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GTK3 Themes 62 comments

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Jun 12 2016
You're welcome! - May 13 2014
I'm glad you like it. - May 03 2014
Thank you for your support! - Mar 22 2014
Have you put the theme folder (E17gtk) in /usr/share/themes? I remember some Ubuntu users had told me such problems happen when the theme is installed in the user's home. - Feb 27 2014
Go to dconf-editor > org > gnome > desktop > wm > preferences, find the theme key and change its value from Ambiance to E17gtk. The change should take effect instantly.

BTW, my screenshot in taken from inside Enlightenment but the titlebars are very similar in Ubuntu's Unity (I checked that on VirtualBox). - Feb 27 2014
Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

The image button_default_glow is for marking the default button, i.e. the button that is activated/deactivated with the Enter key. I may add another overlay for prelight, although I think prelight is already marked with a blue text.

I agree that the menubar separator is redundant. I'll remove it altogether. - Feb 26 2014
Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you like it :) - Feb 25 2014
Please see the file README in the theme folder! The explanation in the Firefox section will solve your problem.

BTW, Firefox uses the GTK2 part of the theme. Are your GTK3 apps OK? - Feb 23 2014
Thanks you very much!
For now, please tell me about probable bugs or feature requests here. And please don't forget to check the GTK3 version; the current version is for 3.8.
BTW, I'm using it under E17, change some minor details once in while, and will upload the result here. Major updates will come with new versions of GTK3 in Debian Testing/Unstable. - Feb 23 2014
Yes, the main idea belongs to the creators of E17. I liked it and then implemented it for GTK+2 and GTK+3 to have a uniform look under E17. - Feb 20 2014
Thank you!
Yes, it's non-flat but my other works are so too. Here The emphasis is on having sharp corners: once I saw them in E17, I found them easy on the eye. - Feb 18 2014

GTK3 Themes 95 comments

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May 05 2014
Thank you!

BTW, I like dark themes myself but I don't have any bias against light ones. To me, a light object against a dark background is easier to recognize than a dark one against a light background. I think the former is better for the eyes too. On the other hand, light themes go better with colorful icon sets. - May 05 2014
If you mean that Synaptic's quick filter doesn't fit its toolbar, that's a design flaw in Synaptic. IMO, it can't be called a bug because the quick filter works OK. It shows with some themes whose toolbars aren't flat.

I had found a workaround once but I didn't add it to my themes because it might have side effects. - May 05 2014

Do please read the Important Notes No.1 on this page! In short, REMOVE or DISABLE Ubuntu's overlay-scrollbar. That darkening is about a bug in overlay-scrollbar.

Your Cinnamon theme matches the theme well. A beautiful combination! - Mar 30 2014
You mean Ubuntu 14.4? The theme already supports it. Have you disabled/removed overlay-scrollbar? (See Important Notes above!) - Mar 29 2014
Thank you so much!
Yes, I like rounded borders and a bit of 3d. They're easy on the eye. - Jan 26 2014
Sorry but, with so much of backward incompatibility, maintaing and updating a really working GTK+ and Gnome-Shell theme would take up a lot of my time even if I hadn't left Gnome for KDE. - Jan 18 2014
The latest version only works with GTK+ and Gnome-Shell v3.8. The issues you see may be because your installed Gnome is only partly 3.8.

Sadly, I can do nothing. The Gnome developers deliberately break not only themes but also Shell extensions because they don't want Gnome to be customized in any way. - Nov 14 2013

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May 09 2014
Using Compiz under Debian is problematic. Ubuntu has its own Unity patches, which can't be ported to Debian without causing problems.

If you like both Debian and Compiz effects (as I do), you could use KDE. - Apr 27 2014
That window decoration is managed by Compiz. The theme dosn't have any control over it.

I've added just a Unity theme to GnomishDark, which could be used with Ubuntu Trusty if the theme is put in /usr/share/themes. - Apr 27 2014
Take a look at the file README inside the themes folder! - Apr 06 2014
I can't have v3.10 yet. However, you could compare /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css from v3.10 with that of v3.8, see how the API is changed and then, make similar changes to gnome-shell.css in GnomishDark. - Feb 18 2014
Thanks for the info!

Such problems are expectable: you have gnome-2.10 while the theme is still for v3.8. That's what I talked about in the NOTE section of this page: THEY BREAK THEMES! I don't use Gnome anymore, but I'll update the theme to the GTK/Gnome versions in Debian Testing or the latest stable Ubuntu, both of which still have gtk-3.8. I'm really sorry but the culprit is the Gnome dev's style of "development". - Feb 17 2014

Full Icon Themes 83 comments

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Aug 21 2014
If you mean the colors are fresh, thank you! But if you mean there's an icon set named "Fresh Icon" and nouveGnome has the same colors, I don't know; I chose the colors according to my own taste. - Mar 05 2014

>Please add more icons...
I will. An update for the gray set will come soon. - Feb 16 2014
Strange! Yes, they're identical in shape and color. In fact I borrowed it from the gnome theme itself. Another trick by the gnome devs to hinder customizing?! - Oct 27 2013
Thanks! The name of that icon is "preferences-system-symbolic" in gnome-3.8 and it is included in the theme. I don't have gnome-3.10 yet (not until it comes to Debian Unstable) so I don't know what they've done in gnome-3.10 to break themes again. If you could find the name of that icon in '/usr/share/icons/gnome/', please tell me!

