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Jul 28 2013
Ok thanks :D
- Apr 04 2011
Thanks for your reply! I've tried almost an hour searching the forums to see if anyone had this problem and I couldn't find any related info. Do you know any links that might help?

Regards - Apr 04 2011
I must add that I've tried the following ways:

1- Restart computer
2- Restart X
3- restart toolbar
4- restart the applications
5- gtk-update-icon-cache - Apr 04 2011
Hey there,
Great job with the icons.. They're really beautiful.. However, I'm having trouble with google chrome, mozilla thunderbird and pidgin icons.

Here is the problem: The icons of these applications have changed in my cairo dock, desktop and application folder. But, they're still using the default icons inside the toolbar when i run them.
I'm using ubuntu 10.10 gnome.. Please let me know if there is anything I should do to fix it or if it has been resolved already.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm saying:

Please help.. - Apr 04 2011

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by alecive

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9   Apr 05 2011