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Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

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Apr 29 2019
Thank you so much, this is simply amazing! Everything is themed now indeed, and the session icons now work correctly. I had actually forgotten to properly report the issue...apologies for that.

Also, this has the potential for turning into THE Linux icon theme. Have you considered donations? - Jan 27 2019
-After removing and updating icon-cache, did the icons returned normally to the apps at the left of Application Dashboard?

Yep. All icons are now properly themed and those which are not are correctly falling back to the default one, such as Crossover (expected). Screenshot:

-Can you post the screenshot of where the apps have interrogation icon?

It appears that it is not happening today, and is working OK as with the non-test user. It seems that the cache was also giving issues but a reboot fixed it.
This is for sure a Plasma issue but it's really weird that it only happened so far with Suru++ 20 (switching between La capitaine, Numix, Papirus, Antü, etc, never gave problems)
Perhaps other people running Plasma 5.14 can confirm if similar stuff also happened. Shall I open an issue to try to chase it? - Oct 18 2018
Thank you! Amazing work :)

It appears that the missing icons were due to the icon cache being messed up, interestingly enough this has only happened with Suru++ 20, changing to other icon themes didn't give any issues, and creating new user presented a similar problem, but with an interrogation icon in place of the missing ones.

I would say this was a Plasma bug for now, as after clearing ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache everything is working as expected. I will dig around more if it happens again. - Oct 17 2018
Looks awesome! But it seems borked on my Solus Plasma 5.14 desktop and version XX 3.1 for the icons. Some obvious ones are completely missing, note also the Reboot/Shutdown/Hibernate, etc, icons, which are only displayed correctly by the Desktop theme.

Any clues? - Oct 17 2018
Pantalla bienvenida KDE Ejercito.

Plasma Splashscreens 6 comments

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Jan 15 2019
Fascism - Jan 16 2019
Adapta OSX

Aurorae Themes 6 comments

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Dec 15 2018
It's only showing as a white toolbar regardless of the color scheme, example: - Dec 16 2018
Aether KV

Kvantum 14 comments

by Luwx
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Sep 18 2018

What color-scheme and windows decorations are you using with it?

Also, which dock & theme is that? I guess it's Plank? - Sep 23 2018
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3   Jan 16 2019