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Aug 21 2014
I made it that way for it to get more attention and for users not to click on it incidentally. An instance of the priority of usage over appearance! - Dec 16 2014
Updated the set at dA. - Sep 19 2014
Thank you! - Sep 11 2014
Will be added soon. - Sep 11 2014
I didn't find some type differentiations practical as they wouldn't add to usability but just make the set heavier. For example, it's good to differentiate between SVG and PNG (as the set does) but not necessarily between PNG and JPG. After all, Dolphin and most advanced file managers show those details clearly.

The same could be said about audio and video, although there are about 7 different icons for the most common audio types and 6 for videos. But, for example, I didn't find any benefit in making two different icons for ASF and AVI, which are both Windows types.

Apps have a different story. I'll add the Curlew icon(s). Please also tell me about any other app whose icon you didn't find in the set, provided that its use is meaningful under KDE or any other Qt-based DE. - Sep 11 2014
Thanks for your comment!

The set already has more than 410 mimetype icons for each size, while Oxygen has less than 270. Please give me the names of mimetypes you didn't find in the set and want to be added to it! - Sep 11 2014

Application Styles 115 comments

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Jul 08 2017
Oh, Opera is not written in Qt! - Dec 05 2014
Yes, some apps don't respect dark themes. However, Kvantum will do its best to correct their behavior if "Respect dark themes" is checked in Kvantum Manager (checked by default).

As Opera isn't open-source, I can't find the source of its problem but if its addressbar bg is white, it surely uses an internal style incompatible with dark themes.

I would be grateful if you give me some open-source examples so that I could improve Kvantum's workaround code for such apps. Maybe the new code will work for Opera too. - Dec 05 2014
I'll try to make one if it isn't hard in a 64-bit system. - Nov 15 2014
Thanks a lot! Yes, the decoration is Aurorae. I couldn't include it because, as you know, Kvantum is a theme engine.

My other Kvantum themes, namely KvDark and KvGray, include Aurorae decorations. You could find them at I'll update them soon. - Oct 31 2014
Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you found Kvantum useful or elegant. - Oct 20 2014
Believe me or not, users of GTK-based DEs have problems that, compared to what you see as a problem here, can be really annoying. Take the example of CSD or the recent changes in glib, which have broken several GTK3 apps. In fact, being a KDE user, you could feel safe ;)

However, let's be focused on Kvantum here. Making a theme engine for Qt isn't something straightforward at all. Just take a look at ChangeLog inside the source and you'll get a rough picture. Adding a GTK2 part doesn't seem practical to me. Any theme maker could add a matching GTK2 theme to his/her work, as I've done in KvGray. And even the developer(s) of QtCurve abandoned GTK3. - Oct 03 2014
Yes, QtCurve works with GTK2 but not with GTK3. The culprit is GTK3 neither KDE nor Qt.

BTW, for now, there are four Kvantum themes: its default theme, KvDark, KvGray and Dynamo. I maintain the first three and my favorites are the first two. - Oct 02 2014
As a matter of fact, I'd made E17gtk ( before I started to work on the default theme of Kvantum. Its GTK3 part is for GTK-3.12 but I'll update it as soon as GTK-3.14 comes into Debian Testing.

If you prefer KvDark, you could use GnomishDark ( for GTK2+GTK3.

That being said, Kvantum is and will be only for Qt. GTK3 is too backward incompatible and unstable to be worth any effort in the direction of a unifying engine, IMO. - Oct 02 2014
Good! I'll add that info to the INSTALL file. I hope you'll enjoy Kvantum with its default theme, KvGray or Dynamo. - Sep 19 2014
That error message shows that you don't have libxext-dev, which is a dependency of xorg-dev. So, it seems I should add the xorg-dev dependecy to the installation instructions too. Thanks! - Sep 19 2014
Most probably you haven't installed X11 development files (libx11-dev in debian-based systems).

Sorry that I can't upload deb or rpm packages here! My reason is the active development of Kvantum. However, compilation is really easy when you have Qt4 and X11 headers. - Sep 19 2014
Good to know that you succeeded in installing it.

