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Kotarou Katsura Bratislava, Slovak Republic

LGC for Bespin

Be-Shell/Bespin Apr 12 2010
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Various Stuff

Plasma Widget Styles

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Jul 23 2018
+ - Jun 22 2018

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
Hello Thomas,

first of all, thank you so much for this theme..
I'm using it for 6 years now and I'm still not tired of it.

So, the obvious question is: will there be a qt5 port? - Oct 17 2015
I'd be damned if I know from that function how it would look like :D
nevertheless if you're talking about gradient's color then my answer is: meh.. I'm abandoning this color scheme because bespin (nor any other style I could find) isn't made for these kind of extremes ;) - Apr 15 2010
i really appreciate the time you spent on clarifying the thing about coloring ;)

hmm.. ok i didn't know about how gradients work and yea that's what i wanted (red to green) which is impossible ;)
i'm no artist so i can't provide any good mockups for gradients.. which is shame because i think more of them would be welcomed in bespin ;)
the problems with UNO are no other than that unsolvable gradient coloring - so no option for this

lol that made me remember on playing monkey island :) yea i thought so that it would change the bespin style too much.. guess i'll have to wait for another style which will focus on crazy doom like interfaces :))

it's not that big deal i think because on other dark schemes i made it still looks fairly good and visible

frankly all i wanted is black interface with black to blue gradients in UNO, comboboxes and groupboxes; blue shadows, outlines and splitters; green highlight.. and all this just because i was bored and wanted to test limits of theming engines :D

anyway thanks and keep up good work :) - Apr 13 2010
thanks for quick reply ;)

now i'll be talking about stuff i really don't know about so bare with me ;) what i meant with coloring of gradients is: now it works just with adding (decreasing) gamma.. and what i wanted is to set from and to color.. so i can set gradient should be: from this black to exact shade of dark blue
this would solve some of my problems with UNO and comboboxes and groupboxes (btw still cant find groupboxes settings ;) only combos are there)

you haven't said anything about slitting lines so i guess you can't set the custom color on them

now for the other elements this is screenshot with same color scheme
as you can see on oxygen the elements are clearly separated.. so i probably meant something like adding colorable outline for comboboxes and base view and maybe some others (you're currently using only line at the bottom so this is what i meant maybe not reasonable from my side as it might change the feel of bespin.. but i don't think so ;).. if oxygen wouldn't color gradients automaticly to that evil white it would probably be what i want (from the coloring point of view ;)

and lastly yea those are the shadows (indirect glow) i'm talking about :) and i use beshadowed but now because of some weird bug i can't access desktop effects :p - Apr 13 2010
and there are other splitting lines at the bottom of the window (almost invisible)
btw with shadows i meant also borders of window/window view - Apr 12 2010
hi.. i was trying to make ultra dark night theme but i found out that i'm not able to set some elements.. i don't know if it's easy/possible/reasonable but can you make options for setting colors for gradients, splitting lines and shadows?
i'm not sure with terminology so here is screenshot of what i mean
i almost forgot: thanks for bespin ;) - Apr 12 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets 284 comments

by dridk
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Nov 30 2010
here's the deb package for anyone who's interested: - Jan 20 2013
Neon Icon theme by FRUiT

Icon Themes 55 comments

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Jun 16 2011
i've checked the link and it works.. try clicking on link manually if not redirected.. disable noscript in firefox.. install java.. i don't really know what else because as i said it works without any problems - Jun 20 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets 813 comments

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Jan 17 2013
hey.. can anyone update parser? the landing page and layout has changed so the widget doesn't work anymore

new landing page:{city}/search.html?hladaj={stop}

but i can't figure out the regexp unless i learn js :(

thanks - Jan 12 2012
using checkinstall is probably the easiest way to create package for yourself.. and for missing dependecies use apt-file

i don't have enough time lately so i won't create/upload package till 10.00 stable - Mar 04 2011
hi.. ttmate's menu entry doesn't contain category (it ends up in lost and found) and imo description is too long - better move it to comment - Apr 20 2010
yea.. that's the solution and i realized that this situation is just corner case because of accessor ;) i mean can only search departures for "now" that's why it always contains departures before "first departure" - Apr 02 2010
it's probably because it only applies filter and +30 is applied on another applet refresh - Apr 02 2010
yep.. i tried 0.8.1 and it's not crashing anymore :) but there's one small thing: after i change filter it takes little while to apply first departure (+30mins) filter - Apr 02 2010
good job ;) - Apr 01 2010
bah.. what am i saying.. all messages active and inactive should be non-intrusive.. if it's not life or dead situation i wanna look at it when i have time for it :) - Apr 01 2010
that's what i meant.. they are fixing active dialog so it pops up when the applet is not big enough.. but yea it's not ideal for error messages.. the passive messages should be non-intrusive.. the same thing annoys me with system tray messages for 2 year now :p - Apr 01 2010
eh.. you said plasma dialogs.. so it looks more like they're now fixing bad design in cost of breaking some stuff.. well better late than never.. - Apr 01 2010
so this is new thing in 4.4.2 and i should prepare myself that other plasmoids will eventually do the same.. i wonder who is the evil mastermind behind this annoying change :p - Apr 01 2010
1. you're right there are no departures at that time ;) problem with this is that it always pops up 6 or so error messages each time it tries to search for departures which is really annoying :p i'll try to check if/what error message it shows when there are no departures later today.. but it may be better just to move error message to plasmoid instead of pop-up

