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QtCurve 22 comments

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Jan 06 2014
I reached an optimum degree of darkness with GnomishDark ( With the next QKDark upload, I'll decrease the darkness a little for practical reasons (shades, shadows) but will include the darker version in the archive for those who like it. - Mar 19 2013
You're very welcome and thanks for the kind words.

Contrary to GTK+ themes, whose minute details can be set with CSS files, Qt and KDE themes are limited to the current style engines. The most comprehensive one is QtCurve and that's why I chose it for QKDark. However, even QtCurve doesn't provide all those details that can be set with GTK+. I don't think that's a limitation of Qt itself. QKDark is the most I could do with the latest version of QtCurve, although I'll try to make it even better.

As far as I know, Github isn't for such projects. Perhaps, if I learn Qt programming and start to make my own style engine, it'll be the most appropriate place. - Mar 19 2013
Thanks a lot for your feedback :) - Mar 15 2013
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
When scrollbars are on the outside of scrollviews, there's a small problem with Dolphin's (and Konqueror's) folder view when QtCurve is used.

When I open the home folder with Dolphin, there's no scrollbar yet but the right and bottom borders of the folder view are a little displaced:

The right border displacement becomes greater when a window with scrollbar is resized so that the scrollbar disappears:

The right displacement disappears when the scrollbar is present. And, sometimes, when a tab is opened, the borders of its view are OK. - Mar 18 2013

GTK3 Themes 179 comments

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May 09 2014

Although I left Gnome, I changed my decision about deleting this page. Updates will come, although not as often as before. (I changed the top note too.)

If you want to learn how to make GTK+ themes, you couldn't rely on tutorials because many of them are out of date and there's no comprehensive tutorial as far as I know. There are two ways, however: (1) using the source of Adwaita as a basis and experimenting with it in a trial-and-error way; or (2) learning GTK+ programming. For the latter, there is a good reference, namely libgtk-3-doc, which can be found in the repositories of all distros (probably with a different name), and also there are some good books and tutorials you could find on Internet. - Mar 16 2013
Thank you :) Perhaps seeing that I should hack gnome-shell with every new release to make it usable, on the one hand, and how I'm comfortable with KDE now, on the other hand, made me a little angry. Your words (and also Fred's words above) made me rethink my decision. I may keep the themes here and even update them sometimes but I won't follow the Gnome dev's caprice anymore. - Jan 25 2013
Thank you very much for your appreciation and sympathy.

What I said about broken themes is also true for Shell extensions and even GTK+ apps. I never uploaded the three GTK+-3.0 programs I wrote because many API parts became deprecated just after a few months repeatedly.

I can't see a real progress in Gnome3 with such backward-incompatible changes, let alone with functionality losses here and there. Using KDE now, I'm really happy that I said a sad goodbye to Gnome.

BTW, I'll maintain my icon sets (nouveGnome) and even port the gray one to KDE. - Jan 25 2013
You're welcome. - Jan 11 2013
It should be ~/.mozilla/firefox/YOUR_PROFILE/chrome

YOUR_PROFILE is a directory created by firefox for you. It has different names for different users but do not mistake it with your user name. - Jan 11 2013
Play with bg[SELECTED] lines in gtkrc. Sorry I couldn't be of more help as each app styles itself in its own way. - Oct 31 2012
From the log-in screen, choose Gnome.

Ubuntu is a mess regarding Gnome. Perhaps you have to install gdm with Synaptic, replace lightdm with it during installation (a prompt will be shown) and restart. After that you should be able to choose Gnome at the login screen. - Oct 31 2012
BTW, this is a screenshot I saw yesterday:

As you see, it's under Unity and the panel menu is OK. Maybe not all packages are up-to-date on your Ubuntu or.... - Oct 31 2012
Hello again. You said you didn't mean Unity but the top panel in your screenshots belongs to Unity, not Gnome-Shell. All those blackened menus belong to Unity and, as I said before, any deviation from the default look is possible for it.

What you saw after changing that color isn't weird at all. Changing just a color may affect many widgets at the same time.

And yes, nicotine+ and banshee are gtk2 still and use gtkrc for their style.

