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Aug 19 2017
By popup I just meant what the user can add with System Settings > Application and System Notifications.

I don't think the number of new mails alone is enough because it's possible that the user reads the last mail and immediately after that a new one arrives. - Oct 24 2013
Sorry for not being explicit enough. Here is my explanation:

A new mail arrives and qCheckGMail correctly notifies its presence with three methods: (1) its tray icon changes; (2) a sound is played; and (3) a message is popped up. The latter two methods depend on the user settings, of course. The user doesn't read the mail and after the next update interval, qCheckGMail uses all of the three methods above again. In my opinion, it should just keep using the icon qCheckGMail-GotMail (as it correctly does) but not use a popup or sound again UNLESS additional new mails are arrived, i.e. the state of email account has really changed since the last update. - Oct 24 2013
BTW, qCheckGMail seems to notify the existence of new mails it had recognized in its previous update intervals again and again. I'll check the source as soon as I have more free time but I'm sure you'll fix that sooner ;) - Oct 24 2013
For me, gmail-plasmoid caused a segfault in the plasma desktop today. I was lucky that I got suspicious about it because otherwise I might waste a lot of time for finding the cause. It has two problems: it isn't updated for a long time; and it's in python. You made a wise choice to write qCheckGMail in C++. - Oct 24 2013
Today I installed qCheckGMail and liked it. It works very well. Two suggestions:

(1) share/icons isn't a good place for putting the icons unless they're included in share/icons/hicolor. You could put them in share/pixmaps instead. (I replaced share/icons with share/pixmaps in CMakeLists.txt for myself.)

(2) Also in the desktop files, please use:


instead of:


In this way, the icons will be chosen from the user theme.

Thanks a lot for this nice app. I use it instead of gmail-plasmoid (which causes serious problems sometimes). I think many KDE users haven't discovered it yet, otherwise they'd surely vote it up. - Oct 24 2013

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Jul 31 2017
Thank you! I usually update the theme(s) whenever the latest version of GTK+-3.0 (Gnome3) comes to Debian unstable. - Oct 17 2013
Thank you, Karmicbastler!

NoobsLab ( and WebUpd8 ( nicely pack all my Gnome related themes.

Apart from that, on the one hand, PPA only covers Debian based systems and, othe other hand, my focus is on KDE nowadays (Gnome3 breaks themes with every update besides many other problems it creates for users). - Sep 25 2013
Thank you for confirming that the new version works OK.

That console warning isn't related to the theme and seems harmless. - Jul 25 2013
Thanks a lot for your support! Debian is very strict in adding new software to its repositories and I admire it for that. If it weren't so, you'd have Gnome-3.8 now, with all of its troubles and bugs (it's in Experimental).

I think a GTK theme should be directly related to Gnome for them to add it to gnome-themes-extra and GnomishBeige isn't so. I'm not sure though. - Jul 24 2013
So you're a Debian user like I am :) Yes, GTK+ has been updated to 3.8 in Debian Testing but Gnome is still 3.4.

WebUpd8 nicely packages all Gnomish themes at:

Also NoobsLab kindly makes deb packages at:

Please read about the methods of adding repositories to apt or download the packages manually. - Jul 24 2013
As I was busy with updating my other two themes, I haven't updated GnomishBeige yet, so the issue may be because your installed GTK version is 3.8.

I'll upload a new version in a few days. Thank you for reminding me :) - Jul 24 2013

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Jan 06 2014
You're welcome. - Oct 14 2013
(1) The easiest way is to select Oxygen instead of QtCurve in System Settings > Application Appearance > Style > Applications (tab). However, the pressed state of buttons isn't easily recognizable with Oxygen when you use a dark color scheme.

(2) You could also use Oxygen as above but change System Settings > Application Appearance > Colors > Colors (tab) > Window (drop-down menu) > Normal Background to a bit lighter color. Don't forget to save the changed scheme under a different name and apply.

