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sourour Al-Khatib
Generate Dynamic Wallpaper XML File

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Dec 25 2010
Your welcome :) ,
All of us are learning so there is nothing to wrong with starting a good idea like this script.

More future enhancements (when I get the time, or you may have time to work on it):

* using an installer shell script to automate the process of coping the files and setting paths.

* Adding tha abiltitt to select a group of images and generate XML file for them without the need to place image files within a sparate directory.
- Dec 25 2010
Great work to make it easy to create dynamic wallpaper.

The limitation is that this mechanism will not work if you have images with spaces in their file names, or if any directory within the path to the folder contacting the images contains spaces.

like for example an image with filename:

"image 23.jpg"

OR a path :

"/home/darick/new images/"

One quick fix to resolve this issue is to change the name space for the shell-script file "", after the first bash line "#!/bin/bash" add "


And after the last line in the file add


I Hope the Author will update the script to include this fix. - Dec 24 2010
Score 63.3%
Dec 24 2010
Score 63.3%
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