If you're interested in tweaking the theme, I recommend you EITHER install Gnome-Shell and work under it OR use another theme that is especially for Unity (there are many on this site). - Oct 31 2012
Your link is broken again. With dropbox, you should use the public folder to get a public link for each file. For three images you should give me three public links. - Oct 31 2012
If you show me a screenshot, it'll worth a thousand words. Your Facebook link was broken. You could use dropbox instead. - Oct 30 2012

This theme is for GTK and Gnome-Shell, NOT for Unity. I've seen screenshots of it working under Unity but Unity has extra variables that aren't controlled by this theme. On the other hand, Ubuntu doesn't have a standard Gnome under Unity, so any deviation from the default look of the theme is possible there.

For tweaking the theme, editing of gtk-widgets.css is enough in most cases. The colors are defined in gtk-main.css and settings.ini though. But changing the main colors of a dark theme could cause troubles: you might see black on black, for example. - Oct 30 2012
Thank you for your comment.
I suppose you have created/changed userContent.css according to README and have installed all GTK2 dependencies.
I don't see any whitening of the left pane of Google Image on mouse-over. However, Firefox has a problem with that pane, which is independent from the theme. I have Firefox 16.0 and see a useless scrollbar and a jumpy movement of that pane on mouse-over with any theme. It doesn't happen with Chromium. - Oct 28 2012
If your Ubuntu is fully updated to Quantal Beta now, I'm afraid your guess could be right: something wrong should have happened during transition. In that case, I recommend you wait until Quantal becomes stable. - Oct 16 2012
> Could it be because I upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04?

I don't think so.

Are you in gnome-shell or in Unity now? If you aren't in gnome-shell, install gdm with Synaptic, accept it as your default display manager during installation, log out and log in into gnome-shell. Does the same thing happen? - Oct 16 2012
OK. Supposing that you use Ubuntu, have you upgraded it to the latest Quantal Beta? You need the latest gnome, gnome-shell, etc. - Oct 16 2012

It DOES work with 3.6 because I've made it for 3.6 and tested it in both Fedora and Ubuntu.

You haven't done anything wrong. But you didn't tell me what happened after switching to the theme. I need that info for being able to help you. - Oct 16 2012
Thank you very much for your support! The part related to Evolution-3.6 was a challenge but it was done at last :) - Oct 15 2012
Please read the file README in the theme folder! Its "Firefox" section will fix your problem.

Such a thing should be done with Firefox when any dark theme is used. - Sep 18 2012

Full Icon Themes 55 comments

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Aug 21 2014
Thanks a lot for the feedback. And yes, some icons are still missing and many should be changed. Updates will come and I'll make the set more complete. - Mar 15 2013
You're very welcome. - Mar 15 2013

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 133 comments

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Aug 04 2017
The AbilityUsesAlphaChannel trick worked for me with deKorator-0.5.1. Thanks a lot. Would you please include it in the code? - Feb 22 2013
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions 354 comments

by Emdek
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Nov 01 2013
Nice plasmoid! This is the only digital clock that can be used with vertical panels. And with wide screens, vertical panels are the best choice. - Jan 06 2013

GTK3 Themes 111 comments

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Jul 31 2017
Thank you very much for the information. I'll add those build dependencies to the sources of all the Gnomish themes with the next updates. - Dec 11 2012
Please believe me ;) The archive is healthy. I even downloaded gnomishbeige-theme_20121210-1~webupd8~2.tar.gz from and made gnomishbeige-theme_20121210-1~webupd8~2_all.deb with the command:

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

If you need the deb package I made, I could upload in to my dropbox and give you the link. - Dec 11 2012
From the log I can say that, for some reason, the file menu-border.svg is missing or corrupted on Launchpad.

> I've also had to add libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev...

Yes, the theme uses to-pixdata now, which is more compact. gnome-themes-standard v3.6 uses the same method too. However, the error message isn't related to that. - Dec 11 2012
I downloaded the source from here and found no issue: I used the same command as you did and the file gtk.gresource was created correctly.

Are you sure you haven't changed or removed anything? Please download the source and retry! That command should be issued from inside the folder gnomishbeige-20121210. - Dec 11 2012
The theme is updated now. - Dec 10 2012
Thank you :)

I'll update the theme soon. I've made some changes but I kept the colors. - Dec 08 2012

Full Icon Themes 83 comments

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Aug 21 2014
Did the renaming, that I explained above, work? - Dec 08 2012
I'll try to add the tray icons soon but some apps use their own tray icons, independently from any theme.

