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Equilux Theme

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Oct 29 2018
Thank you ver much for your anwer. For ubuntu 18.10 the right command sudo su is working I am still struggling finding out a good theme for visually impaired people like me. It would be great to find a solution, which is easy to find in the store and it works. I would like learning knowing how to design a theme, which is easy hold in grey/yellow and can be chanced to high contrast like lightgrey/black. - Feb 27 2019
Thank you very much for your answer. I found out where to find the files. My Problem now is, that I have got no rights to copy file into the theme order. How do i get the rights, please. As I tried yesterday, the complete system crashed. - Feb 25 2019
I am sorry. I am new on Linux ubuntu. I downlaoded the theme and extracted it. I came so far. But now I am struggling with the installation. Kindly, would some be able to help me. I am using a dell g5/15 with ubuntu 18.10
- Feb 24 2019