Most probably, for whatever reason (bad directory permissions?) others had no read permission for the compiled file and only root could read it. If so, just giving others the read permission would suffice. - Sep 08 2014
I had a 64-bit OpenSUSE-12.3 on VirtualBox and /usr/lib64/qt4/plugins/styles/ worked with it. Another option can be /usr/lib64/kde4/plugins/styles/, where "" resides.

Are you sure that you closed and re-opened systemsettings after putting in that folder?

And no, it doesn't require any update because, as I said above, it even worked with an old OpenSUSE. - Sep 08 2014
The styles directory may be different in some distros. For OpenSUSE (64-bit) try "/usr/lib64/qt4/plugins/styles/", as is mentioned in INSTALL. Please tell me about the result! - Sep 08 2014
First, this isn't a theme but a theme engine. Second, it has no relation to Cinnamon; it's for Qt4/KDE4. - Aug 19 2014
Found a way to remove all ugly lines and not only those of Clementine (-> github). - Aug 13 2014
That's the job of distro package maintainers. An example:

Compilation is straightforward but hopefully WebUpd8 or NoobsLab will kindly make deb packages, although their focus is more on GTK related apps and themes. - Aug 08 2014
Absolutely! All of us were new to Linux sometime. Be patient and, little by little, you'll get more experience and knowledge until you could master various aspects of your system. - Aug 07 2014
Please read the file "INSTALL" in the (extracted) source folder. The terminal should be opened in that folder.

If you haven't any experience in source compilation yet, preferably wait for an installable package to appear in the repository of your Linux distro. That can take a while and depends on the decision of the maintainers of your distro. WRONG COMPILATION COULD DAMAGE YOUR SYSTEM. - Aug 07 2014 will be created in the folder "style" inside the source only after you compile Kvantum. Provided that you have installed libx11-dev and libqt4-dev, compilation consists of opening a terminal inside the source and entering this command:

qmake && make

As is explained in "INSTALL". - Aug 07 2014
In fact, the problem was on MY side: you found the first Kvantum bug, which was caused by a miscalculation of mine. I fixed it and will upload the new version in a few days.

Your theme was a great help to me in checking various aspects of Kvantum under a different light. Thank you very much!

Your feature requests will be very welcome.
- Aug 06 2014
BTW, those Clementine separators are hard-coded: there isn't any element in the default theme like them. You don't see such a thing with Amarok, SMplayer, Dragon Player, VLC, etc. Hard-coded styles are the nightmare of theme makers ;) - Aug 06 2014
Yes, of course! "toolbar-separator" and "menuitem-separator" are invisible by default so that you don't see any menu or toolbar separator with the default theme (see the screenshots) but you could draw them as you like in your own SVG file. - Aug 06 2014
I forgot about the github questiuon. Probably I'll put Kvantum there if I find that I haven't made great changes to it for a while. Github is nice but I don't want users to get into trouble by trying a version that I don't consider stable enough. - Aug 05 2014
Thanks for your elegant theme!

A background consists of two parts: interior and frame. The interior cannot be used to get a consistent rounded look. The roundness effect is achieved by proper frame objects. Please see Glassy.svg (inside the source) for a few examples. For scrollbars also consider their width (scroll_width).

The size of radio buttons and checkboxes is fixed and set to 15px for now. I will add a common variable for them in v0.4. Thank you for the suggestion!

And yes, v0.4 will include text color control. - Aug 05 2014
With the next version, lines like this can be used in any section (group) of the config file:


If they are ommitted, the default color scheme is used. As you see, the whole structure of the config file is not so different from that of stylesheets. I think it's a bit more efficient.

I'll upload v0.4 soon. Just let me test it for a week or so. - Aug 04 2014
Thank you very much for the explanation! Now I understand what you said. By flexibility I just meant that there are two different kinds of adjustments but you're right.

