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Oct 05 2018
for some reason, some applicatios open with the wrog theme... Looks like arc theme - Jun 11 2018
My configs use #252525 instead of #222222.
Do you know where to change those values?
thx - Jun 10 2018
Mac OSX Sierra Compact

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Dec 13 2018
thank you. I made it.
you are awesome!! - Jun 10 2018
hey vinceliuice,
ca you help me?
I just want the theme a bit darker to "work" with my previous configs. :/
I cant change all the colors from #373737 to #252525. GTK2 apps does not get the config.
I've changed on gtkrc and tried to manually change on menubar-toolbar but did not work.
It only works (for some odd reason) when I forcefully make a mistake, like, not passing a float to shade() function.
Can you help me?
Thanks - Jun 10 2018
Hi, I rly enjoyed the theme!
But, I've tried to turn a bit darker the theme (changing the default window black color from #373737 to #252525) but I didnt had success. I think Gtk2 apps didnt changed the titlebar color.
Can I do something to be able to change the colors? Some advice?
Thanks!! Rly nice job!! - May 20 2018