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Tsu Jan
KvSimple for Kvantum

Kvantum 36 comments

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Sep 11 2015
Done! See - Sep 12 2015
If you use large fonts, please change the value of the key progressbar_thickness from 40 to 0 in ~/.config/Kvantum/KvSimple, then log out and log in. Are those texts shown now? - Sep 12 2015
Would you please tell me which version of Dolphin you use? Aren't those numbers shown at all or are they shown partially? - Sep 12 2015
I added a matching Openbox decoration. Please test it!

Installation of LXQT on Debian was a lot easier than I thought, by using the siduction repository. I'm happy that Kvantum integrates so well with LXQT. - Jul 21 2015
Ok. Let me first try LXQT and know if it accepts KDE icon theme structures. Then I'll have to edit/add some icons and choose a good name for the set. As said above, It'll take a while but I'll do it. - Jul 21 2015
After googling for LXQT, I decided to try it on my desktop computer :) I'll surely make an openbox theme but that may take a while. - Jul 21 2015
Really? Faenza flattr was may favorite. Are you sure that its author hasn't moved it somewhere else -- dA for example? If it has really disappeared fromInternet, I could upload a modified version of it, which I use. - Jul 21 2015
I don't use openbox but if it's capable of having nice decorations with gradients, why not? I'll let you know. - Jul 21 2015
Thank you, Fred!
I'm not a fan of flat themes either but I make them to test Kvantum and to prove that it's an impartial style engine.
Although I prefer dark themes, KvSimple has become my favorite ;) - Jul 20 2015
You're very welcome! - May 12 2015

Application Styles 115 comments

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Jul 08 2017
Yes, I know. Qt5-5.3 had some bad bugs which are fixed in Qt5-5.4 but what is compiled against the latter is not completely consistent with the former.

For using the deb package, you need to add the Testing repository to apt and update Qt5 (but not anything else).

As an easier alternative, you could compile it against Qt5-5.3.2 (see INSTALL). - Aug 21 2015
Thank you!
Kvantum is a complex beast. That is the price I had to pay for maximum flexibility. However, I've written a comprehensive doc for it, which I too consult sometimes ;) - Jul 06 2015
There is just one problem: there is no Qt5 compilation among those packages.
Anyhow, I'll search for other links, for both OpenSUSE and Fedora. - Apr 07 2015
I will! Thanks! - Apr 07 2015
I understand but the only kind of package I can and will make is 46-bit deb because I don't have any rpm-based system.
However, I will surely add a link if an rpm maintainer gives me one -- as I have done for the Arch packages. (The maintainer of the Arch packages kindly told me about them through a message.) - Apr 07 2015
Good to know that :) Plasma4 had some issues, for which I added workarounds in the code. Plasma5 may still have its own problems. If so, please be patient until a stable version of it comes (to Debian) so that I could fix them. However, Qt5 apps shouldn't have any issue.
BTW, it's better to install both Qt4 and Qt5 plugins. Their names are kvantum-qt4-git and kvantum-qt5-gi in metak's Arch packages. - Feb 09 2015
If you use the deb or arch packages or have compiled Kvantum yourself as explained in INSTALL, its Qt5 plugin will work with Qt5 apps. To test that, run a Qt5 app with this command:

YOUR_APP -style kvantum

If that works, please tell me which distro you use so that I could install it on VirtualBox and see what's the problem because I don't have Plasma5 yet. But if the above command doesn't work, you don't have Kvantum's Qt5 plugin. - Feb 08 2015
For now, I prefer to keep Kvantum independent of KDE (although tuned to it) and a menubar may not be possible without KDE dependency. But I add it to my TODO list. - Feb 05 2015
Thank you! It isn't well-known yet and I hope more themes will be made fo it. Although I made 5, I have to focus on the engine itself. - Dec 18 2014

QtCurve 6 comments

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Aug 20 2015
If I correctly remember, completely ungrouping the elements that were distorted by SVG Cleaner, giving them their intended colors/gradients, and regrouping them solved the issue in the case of Dynamo. That takes time, of course. - Aug 20 2015
Very impressive! Just the Mdi titlebar buttons need some tweak.

The image size can be considerably reduced by SVG Cleaner but I don't know why it changes some colors of your image. I remember I'd seen such a thing with Dynamo too and had to edit it manually. Do you use an app other than Inkscape? - Aug 20 2015
Qt5 Configuration Tool

Utilities 33 comments

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Jun 10 2020
This was exactly what I needed under Enlightenment. Exporting QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE didn't cover all apps. Thanks a lot! - Aug 09 2015

GTK3 Themes 62 comments

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Jun 12 2016
Thanks a lot for wishing me a happy birthday! :) - Aug 06 2015
Have you applied the Firefox workaround in the file README? Because Firefox's search field in Youtube and other sites is OK here. - Jul 02 2015
Ambiance Crunchy

GTK3 Themes 53 comments

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Apr 24 2020
You're welcome. Quality works like yours deserve positive feedback.

> It's hard to be always up to date with all the
changes made by the Gnome devs.

I agree. But, recently, they haven't changed API radically. Let's hope this state will continue. - Aug 05 2015
Excellent work! Your objective (working in all environments) is admirable too. - Aug 05 2015
KvHybrid for Kvantum

Kvantum 35 comments

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Jun 10 2015
You could easily change their colors with Inckscape because they are SVG. I just edited some of them for KvHybrid: not an original work deserving an upload. - Jul 03 2015
Thank you very much :) - Jun 10 2015
Oh, those icons belong to whatever ICON theme in use. You use Oxygen, so they belong to oxygen in your screenshot. The icons in my screenshot are from (a modified version of) FaenzaFlattr. - Mar 11 2015
Thanks for the kind words!

