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digital karabao
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Metacity Themes 7 comments

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Mar 27 2007
I seem to have uploaded an incorrect archive. My bad. :) Please try redownloading the file. Thank you. Enjoy. - Mar 27 2007

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

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Mar 27 2007
You will find information regarding the Ubuntu System Panel applet at the Ubuntu forums.

Enjoy. - Mar 27 2007
The font is SegoueUI. You will definitely find it by performing a search on Google. :) - Mar 27 2007
The menu panel applet is Ubuntu System Panel ver2.0 Alpha. - Mar 27 2007
The icon theme is nuoveXT. You may find it here:

The wallpaper was downloaded from DeviantArt. Sorry, I do not remember the exact URL.

Thank you. Enjoy. - Mar 27 2007

Individual Icons/-sets 192 comments

by saki
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Dec 28 2008
According to forum posts, Ubuntu Edgy changed its icon naming scheme. End result is when using NuoveXT in Ubuntu Edgy, the icon theme does not apply to all icons. Most noticeable is the trash icon. Yes, we can rename the icons but it's a bit tedious. Any update on this? Have someone managed to rename everything and repackage the icon theme anew? - Mar 14 2007