(3) But the best way is to stay with QtCurve, click Configure in System Settings > Application Appearance > Style > Applications (tab), select the Custom Gradients tab and choose Custom gradient 8 from its drop-down menu. Then you could change it in whatever way you like but don't forget to use the Update button after every change. After that, you could also go to the Rounding tab on the same dialog and change "Max rounded". - Oct 14 2013
You could use nouveKDEGray with it and you'll like dark themes more ;) - Oct 13 2013
You're welcome. I'll add the info to README with the next update. - Aug 03 2013
Perhaps you haven't installed QtCurve window decoration. The name of its package is kwin-style-qtcurve in Debian based system. - Aug 03 2013
Select QtCurve at System Settings > Workspace Apearance > Window Decorations. QtCurve doesn't need a separate setting for decoration. - Aug 03 2013

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Aug 21 2014
Unfortunately, Kile, digiKam and Amarok don't use the action icons I made for them, while Kdenlive does.

That's a (minor) bug. In my opinion, although Qt-only apps can use their own icons because they're desktop-agnostic, KDE apps should always use the theme icons. - Oct 04 2013
I agree with you. Another example is Amarok, whose latest version doesn't use the theme's icons while its previous versions did (a bug?). Kdenlive is yet another example. I'll see what I can do for them. - Sep 30 2013
Thank you for telling me about those apps! I'll make icons for them. BTW, QtCreator is already included (I use it often). - Sep 28 2013
You're very welcome. Please tell me if any KDE or Qt app icon is missing; that's the only way I could make it more complete. - Aug 31 2013
Icons for clementine and ark are already included. Perhaps you need to change the icon theme in System Settings and return to this theme for the icon cache to be remade and those icons to be shown.

I just forget about umplayer but will add it with the next upload. - May 08 2013
You're welcome.

I'll add those icons with the next update. - Apr 04 2013

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by jlue
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Jun 27 2020
This is the most elegant x11 mouse theme I've ever seen. I use it since 2006. - Sep 21 2013
muslim and proud

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Aug 21 2013
As an atheist (agnostic philosophically), I agree with you. - Aug 22 2013
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

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Jan 16 2013
That's exactly why I said goodbye to GTK3 and Gnome3. I felt oppressed under Gnome3 and felt free again with KDE. Gnome3 has lost so many of its users and I think even its developers don't use it. - Aug 06 2013

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May 09 2014
> Many thanks! It Works!
You're welcome. - Aug 03 2013
I found your mistake! The file name is "userContent.css", NOT "user.Content.css". See your last screenshot! - Aug 03 2013
> do I need to copy the "userContent.css" to ....?
No, you don't. - Aug 03 2013
The folder is correct. I have only two guesses:

(1) Your Firefox may not be restarted. Quit Firefox and search for its name in System Monitor. If you still see its process, there should be something wrong with it. If not, start it again.

(2) Just a simple mistake in copy/pasting the contents of userContent.css. - Aug 03 2013
All people, who had problem with the instructions, couldn't find the correct folder. Make your file manager show hidden files. Then you'll see the folder '.mozilla' in your Home. Inside it you'll find the folder 'firefox'. Now inside the latter, there should be a folder, whose name is specific to you. For example, mine is 'ryr22gsk.default'. Find the folder 'chrome' inside it (create it if it doesn't exist) and create the file 'userContent.css' in it as explained in README. At last, restart FireFox.

BTW, your xxxx.default and the chrome directories couldn't disappear by using the above instructions. - Aug 03 2013
You'll also see yellow and red in nouveGnomeGray. Colors in monochromic themes are the best tools for showing exceptions. - Aug 03 2013
It is set to blue intentionally. That blue is the info color. Info, warning, question and error messages should be colored in my opinion. - Aug 03 2013
I may include this solution in README. Thanks. - Aug 02 2013
I'm glad you like GnomishDark.

