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GDM Themes 2 comments

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Feb 21 2010
Strangely enough the tar.gz file gets corrupted on uploading. Packed that file in a zip file.

But clumsy but I don't know of another workaround.

Thanks for the reaction.. - Feb 21 2010
stainless steel

Beryl/Emerald Themes 6 comments

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Jun 15 2008
Very nice theme!
Good work, looks great! - Jun 08 2008

Conky 8 comments

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May 29 2008
Will do, will make an option so you can select the sites you want to search it.

- Apr 29 2008

sry I'm not upset,
can u tell me how to rename it?

- Apr 18 2008
Yeah you're a nice lad

Your torrentsearch screenlet wasn't downloadable for a very long time.
That was the foremost reason why I created this one.

Ok sitemanagers Admins or whatever, please remove my screenlet.
- Apr 18 2008
TorrentSearch Screenlet

Conky 4 comments

by Whise
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Apr 18 2008
Still not downloadable so I keep mine up - Apr 18 2008