That said, even if that icon were missing from the theme, it should be shown because the theme inherits the gnome theme. A bug or an incomplete upgrade? - Oct 27 2013

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Jul 31 2017
The overlay-scrollbar bug shows itself only with some (rare) themes that use a general gradient for windows. GnomishBeige isn't among them but GnomishGray is.

I'll add a Unity theme to my other themes later. - Mar 03 2014
I added a Unity theme for Trusty and tested it on VirtualBox. The theme is updated now. It would be great if you test it too.

Thanks for telling me about the new CSS Unity theme! - Mar 03 2014
OK, I'm downloading Trusty's ISO image now. If it works smoothly on VirtualBox, I'll add support for the new Unity decorations soon because the direction Ubuntu goes in seems promising to me. - Mar 03 2014
I update my works based on what's in Debian Testing/Unstable because I prefer to have a really stable and working system. I also keep an eye on the latest STABLE Ubuntu too (on VirtualBox) because of Unity. So please wait until Ubuntu 14.4 becomes stable or use a compatible theme! This theme may not even work with gtk-3.12. - Mar 03 2014

GTK3 Themes 4 comments

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Oct 13 2014
I like the main idea behind this theme. Nice work! - Mar 01 2014

QtCurve 5 comments

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Jan 15 2014
Thanks! It'll be more elegant if QtCurve is hacked to provide neater borders -- which is possible: - Feb 02 2014
Thanks a lot! I'm really glad you like it. - Dec 05 2013

QtCurve 22 comments

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Jan 06 2014
Thank you! - Feb 02 2014

Full Icon Themes 55 comments

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Aug 21 2014
Today I installed libreoffice-style-hicontrast and chose it from Tools > Options > View > Icon size and style. High Contrast is the most acceptable set I could find. Its icons can be seen clearly with dark color schemes. - Jan 16 2014
I just found out that a LibreOffice theme consists of thousands of icons! So, making such a theme would consist in a full project, for which I have neither time nor motive (the result would be only usable with LO, after all).

Please tell me if you find an LO set more compatible with nouveKDEGray. I tolerate the current theme (Oxygen) until I find a sort of workaround. - Dec 16 2013
If you mean LibreOffice interface icons like Open, Save, Redo..., I agree: they aren't lovely ;) LO interface icons aren't selected from the theme. I'll try to include a separate LibreOffice theme with the next update. Thanks for reminding me! - Dec 16 2013
Now everything should be OK: I colored just the rating stars; the bookmark and favorites icons are all back to gray :) The set is updated at dA. - Nov 05 2013
> I think I'm being annoying...

On the contrary, your comment was helpful!

> I don't know if this was intended...

Yet it was. I made the favotites icon yellow only for sizes<=48x48 because it may be used as a rating star only with those sizes. I preferred to keep it gray with the greater sizes for the sake of consistency to the gray look and feel of the set. - Nov 04 2013
The problem should be fixed now. Please recreate the icon cache after updating (as is explained in INSTALL). - Nov 04 2013
Thank you so much for telling me about that issue. I'll fix it today by giving a yellow color to the icon favorites.png. - Nov 04 2013
Yes, its name is kmenuedit. Thank you again! - Oct 30 2013
Clementine and JDownloader are already included (I just edited the Clementine icon yesterday). Perhaps in your distro, their desktop files refer to a path, in that case, change them to include lines like this:


They should be in /usr/share/applications.

I'll add the other icons in a few days. Thanks! - Oct 30 2013
Some Qt apps use their built-in icons because they're meant to be independent of any desktop environment or even be multi-platform. So their icons can be changed only by modifying their sources and recompiling them. Some of them, like SMPlayer, are themable but even SMPlayer uses its own icon for tray and task manager.

In my opinion, it's a good practice for programmers to use their own icons ONLY after checking the installed theme, and that's very easy to implement in Qt. - Oct 29 2013
Thank you for the list. I wanted to update the set in a few days. - Oct 29 2013
OK, with the next update.
BTW, KTorrent is much better than Transmission ;) - Oct 24 2013

Email 36 comments

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Aug 19 2017
It worked as intended. There was no problem as far as I could test with my two gmail accounts.

In future, I'll report probable issues at GitHub directly. - Oct 25 2013
Thanks! I'll test it and tell you about the result soon. - Oct 25 2013
Thanks for your efforts and also for the info.
> If you are curious....
I'm so curious that I want to read the source. Reading the source codes of other programmers is a bit tricky, as you may know. And as you said, that's a job for another day. - Oct 24 2013

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