are then rotated as needed.

Keep up the good work! - May 30 2004
DebianPaper 2

Wallpapers Debian 1 comment

Score 59%
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May 24 2004
Very nice, perhaps omitting the text would make it even nicer (not so much straightforward in-your-face, but rather a bit mystical as to what it stands for, yet straightforward for those who know Debian). - May 28 2004

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

Score 58%
42 Dislikes
May 28 2004
Very nice and tasteful! Keep up the good work! - May 28 2004