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Tobias Tobias Nygaard , Denmark
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Clear is better

Gnome Screenshots 13 comments

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Jul 16 2006
Nice screenie(s) - What's the font used on the panel, and what icon/gtk2 themes are you using? Thanks in advance - Jun 10 2007
Vista fail

Wallpaper Other 21 comments

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May 29 2007
There is no public record of whether or not Apple had success with the Get a Mac campaign. Furthermore; they are not bashing Microsoft/Windows - they are pointing out flaws, while suggesting that they have a solution to said flaws. That's the difference.

Wallpaper falls under "artwork" - ART-work.

If you think I must use Windows for games or otherwise, to disagree with this infantile attempt to discredit Microsoft/Windows, you are a child.
You say "Cause we all know that no one who uses Windows for games buys either the operating system nor the games" but this comes from YOUR experience - you offer no unbiased statistics or research to back up this idiotic and antiquated observation.

Having suggested you are a child might be too kind, since you conclude your reply by stating that you believe it to be hypocritical to use one operating system, without disliking all others.

A nice example of why this is complete idiocy; Beryl would never have been had it not been for Apple's Mac OS X.

Grow up - The world is not black and white. Stop this fanatic BS and get with the program. GNU/Linux is gaining ground, but it's entirely thanks to people that are *nothing* like yourself. - May 29 2007
Uh, no offense - but Richard Stallman's practices isn't exactly a good argument - he's a zealot and most people know this.
It's a shame the Linux community is so petty, considering the quality of the software and their apparent passion for it. Having said that; voting down a wallpaper like this one is a good thing if you ask me. It's bad artwork, regardless of the message. There's a huge difference between informing someone of a superior product; trying to help them, and just dissing their OS for no apparent reason.
Do you really think having "vista sucks" written in large letters on your wallpaper makes more of an impact than having "Linux - The Worlds Best OS" on it? I don't. Porsche dealerships don't write "FORD'S SUCK!" on their signs. - May 29 2007
ish -cairo

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

by bvc
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May 29 2007
I believe I've asked before, but what font are you using? - May 29 2007
ArmonySimple v.0.3

Beryl/Emerald Themes 1 comment

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May 28 2007
First off, nice theme. But might you consider taking real screenshots to show the theme, since A. sides and all corners of the window are relevant to the user, as they may be rounded or otherwise. B. It gives a better idea of how it looks and finally C. these top-border-only screenshots show up as being impossibly small and therefor slightly difficult to hit (cursor), for no good reason.
Thanks in advance. - May 28 2007
Milky Lie

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

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Aug 23 2007
Great great job.. I'm sitting here wondering what GTK2 theme to match it with, seems there must be one.. Hm, if not I'll have to make one. - May 27 2007
Gimp 2.3 Splash

Gimp Splashes 2 comments

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Jun 13 2007
Nice work. It's a great idea, using art for Gimp's splash screen.

BTW; the painting used is "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans" - May 25 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 13 comments

by bvc
Score 50.0%
May 12 2007
Actually, strike the "no offense" part. - May 12 2007
No offense, but this is without a doubt one of the worst screenshots I've ever seen accompanying an icon theme. It's particularly useless because the theme in question is a mod of Tango, and as far as I can tell, the screen shows nothing but standard Tango icons. - May 12 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 22 comments

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May 11 2007
Looking at the theme.ini, it appears he's using Segoe UI - It's a Microsoft font used in Office 2007 and Vista, among other products. You can fetch it here;

First time I see an author in here ignore a query like this. - May 11 2007
GDM Playboy Team

GDM Themes 4 comments

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Mar 11 2007
I like the simplicity of this theme more than the theme itself. Not a bad shot/theme, but I wouldn't recommend it for the machine at work. - Mar 11 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 38 comments

by toby
Score 58.0%
Feb 21 2006
If people want it, I'd be glad to make a non-windowsified version of it. But I was aiming for authenticity :)

Thanks. - Oct 03 2006
This is not a .theme file, this is a regular .tar.gz archieve. I will consider porting it to KDE, but I'm not much familiar with it, and I'm fairly swamped these days - but I'll give it ago as soon as I have a minute to myself. - Oct 03 2006
I think I got it off

I uploaded it and it is available at:

Enjoy - May 25 2006
I think I got it off

I uploaded it and it is available at:

Enjoy - May 25 2006
Truth for linux

GTK2 Themes 78 comments

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Mar 29 2007
Looks good. The screenshots don't really show the theme off very well, but from what i can tell it looks nice. You may want to reverse the links to the full-size screenshots, 'cause they are reversed at the site. ie. shot.png thumbnail shows shot2.png and vice versa.

