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Jonas Keunecke Hamburg, Germany
Yakuake Skins
Breeze-Thin (Darker)

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Mar 11 2018
Hey, i had no idea that existed, thank you very much for packaging it for the Arch users! If i can do anything please always feel free to message me, and thanks again for the effort, I'm happy if you're liking the skin over there :) - Oct 08 2018
Hi, i have updated the repo and created a release named after this version, as well as one called "current" that will always be latest release. I hope this is what you are looking for, and thanks for looking at the skin! If you plan on packaging it with anything, maybe you could drop me a message, that would be great! - Oct 08 2018
Hi Gnome, sorry for not getting back to you, and thanks alot for noticing!
I honestly never noticed it, and it turned out to be part of the white "window title"
text still showing. It's now fixed.

Glad you liked the theme (credit goes to the orignal author, i just made tiny modifications), - Mar 11 2018

Yakuake Skins 3 comments

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Oct 19 2014
Hey Andreas,

really liked the skin when looking for something space-saving and darkish.
I removed the add button in favor of the keyboard shortcut, and made the grey tab background extend all the way to the right. I uploaded it as a skin on here:, if you don't like it i can take it down again. I just added myself to the author field for clarity.

Cheers, Jonas - Feb 24 2015

Yakuake Skins
by andreaskai

Score 68.0%
9   Mar 11 2018