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Gimp Splashes
Gimp Splash screen (3 variants)

Gimp Splashes 10 comments

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Sep 18 2009
Thanks a lot for your comments.

The font used is "aller", wich you can find here :

Actually I'm not too happy with those iterations, here is why :
- Though the font is described as "free", I don't know exactly about its licence.
- I "borrowed" an element from this vector file :, which is free for personal use only.
- Overall, it's too much "photoshop-esque"

I will post some updates later on, more respectfull of open-source software and free fom "borrowed" elements.

That's why I would rather not publish the XCF file for now, but be sure I will do so for the next iterations !
- Sep 23 2010
thanks for pointing this. updated description - Sep 18 2009
I didn t tried to use custom splash screens with gimp 2.4. Maybe you need to copy it in your username/.gimp-2.4 folder instead of ./gimp-2.6
Or maybe it simply doesn t work with gimp 2.4... - Sep 02 2009

GTK2 Themes 62 comments

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May 11 2010
Excellent work. I've been looking for this kind of theme for a long time. It's clean, light and sober, exactly what the default ubuntu theme should be. In my opinion, blending the title bar and the foreground window is the best choice. - Mar 19 2010

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

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9   Sep 25 2010