For non-editable widgets like toolbars, buttons, etc., that can be implemented in Kvantum by introducing new variables (keys). I hesitated to do so because I didn't want to violate the color scheme settings but now, that seems reasonable to me, especially when some of those settings are already "violated" by SVG background colors.

However, first let's see if any bug is found in Kvantum. There aren't lots of users yet but I use it with as various Qt4 apps as I can find. I hope I'll get more helpful feedbacks like yours. - Aug 03 2014
Thanks for your comment.

With both Qt and KDE, styling has two different parts: the style and the color scheme. I see it as a flexibility not a drawback.

Stylesheets are great but with them, you could control the look of a widget only to some extent. I wanted to have virtually full control over how widgets looked and that's possible only with SVG images. QuantumStyle had that potential but it was too buggy. QSvgStyle didn't provide what I needed either. In a nutshell, I needed a really usable SVG-based style, not just a concept.

Sharing what I did seemed reasonable to me later. - Aug 03 2014

GTK3 Themes 179 comments

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May 09 2014
Opera is written in Qt, not Gtk. As it isn't open-source, I have no knowledge about it but if it is stylable, you could search for a suitable theme for it in the Opera site. - Dec 01 2014
Thank you!
I don't know why the Firefox developers haven't fixed that issue yet. It has been there for such a long time! - Jun 24 2014

QtCurve 8 comments

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Nov 18 2014
You're welcome! - Nov 20 2014
Sorry, I've never had Arch! What I said was about getting the source from github directly and compiling it. The file INSTALL inside it is easy to follow.

Thank you very much for your support! Please note that Kvantum is not limited to its default theme at all. KvDark and KvGray demonstrate that. I chose an E look for the default theme just because I found it both clean and elegant. - Nov 19 2014
Kvantum Manager will be installed if you use the Qt4 qmake in compilation. If I remember correctly, ArchLinux has renamed it to qmake-qt4. After that and doing "sudo make install" and "make distclean", you could recompile and install against Qt5, which will put the Qt5 plugin in its proper place.

Please read INSTALL. - Nov 19 2014

QtCurve 22 comments

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Jan 06 2014
Thank you very much! I've left it as it is since I made KvDark, which I prefer. Its Plasma theme can be used with KvDark too. - Nov 06 2014
Cool Effect

Kwin Effects 26 comments

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Mar 07 2014
For me, increasing duration to 300 and adding "window.visible" to isfadeWindow was enough to remove frame blinking at the end of fading-out. I don't use Fade effect with Cool effect. - Oct 15 2014
KvGray for Kvantum

Kvantum 4 comments

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Oct 14 2014
Thank you! I was going to think that all KDE users dislike non-flat gray themes for mysterious reasons ;) although my emphasis was on Kvantum here.

The icon set is a colorful version of nouveKDEGray ( but I haven't uploaded it yet. I may upload it under the title "nouveKDE" later. - Sep 13 2014

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May 05 2014
Thanks for your encouraging words! - Sep 05 2014

GTK3 Themes 62 comments

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Jun 12 2016
That's a known bug in some recent versions of Chromium. It's fixed in the latest version (mine is 36.0.1985.32). - Jun 30 2014
Glad to know that your problem is fixed. Here, Chromium looks OK. Perhaps it was open when you applied the theme and after a restart it got the new theme correctly. - May 26 2014
With E17gtk, I had to adhere to Enlightenment's default theme. Hence the cross check boxes and other widgets. - May 25 2014
Thanks for your feedback!

Are you sure that's not a bug in the new Firefox? Do you see it with other themes? If so, isn't it related to an add-on?

Thunderbird 24.X already has curved tabs like in your screenshot but they are properly in gray. - May 18 2014
Thank you for your feedback! - May 15 2014
Evolvere Icon theme

Full Icon Themes 187 comments

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Mar 25 2018
I understand, although they don't need to be colored to conform to the spirit of your theme. However, good job! - May 18 2014
Using all the available space to draw an icon is a good idea and your implementation of it is great. Congratulations!

Some of your tiny icons (< 24x24) don't conform to that idea though. - May 17 2014

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Rodent file manager

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