Release this soon! :) - Sep 18 2006
OSX Folder Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Jun 29 2006
I saw yours, which are fairly good by the way, and thought they looked familiar. I uploaded some more alternatives, if you're interested: - Jun 29 2006

GTK2 Themes 27 comments

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Oct 28 2007
Quality depends on personal taste, in a place like this. I for one don't like the size of objects, and I don't find the color particularly aesthetically pleasing to work with or around. - Jun 22 2006
Mac OS X Bundle

GTK2 Themes 28 comments

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Sep 10 2005
I thought I might mention that the 1400 icons pack is incomplete when it comes to porting to Gnome, so if you want a complete and true-to-original, you should find other packs too (the 1000-icons from panther on is good). - Jun 01 2006
Assuming that you're using File-roller (default extraction tool for Gnome/Nautilus) - you just need to install unzip/zip - it is no doubt available for your distribution, so try whatever tool(s) you have for installing extra packages. - Jun 01 2006
Gnome Evolve

Icon Sub-Sets 7 comments

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Jun 11 2006
I get: "Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /suzyfg/pic/00031aq2 on this server." when clicking the link. - May 30 2006
Great idea, but I have two comments. firstly, make them without colors as well? And secondly, make sure you file it properly on deviantart - i got a no permission :) - May 29 2006
Almond (5 version)

Metacity Themes 51 comments

Score 58.0%
Jun 28 2006
Really great work - But I must admit, I wish for two things: A. A more easily readable font B. When i saw the shots, I actually liked the inactive (white) one better than the dark one, and was therefor slightly dissapointed when I discovered the actual nature of things. In any event, keep up the good work. - May 22 2006
Tangoish Laptop Icon

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

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May 20 2006
These look a great deal better than the original - mainly because the main icon has a very odd screen - anything but widescreen. You should consider modding that too :) - May 20 2006
Let's bee more Linux

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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May 03 2006
I can't wait to see some apiphobes screaming comments in here :) - May 03 2006

GDM Themes 41 comments

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Apr 29 2006
Sponsor links rarely to never make any sense, or relate to the website's content. The question is whether this site should hold general artwork or, as the URL implies, gnome related artwork. This piece certainly doesn't fall in the latter category - Which begs the question - why was it put on this website? Simply because the author likes this site? The sub-headline for this website reads "eyecandy for your gnome-desktop".. Is this eyecandy? Because all I really see is a cut-out of some erotic photo, slapped together with the standard GDM menu's. I agree that there should be more filters, or filter options., not just mature content; distribution-specific/promoting artwork, and if you choose you want it, what distributions? - Apr 30 2006
I have to agree, I don't see much reason to put this theme on *this* site. That having been said, I think it also raises the question of whether more sub-categories should be available on here, such as "mature" or "misc". Anyway, were you unable to use Xnest, and get a real screenshot instead of showing the background? The placement of the text-box and other, usually determine whether I like the theme or not. - Apr 30 2006
Gnome Green

Wallpapers Gnome 3 comments

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Apr 30 2006
Why the hell is it called "ubuntu-download"? It's a regular PNG background, stop confusing people, please! - Apr 30 2006
no|name - Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 24 2006
I think they look nice, but too simple, and they look as though you couldn't decide whether you wanted to make regular gooey icons or photo-realistic icons. I might also mention that there's currently no use for those folders in gnome, except for the home folders, as all folders/directories look the same except for the emblems. - Apr 24 2006

Wallpapers Gnome 5 comments

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Apr 23 2006
I rather like this, but I don't see why you call it "Gnome Virus" - It seems negative, and the symbol in use is for Toxic Waste, which I should think, Gnome is not. Anyway, a highger quality shot might help in suggesting improvements. - Apr 23 2006
Relaxing inspirat splash screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 8 comments

by wuf
Score 50.0%
Apr 10 2006
How did you change the background upon splash? I see grass, but I've never heard of anyone having a wallpaper behind the splash-screen, other than a color set by the distributor. - Apr 20 2006
Blue feet

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Apr 20 2006
They're called 'feet' in plural (when there's more than one) :) - Apr 19 2006
clear icons

Icon Sub-Sets 27 comments

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Apr 19 2006
I'm not sure what system and Gnome version you made/based this theme on, but I pretty much only get functioning directory icons, everything else is replaced by the GNOME theme's icons.
I'm on FC5, Gnome 2.14
I took a peek at your icons, and my guess is that you filed them "wrong". - Apr 06 2006
I'm happy to hear that you acted on my suggestion, as far as darker arrows go. As for the Windows Vista reference, I only meant the shape and overall look of the directory icons - As far as I know, Microsoft's Vista icon-pack introduced folders "standing up" (which seems like an idiotic attempt at making it look original, but perhaps that's just me). Keep up the good work. - Apr 01 2006
I like your icon theme, even if Windows' Vista's icon look seems an obvious inspiration - but the new arrow icons seem to be too brightly colored, making them harder to recognize. - Mar 30 2006
linux sky

