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tux logo proposal

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Mar 24 2008
> Your logo seems to be inspired by the apple logo.
No it wasn't. It's a shape suggestion. I'm mere not skilled enough in vector graphics to make a neat "complete" logo. - Mar 23 2008
BlueTheme KDM Theme

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Feb 20 2006
thx for your advice, just added the list on the left side. - Feb 20 2006
thx for your advice, just added the list on the left pic. - Feb 20 2006
State of the art: kdm doesn't support userlists (yet?). I dont know if this will change with the next main kde release (KDE4). For now you have to stuck with gdm as not all features and properties of its xml definition are ported to kdm. ;) - Aug 27 2005
Sorry, don't know anything about PCLinuxOS' way of handling KDE-stuff, but $KDEDIR is a placeholder for the default install directory of the KDE-packages. Most often it will be in /opt/kde... or /usr/... . To simplify things, just try to get your kde-dir and replace $KDEDIR with the real path. - Apr 08 2005
Sorry, kdm doesn't provide this feature yet (as I said above). So the second screenshot is nothing but a dirty trick to visualize my idea, I just copied and pasted the list from the normal kdm-screen. Furthermore I would like to see a more modifiable and less kde-ish looking list to meet anyone's needs. I think the developers won't change much of the theming implementation until KDE4. - Mar 27 2005
Thx for your comment. Sorry, I dont understand your displeasedness, is it just because of the colour or the grey border at all? - Mar 23 2005

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Jun 20 2005
PIL (Python Image Library) is also needed. - Jun 30 2005
Yes. You have to get the qt-bindings for python, PyQT. There is no way around within this script, believe me. :) - Jun 26 2005
Plz check your system for all fontconfig-package related stuff. It should contain this file. Maybe it is missing in the debian package as another poster got the same problem, see above. Removing the doctype-tag may cause trouble with your font setup, it's your risk. - Jun 25 2005
Ok, I expected such errors due to my font implementation. At the moment the app only supports TT-fonts with "Times New Roman" as default. If the app couldnt find it at the beginning the fontDialog requests to choose another one. At this point I forgot to handle your cancel action, sorry for this, I will fix it(@SWaN).
@SWaN: Please make sure you have some TT-fonts installed (or FreeType), all non-TT-fonts from the dialog wont do it.
@ATAHUALPA: I couldnt find another way to catch the real path of the fontfile then by parsing your font installation. So the app looks into "etc/fonts"(where fonts-paths normally should be set up), catches all dirs from the conf-files and processes the font-cache of the found font dirs. This awkward way is expected to produce errors and if your font installation doesnt fit the above at any point, it will fail. Regarding your problem: the error says: "unknown url type: /etc/fonts/fonts.dtd" which means that you havent the "fonts.dtd" file in etc/fonts, so the conf-files couldnt be parsed because of the lack of the definition file. Just get this file and place it there. I dont know your dist., for SuSE you can find it in the fontconfig-package.
I am displeased about the font situation as well. If there is some interest in this program I plan to get rid of the PIL-Package, wich causes all these problems, maybe the whole thing becomes pure Qt-c++ code with a new design. - Jun 21 2005

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Apr 06 2005
Now its all to my satifaction and a great theme, indeed ;-). Sorry for disturbing you (and the harsh tone before). - Apr 06 2005
My pleasure! Thx for your theme too. One disagreement I have to mention here: the really really ooommmnnnniiipresent label in the picture - is it necessary? Do you have to remind you or people looking over your shoulder, that you are using Linux, even GNU/Linux? I ask you this because I don't see any artistic value by adding this label for the whole appearance of the theme other than loosing the "close touch" to the picture. Plz, don't get me wrong, of course you are free to do as you wish ;) - Apr 06 2005
Last Winter KDM Theme

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Apr 03 2005
You are absolutely right, just changed it.
BTW: You are doing a great job with k3b, many many thanks. - Apr 03 2005