As for GnomishDark, follow the instructions in the file README in the theme folder! - Dec 08 2012
Yes, they should have different names in Thunar. Whould you please try this first: go to all mimetypes folders of the theme and find these images:


Remove "gnome-mime-" from the start of their names. Then, update icon cache IF you use it; otherwise just close and reopen Thunar to see if docx files have correct icons now. If they do, I'll add such symlinks to the theme soon. - Dec 08 2012
The mime types odf, odt, ods, docx and xlsx are all included in both themes. Could you please be more specific? Do you use a GTK+ based environment like Gnome? - Dec 07 2012
OK, I'll check those icons. The problem is that some distros, like Ubunutu, have different names for some icons. Thanks for mentioning :) - Dec 07 2012
OK. At last, I decided to have Ubuntu on VirtuaBox. I installed the latest (beta) version and saw what you said. However, using dconf-editor, I could change the icon theme to nouveGnome easily.

So, it's a bug in Ubuntu's System Setting. - Oct 02 2012
Hello Rahul,

I checked the file index.theme from gnome-icon-theme_3.6.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb and the format is the same as before. So the theme should work with 3.6. Probably gnome-tweak-tool has some problem with 3.6. In Ubuntu, its version is still 3.5.5.

Whould you please set the theme directly from dconf-editor > org > gnome > desktop > interface > icon-theme and thell me the result? My distro is Debian and gnome 3.6 won't come to it until its main bugs are fixed. - Oct 02 2012
To The Light

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 08 2012
So magically beautiful! - Nov 08 2012

GTK3 Themes 95 comments

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May 05 2014

You are welcome. Please read the main body of this page. As it says:

This theme is for Gnome 3.6. You could update your Ubuntu to the latest Quantal Beta or, preferably, wait until Quantal is a stable Ubuntu.

On the other hand, you should remove all the packages named overlay-scrollbar with Synaptic (install Synaptic if you don't have it and then reload it) before using this theme because there is a bug in them.
- Oct 14 2012
Oh, I forgot your link. I don't agree with it in general, although it may bear some truth in webpage designing. There are many elegant GTK and KDE themes that don't use mild gradients. - Oct 10 2012
OK, thank you! There are various tastes. - Oct 10 2012
Could you show me a screenshot please?

What is your distro and are all major dependencies updated to v3.6 (see Current Dependencies in the body of this page)? - Oct 10 2012
Hurrah! The screenshot is quite acceptable although you lose an elegant gradient for treeviews.

I'll add this workaround for Ubuntu to README. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

There only remains the weird shape of scrollbars in Ubuntu but it's acceptable and I don't want to take your time for it. - Sep 05 2012
I took a look at the Ubuntu patches for gtk3. There are several patches specific to Ubuntu that aren't applied in other distros. One of them is related to treeviews.

It seems that during the last two years, Ubuntu has distanced itself from other distros just for the sake of Unity. I'm not sure that this theme will be fully usable with Ubuntu in the future. I'll have two choices: (1) Making an Ubuntu-specific version; (2) Giving hints to Ubuntu users in README. The second alternative is more acceptable to me. - Sep 05 2012
Thanks for the reply. Those screenshots are as expected indeed ;) Quantal has gtk 3.5.12, while the theme is for gtk 3.4. I'll update the theme when the stable gtk 3.6 will come into Debian.

My suggestion was upgrading of only Cairo. Another Ubuntu user reported a similar issue and I strongly suspect a bug in the outdated Cairo 1.10 in Precise. I don't have Ubuntu so I couldn't do this experiment myself.

There's also another possibility: Ubuntu is the only distro with Unity. Canonical might have applied extra patches to gtk for it.

I ensure you that everything is OK on Debian and no user of other distros has reported this issue. However, you could change these lines in gtk-widgets.css:

GtkTreeView.view:insensitive {
background-color: transparent;


GtkTreeView.view:insensitive {
background-color: @theme_bg_color;

and, then, recompile the theme. But not for Quantal! - Sep 05 2012
Hello again,

An idea: could you please update ONLY Ubuntu's Cairo to 1.12.2-1ubuntu1 from Quantal and see if the issue you'd mentioned is fixed after logging in and out? If upgrading of Cairo doesn't depend on many other packages, it will be easily reversible.
- Sep 04 2012

Plasma 4 Extensions 397 comments

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Jan 30 2012
Thank you Nikola! At last, I know the real cause of those mysterious freezes. Now gmail-plasmoid works well with the KDE fetching mechanism. - Sep 13 2012

by thomas12777

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Adjustable Clock

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To The Light

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Rodent file manager

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