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Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes 195 comments

by ubo
Score 84.7%
Aug 28 2017
Looked more into the theme.. and decided to clarify - the blurriness I talked about is true only for icons of small dimensions.. starting from 64X64 and down.. I try rescaling icons myself to see if it is possible to get better..
In terms of colours - found out that you have other folder colours.. (stupid me.. didn't look into it before).. maybe we should write some script to change default folder colour? Also phone icon in devices is green.. but in app's it is grey.. did you do that on purpose?.. now when changed green Skype looks so much more cheerful ))hope I am not being annoying. Take care!
Oh another thing maybe a donate button for all the fans like me? - Feb 08 2011
Finally, comrades! We have it out! Dear Ubo - many, many thanks for all your work and for sharing it for free with the community!

Now a little bit of feedback, if you need it.
Pros'- The icons style is superb.It is unique and coherent.
Cons' - The icons seem to be not sharp enough (versus ones in your preview), in fact they seem to be a bit blurred, so the texture is a bit lost. I guess the solution is scalable vector graphics, but since it is not the way the icons where created, I don't know how feasible this solution is.
Grey and dark brown colours seems to be overused.. I would like to see some more variety at least in tone or even some more of opaque green, red, and blue and etc..
Other than that, I like everything else. Thank you again! - Feb 07 2011
This is mind blowing!As most of the people here I can barely wait for these icons!! I mean they should become one of the basic icons sets for all Linux distroes! So all windows and mac users die of jealousy!
Please! We beg you for at least an alpha! - Nov 04 2010

Full Icon Themes 594 comments

Score 85.4%
Sep 05 2017
Just a small suggestion. I think current Skype icon would look much better on darker blue background (like the colour on the left part of OOO Word Icon).
Or maybe, it is just me... - Dec 06 2010
At Tiheum's launchpad archive. - Nov 21 2010
New Chrome is definitely better!
Thank you!
I also think previous Firefox icon was better, but oh, well, I'll get my hands a bit dirty and change it myself.
- Nov 19 2010
Afisufi High Tech Usplash Theme

Usplash Themes 19 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 22 2009
Thank you for the great splash theme. It looks awesome!

For whom this theme doesn't work, try compiling it from source, (That what I had to do )

The load bar is glitchy a bit (blinking once in a while) but that's minor, so definitely worth trying! - Jun 03 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

GDM Themes 123 comments

Score 74.0%
Aug 03 2009
Not really a lot of my work there.. it is based on New wave lock-dialog by dilomo and a huge chunk of work done by SSulvkors )) - Mar 17 2009
It would be nice if you would add the link to lock-dialog theme in download section. - Mar 12 2009

Various Gnome Stuff
by vinoddahiya

Score 77.9%
Dec 16 2010
Score 67.1%
Dec 12 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

Score 84.7%
Nov 04 2010
Score 67.1%
9   Dec 12 2010
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by ubuntuwallpapers

Score 58.6%
3   Dec 06 2010

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

Score 85.4%
9   Nov 19 2010

by alltiptop

Score 58.0%
9   Nov 07 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

Score 84.7%
9   Nov 04 2010