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 04 2006
I'm really starting to think this site should have seperate sub-menues for distribution-specific artwork. This wallpaper was filed in a somewhat ignorant and careless manner, if you ask me, and helps no one; people searching for ubuntu would only know this was ubuntu-related if they clicked, clicked and clicked again. And everyone else, who isn't on Ubuntu, is dissapointed or perhaps even annoyed by the presence of the Ubuntu logo, since a lot of people care only to represent and promote their own distribution. - Apr 04 2006
LiNsta Gnome GDM Theme

GDM Themes 12 comments

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Nov 20 2005
What are the backgrounds in use on screenshot 2 and 3, and where can they be obtained? - Mar 29 2006

Icon Sub-Sets 51 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 06 2006
Copying the file to /usr/share/icons requires root privileges, and while it does make it universally available on the system, it is by no means a necessity, which it seems to me you're implying it is. Copying to ~/.icons works just as well. - Mar 29 2006
Gnome start button

Various Gnome Stuff 10 comments

by Cyr4x
Score 50.0%
Apr 04 2007
Am I missing something here? Since when is Open Source, the GNOME project, or even Linux about doing shameless rip-offs? GNOME, as well as KDE, already have this kind of uninspired "start" buttons, only they didn't overstep their boundaries by actually writing "START" on it, as it has always been incredibly redundant, and fairly misleading. I don't consider this a step in the right direction for anything related to this website's philosophy and purpose (Open Source, Linux On The Desktop, GNOME etc.) - Mar 25 2006
Sky metacity themes

Metacity Themes 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 24 2006
I like it, but I think it might be too glittered. It steals focus, and the colors are a bit too baby-like for me. Maybe consider making it a little smaller and change the colors. - Mar 25 2006
nemerle icons

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 26 2006
Nicely done. Most would've probably just made *one* icon, that they liked. - Mar 24 2006
gnome mockup - loading application

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 05 2006
I agree that your proposal is superior to the original, but I find both somewhat unrealistic and useless.
Having Totem, for instance, use most my screen (If it was set to run full-screen) while LOADING, leaving me nothing to do but wait patiently, I would be quickly annoyed to say the least. Even more so if you were a developer, as I am, and often have buggy software that occasionally crash upon loading or fail to load at all - What then? There would be no indication the application was loading, if your concept was to replace the cursor-change. Moreover, this is exactly what splash-screens were created to do, so why not mail a few devs and suggest splash-screens rather than suggest futuristic and resource-hungry features, which is what this looks like to me?? - Mar 06 2006

GTK2 Themes 88 comments

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Sep 02 2006
I find it a bit farcical that someone would take the licence of a theme on this site, as seriously as to go about quoting paragraphs... Why not just sue him?
The last year or so, there's been very little innovative artwork on here (in my personal opinion, at least), and about 50% of the material here, is spin-off material anyway. I find it somewhat pointless to licence something as utterly worthless (financially) as a GTK2 theme to begin with, since it rarely to never changes the amount of spin-off work, as demonstrated here. I fail to see the point of preventing others improving your work in a place like this. From where I'm standing, I think the entire discussion is idiotic, since neither party is gaining or losing profit on either theme, and the original author is receiving credit. "Good artists copy, great artists steal!" - Pablo Picasso - Mar 02 2006
It's a movie-still of the actor "Vin Diesel", from a scene in the movie "Pitch Black"(2000). - Mar 02 2006

People 68 comments

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Mar 03 2006
If this is "over the line" sexual content, what isn't? Where does the line go? Sure this wallpaper could offend a large amount of people, but so could

Perhaps this photograph doesn't belong on, but if I had found the photo, and slapped the "GNOME" stuff on, where else would I put it? - Mar 02 2006
Appreciating "art", even if it depicts a half-naked woman, does not constitute "hornyness". In fact, being able to consider the picture as a whole, instead of seeing a naked woman, would be a sign of intelligence. Apparently, you weren't able to. - Mar 01 2006
I don't see how it's any different from taking a photo of a landscape, building, leaf etc. and stamping your logo on it - do you? - Mar 01 2006

Icon Sub-Sets 161 comments

by kiddo
Score 43.3%
Jan 08 2016
Actually, two copies of that icon should exist, with each name, as the name depends on the version of thunderbird and the system in use, on the end-users computer. - Feb 26 2006

GTK2 Themes 74 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 26 2006
Actually, I was just negligent and didn't actually ever restart my theme, which is why it was displayed incorrectly here. So it's neither a Black 1.7 issue, nor an Ubuntu issue (as far as I know) - Just a think-before-you-comment issues. I apologize for the inconvinience. - Feb 24 2006
The menu (Applications, Places, Desktop) are, like I said, images - the problem is that either the image is supposed to be black-crystal like everything else, or the author of the theme accidentally changed the font to white, making it clash with said background, seeing as how it is mainly white, or light colored at least. - Feb 23 2006