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Sep 05 2017
lua warning: Error while running script /usr/share/vlc/lua/extensions/playlist_youtube.lua, function activate() not found

grr, this is still not working, but I don't have time now. - Jan 02 2013
I encountered a few problems and like to share how I fixed them with the 5 point debuging info on page 2 by exebetche. I am using Fedora 17 Linux x64 and VLC 2.0.5
I got an error that the "function descriptor()" is missing, so I opened the .lua file and inserted it below the initial comment:

function descriptor()
return {
title = "Youtube playlist importer";
version = "1.0";
author = "exebetche";
url = '';
description = "This VLC extension lets you import playlists from YouTube.";
capabilities = {"input-listener"} }

Here is a direct download with my version of the file:

I also put the file in the "/lua/extensions/" folder and not the "/lua/playlist" folder.

Ps. I hope this helps

Greetings Lennart - Jan 02 2013