2. oh.. yea.. i didn't realize that's problem of i know that only way to get now +x mins departure is to set destination stop too :|

3. great ;) - Apr 01 2010
hmm maybe my settings can be useful for you: - Apr 01 2010
ehm and i have problem with filters..
don't know how can i send you debug but i can reproduce it.. i have 7 active plasmoids and when i change filter in the one that is set to +30 mins plasma crashes.. - Apr 01 2010
1. on accessor around midnight i get parsing error message.. because it happened 3 days in a row around midnight i don't think it's server problem (but maybe i'm wrong ;) )
2. i suppose that requesting of data doesn't work per stop set but once for all stops.. because of this i don't get any departures on bus stop that i set +30 mins from my home stop
3. it would be nice if settings could be updated for all active plasmoids in realtime.. or give some info that you have to relog to apply changes to all plasmoids ;) - Apr 01 2010
good news is that removing settings from plasma-desktop-appletsrc solved the problem; bad news is that due some mysterious lock up of that file i edited it in notepad and after i saved changes i realized it's not making backups like kate - so the bad settings are lost.. sorry :| - Mar 27 2010
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets 642 comments

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Nov 10 2011
i've been waiting for this for a long time :) - Nov 27 2011
Muon Package Management Suite

System Software 21 comments

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Apr 20 2011
if possible it would be great if someone could package this for squeeze - Jan 19 2011
Radiance_R (Radiance Right Side)

Metacity Themes 9 comments

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Jun 25 2010
i suppose it's in font category by mistake right? ;) you should move it to metacity category then.. - Jun 26 2010

Education Apps 9 comments

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May 30 2010
you can try anki for learning - May 30 2010
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

Various Plasma Styles 125 comments

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Jul 31 2017
if you can't (and don't want to learn how to) build something for yourself search for binaries in ppas
here's repo that has a lot of nifty things packaged - May 30 2010
K3B 2.0 website mockup

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

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May 28 2010
can't wait to see it finished ;) good screenshot - Limonadovy Joe :D - May 29 2010
no worries ;) i didn't vote bad.. i was just giving you some inspiration - May 28 2010
maybe something like this
because besides background i don't see that big improvement - May 27 2010
Kubuntu Shine

Wallpapers Kubuntu 21 comments

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May 22 2010
yea i know ;) but that doesn't help much
and between these two i prefer the one with conky calendar.. nevertheless i don't wanna push you to do what i want ;) it was just a thought/wish - May 28 2010
i fell in love with motive and colours of this wallpaper ;) but i wish you could make something more folder view friendly ;) with this one motive collides with folder view and leaves empty space on the right (i had to fill that with conky's calendar view - thanks TheRob for your screenshots)
see what i mean - May 26 2010
thanks ;) - May 22 2010
can you please add download link for the wallpaper without kubuntu logo? - May 22 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets 15 comments

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Jan 20 2010
like winscapes ;)
bit off topic but i'd love to try them.. and this plugin reminded me of winscapes ;) - May 23 2010
Noir (Bespin Theme)

Be-Shell/Bespin 12 comments

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Sep 14 2010
that script thingy is really great ;) finally an easy way for me to get icons in any color i can imagine.. thanks ;) - May 23 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 75 comments

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Feb 14 2011
artefacts again (ktorrent & desktop settings main) i wouldn't mind this because i can only reproduce it when switching focus of two windows 5 times or so (and after that any action removes them) but it's with kwin deco.. crystal to be precise.. so maybe the reason behind those artefacts in aurorae is the same.. btw i can reproduce it with "deco uses translucency" enabled and disabled - May 04 2010
i'm pretty sure i've restarted even X ;) - May 03 2010
hey.. i tried 0.7 with aurorae again but without results.. am i doing something wrong? ;) (btw i got it from repo.. dunno if this could affect anything) - May 03 2010
draw behind windows was checked.. hmm.. i understand your point but still it's mysterious to me that sometimes it works ok and sometimes not..

and i got my answer before i even asked - about ARGB support ;)

yea that might be the solution.. but i'm not really sure if someone except of me would find it useful ;) - Apr 19 2010
hi.. i tried beshadowed with aurorae (you have to turn aurorae shadows off in the first place) and there are some interesting* artefacts painted
see the screenshot
*interesting because as you can see they are painted only when decoration/background is black and halo is white (firefox,bottom of systemsettings) but when deco is black and halo/background is white they are not there (upper part of systemsettings)
any idea where can be the problem? ;) - Apr 19 2010
Ambiance Aurorae

Aurorae Themes 17 comments

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Apr 08 2010
hi.. it's a nice port but i have problem.. some parts doesn't seem to be skinned.. namely bottom of the frame and upper frame when maximized

see the screeshots - Apr 17 2010

Utilities 15 comments

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Apr 01 2010
thanks for quick fix ;) here's ubuntu package (made with checkinstall) - Apr 01 2010
hi.. i get this error any suggestions? - Apr 01 2010
hi.. i get this error any suggestions? - Apr 01 2010


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Sep 14 2015
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Jan 23 2011


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May 18 2010
Aurorae Theme Engine

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles

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Aug 03 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets

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Jul 25 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets

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Jul 25 2009


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May 17 2009

System Software

by shie
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Apr 18 2009

Plasma Widget Styles

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Jun 22 2018 +
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Jun 30 2012
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Jun 30 2012
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Jan 26 2011