Alhough I haven't used Eclipse, I know it's in Java. Java apps can usually allow for three ways of theming: the default Java theme (mostly ugly); a GTK+ skin (which sometimes isn't designed for dark themes, as in your case); and internal color schemes. I think you could use the third way to change the color E2E2E2, which doesn't exist in GnomishDark. Google lead me to this site: - Aug 01 2013
I'll study MATE as soon as I have free time and will tell you about the result.

For Firefox, see the file README in the theme folder. Firefox has issues with all dark themes but the solution is explained in README.

Except for the MATE case, I'm happy to know that GnomishDark works well on Linux Mint. Thanks again :) - May 22 2013
Thanks a lot for testing on Linux Mint with MATE.

First of all, please put the theme in /usr/share/themes and see if the issues persist. Synaptic's issue may be related to installing the theme only for user; it has no problem here.

I don't have SOFTWARE CENTER on Debian but I hope its issue is related to installation as user too.

As for MATE, if it uses the GTK+ part of GnomishDark, there's only a gnome fallback mode in it, where no font size is set at all.

But if MATE uses the Cinnamon theme, please change "font-size: 10pt;" to "font-size: 12pt;" in the" #panel" block of cinnamon.css and see if it has any effect after logging out/in.

Your reply will be helpful to me. - May 22 2013
I dislike Gnome3 myself and am a KDE user since 6 months ago ;) But I'll try to maintain my Gnome themes. - May 21 2013
It should work on any Linux distro, including Linux Mint, because GTK+, Gnome and Shell are the same in all distros (although Ubuntu has made some changes to GTK+).

However, GnomishDark is still for Gnome-3.6 and GTK+-3.6. I've made changes for 3.8 but will upload the new version only after Gnome-3.8 comes into Debian Unstable (for testing). - May 21 2013

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Aug 21 2014
I'll add icons for those apps with the next update. - Aug 02 2013
Thank you very much! I think you meant GnomishDark because nouveGnomeGray is designed for dark themes (although some people like to use it with light ones too). I should update it for recent changes in Gnome-3.8.

For GnomishGray, you could try nouveGnome and follow the explanation inside the folder "Alternative". - Aug 02 2013

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Jan 30 2012
It seems that gmail-plasmoid needs an update. For example, double clicking an account doesn't bring up its config dialog unless the related line in is changed to:

self.listAccounts.itemDoubleClicked.connect(self.commandModify) - Jul 24 2013
Although gmail-plasmoid works well for me with its KDE fetching mechanism, it's good to know that there's yet another Gmail notifier. Why don't you put it here or at for more people to know about it? - Jun 09 2013

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May 05 2014
I'm glad you like these works and thanks for the suggestion. However, my free time is limited so that I can just maintain the current themes. - Jul 16 2013
Thank you very much :) - Jun 14 2013
Modern Elements

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Jul 09 2013
I like the idea and your implementation of it. QtCurve is still the best theme engine for KDE. - Jul 11 2013
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions 354 comments

by Emdek
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Nov 01 2013
The problem is fixed. Thanks a lot. - Jun 13 2013
I'll test it and tell you about the result :) - Jun 13 2013
In the method DataSource::dataUpdated(), instead of the signal componentChanged() being emitted conditionally for the minute and hour components, I added its emission for them just after the second component and the resume problem is fixed. No side effect as far as I know but you are the one who masters the code. - Jun 12 2013
Yesterday I updated my installation of your great plasmoid from v3.1 to v4.1.2 and saw the same thing herrbatka had reported.

After resuming from hibernation, the hour figure isn't updated until the minute reaches 60. The same is true for the minute figure. The theme makes no difference. It seems that, in the code, the hour and minute figures are redrawn only once an hour and once a minute respectively (I haven't examined the code yet) so that the problem is visible only after >= 1 hour of hibernation/suspend. - Jun 12 2013

by thomas12777

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