Could you please be more specific or show me a screenshot? Because Kvantum (or this theme) doesn't affect toolbar icons at all.

The icon theme is a modified version of FaenzaFlattr (

The background is the air wallpaper from an older version of KDE but you could still find its PNG version in the folder /usr/share/kde4/apps/ktorrent/search/home/ if you install KTorrent.

BTW, I don't think KDE 17.1 ever exists! - Mar 11 2015
OK, I'll add a variant to KvFlat with the name "KvFlatter" when I have free time. - Mar 08 2015
You could use KvHybrid's titlebar (Aurorae decoration) with KvFlat; the colors are the same. - Mar 08 2015
Yes, KvDark was supposed to be 3d. But KvFlat is almost exactly a dark variant of this theme. In fact, I made KvHybrid based on KvFlat but in order to show that KDE dark-and-light themes are now possible (with Kvantum).
Perhaps you mean KvHybrid with its dark and light parts reversed? I'll experiment with that idea. - Mar 08 2015
Yes, that's because background colors can come from SVG images and also because Kvantum uses its own color definitions (in the kvconfig file of the theme). I'll think about a dark variant in my free time.
BTW, I like dark themes too. Kvantm's default theme is dark and you could also check KvDark and KvFlat on this site. - Mar 06 2015
One of the reasons I came to KDE and Qt a few years ago was to get rid of GTK3 as far as possible. Having seen the disrespectful attitude of Gnome devs toward theme makers and developers several times (breaking their themes and apps with every gtk update), I have no motive to start making another gtk theme. You could find my old gtk themes at and see my futile attempt to keep them working. In short, it isn't worth trying. - Mar 06 2015
Yes! I'll change it soon. Now I'm working on Kvantum v0.8.16. Thanks! - Feb 26 2015
Thanks! You mean the KDE color scheme included in the theme? You're right, I should correct the tootip text color, but it has no effect on actual tootips because their text and background colors are set by the theme itself (white on black). - Feb 18 2015
With light styles I use Translucy, included in KvGray ( but there should be more compatible Plasma themes. I'll make one for KvHybrid when Plasma5 comes to Debian. - Feb 16 2015
I haven't seen Numix Remix. This was a potential in Kvantum I wanted to actualize. Now light Kvantum themes can have dark buttons, toolbars or menubars, and conversely. - Jan 26 2015
KvSilver for Kvantum

Kvantum 6 comments

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Mar 28 2015
I'll update it soon. - Jun 01 2015
Thank you! - Apr 04 2015
KvantumLyoko for Kvantum

Kvantum 2 comments

Score 63.3%
Feb 27 2015
Nice experiment! I especially like the look of tooltips. - Apr 15 2015
KvFlat for Kvantum

Kvantum 3 comments

Score 72.0%
Jun 25 2015
Thanks a lot for your feedback :) - Mar 16 2015

GTK3 Themes 95 comments

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May 05 2014
GnomishGray is a light theme, so its text color SHOULD BE DARK. Since Cinnamon handles desktop, it should not only have a setting for adjusting the desktop text color but also for giving it an appropriate shadow. - Mar 01 2015
Thank you!
Quite surprising to know it still works when GTK3 breaks themes and I haven't updated it for the latest GTK3 (I might update it with the next version though).

I don't know if the theme could have any effect on Cinnamon's desktop text color. Doesn't Cinnamon have a separate setting for it?

Having been far from Gnome and Cinnamon for a long time (as a KDE user), I could only update my GTK3 themes for GTK3 itself. So I don't have enough info to answer your question. Sorry! - Feb 28 2015
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets 177 comments

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Mar 02 2002
My distro is Debian and I rcommend OpenSUSE to newcomers. The only thing I have against Ubuntu is that even some of their basic packages, like gtk, are hacked for use in Ubuntu. A KDE, Qt or GTK theme that works in all distros may show false problems in Ubuntu because of that. IMO Ubuntu doesn't provide a standard Linux experience. - Feb 18 2015

QtCurve 16 comments

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Aug 20 2015
I'm the developer of Kvantum and came here accidentally. Dynamo is a nice theme but needs to be updated due to many changes in Kvantum. That's the cause of the probem you mentioned. I made an updated version of it and here is a link:

Please note that (1) the author of Dynamo is NOT responsible for the above link as I am NOT responsible for Dynamo; (2) the file should be used with the latest Kvantum; and (3) I will delete it after a few days. - Feb 10 2015
Score 58.9%
Jan 03 2015
I don't know to whom your comment was addressed but yes, spammers are quite active here, on I didn't see spamming to such an extent when I was active at

Unlimited votes without commenting has proved to be an inefficient mechanism for a long time too. As if some people wake up from a bad dream and vote everything down or, when they've had a good dream, vote up. That makes it impossible to find good works quickly. - Jan 01 2015
KvRoughGlass for Kvantum

Kvantum 3 comments

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Apr 25 2015
Thank you! I'll polish it a little to make it more than just an experiment when I have time. - Dec 29 2014

GTK3 Themes 111 comments

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Jul 31 2017
Thank you vey much for your kind words!

I'm sorry to say that, keeping a distance from everything related to Gnome or GTK, most probably I won't update this theme anymore and, due to the Gnome dev's habit of breaking themes, it won't work with a future version of GTK.

The only GTK theme, that I may update, is E17gtk (for use under E). - Dec 28 2014

by thomas12777

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