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Nov 22 2012
I also had a problem with configure/makeing the files. I am running slackware 10.0 with kernel. and gcc 3.3.4
I fixed the problem by inserting the following line into krepton/map1.cpp
ust after line number 27

#include <cstdlib>

(this is the c++ version the standard library which contains rand() )

everything compiled and worked fine after that.

hope that helps..

great port - i miss my old beeb. (the tv out sync on it has gone so its stored away as a momento :-) )

PS. I think the previous person didn't spot that the stuff after #include had been removed by the html remover on this site! - Nov 22 2004

Education Apps 9 comments

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Nov 18 2004
running the linear equations tester
didn't add up.
1079983903x + 369055330 = 62847314
x = -0.283530167
not 254488336 as your program calculates.

This is before clicking options and selecting a difficulty level.

as the other person commented, probably initialisation problem. You could initialise all variables using the "elementary" difficulty level on startup, that would probably work. - Nov 21 2004