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May 05 2014
Thank you :) - Sep 02 2012
I think your guess is right, although the theme doesn't depend on any gtk3-engines-* but on gnome-themes-standard, which may be a dependency of one of those packages.

I've uploaded the source for such cases. A "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" is enough for creating a deb package, which will automatically install all dependencies. - Aug 18 2012
Thanks for the reply. My system is also sid+testing with Gnome-Shell. So, Debian has no problem with the theme :)

As only one user has reported a problem, I conclude that there's no general issue with the bg transparency I've given to treeviews (for the "silver" effect). - Aug 18 2012
> I tried with the open source mesa radeon drivers...

Good. Now we know the graphics driver isn't the culprit.

> it could be a bug in the gnome gtk engine your theme use

You mean Adwaita. It belongs to gnome-themes-standard. Mine is 3.4.2 and works OK. If yours has this version too, it's not the culprit either.

There remains Cairo. I do NOT recommend you upgrade to Cairo 1.2.12 at all. Just wait until it comes into Ubuntu. - Aug 18 2012
> perhaps you are using code that...
Only CSS is used for a theme.

I have a suggestion. Download the source, open a terminal in GnomishGray/gtk-3.0 and issue the command:

glib-compile-resources gtk

Then replace the file gtk.gresource of the theme with the created one.
- Aug 18 2012
No! My card is GeForce 9500 GT and I use nVidia 304.37 and Cairo 1.12.2. - Aug 18 2012
Thank you so much for your kind words :) I'm glad you've found these works attractive.

BTW, there's something I wanted to know about this theme on systems other than mine (Debian). Do you see anything unusual when you open an archive with Gnome Archive Manager? - Aug 17 2012
GnomishGray is different from most other themes in that it uses transparency for GTK3 treeview (file list, as you called it).

I checked with a friend and he didn't have this issue either. I even tried GnomishGray on VirtualBox without problem.

The installation folder doesn't matter, of course.

The problem you have is most probably related to how your system handles background transparency. This, in turn, depends on your graphics driver and also, to some lesser extent, on the Cairo version installed on your system.

I checked the Precise repository and found that the versions of Cairo and nVidia are old. But I wonder why no other Ubuntu user has reported such an issue yet.

Sorry that I couldn't be of more help :( I'll tell you if another user has this issue too. - Aug 15 2012
First, thanks for your comment.

I think your screenshot shows Gnome Archive Manager (file-roller). This is mine:

As you see, everything is OK. Please answer the following questions:

(1) Did you change your theme to GnomishGray from a dark theme. If yes, please log out and log in again. Does the same thing happen after that?

(2) Do you use Gnome?

(3) Have you installed the theme correctly (in /usr/share/themes/)? - Aug 14 2012
You're welcome, Pedro, and thank you for telling the Latin-American Linux community about this theme :) - Jul 28 2012
> What do you mean by messaging system...

Just put the cursor on my avatar and you'll see "Send a message". No extra subscription needed.

> By the way, have you found the way to increase...

You surely know that your screenshot isn't related to the GnomishGray shell theme. However, the font size is determined in the file gnome-shell.css belonging to the theme. Search for ".overview-icon", and "font-size". - May 13 2012
You're welcome. Please use the messaging system of this site for your questions. - May 13 2012
These blocks:

.menubar {}
.toolbar {}
.view:insensitive, .view {}
NautilusPlacesSidebar .cell:selected, NautilusPlacesSidebar *.cell:selected {}
NautilusWindow .sidebar {}

If you want to make a new theme, you should play with many parameters. It's a hell of job but could be rewarding ;) - May 13 2012
You're welcome.

Yes, you should open the terminal inside the folder "gtk-3.0" in the source folder. - May 13 2012
First download the source.

The horizontal and vertical progress bars are SVG images with the names of prgrss.svg and prgrssv.svg. You could open them with Inkscape and change their colors as you wish.

For menu items, find the following block in gtk-widgets.css:

.menu .menuitem:hover {

The color and gradient are defined as background-image.

After making your changes, compile the theme as I explained above and replace "gtk.gresource" in the installation folder. You should restart apps to see their new look. - May 13 2012
Just a correction: apparently the name "gtk" for that file is important. - May 13 2012
Since GTK-3.4, there's a possibility to make a binary file that includes all assets and CSS files. It seems that in this way, not only the theme is more compact but also it's loaded more easily.

The source includes a file named "gtk" (the name isn't important) that can be compiled with this command to create "gtk.gresource" as the core file of the theme: glib-compile-resources gtk

On the other hand, I update the theme in dA even when the changes I make are small but I update the source only when there are considerable changes. - May 13 2012
Thank you, Sadi, for your suggestions.

You're right; it would be good if the background of Chromium's tab bar could be changed without affecting other aspects of the (GTK2) theme. I'll see that through.

I enjoyed Ubuntu 4 years ago and I respect it but, being a Debian user, I couldn't make or test a Unity theme, unfortunately.

The icon theme is nouveGnome; I just changed the color of its folder icons to make them more compatible with this theme. - Mar 26 2012
Thank you very much! - Mar 26 2012
Good to know that you like it! This theme is yet under developement. An update will come soon. - Feb 28 2012
You're welcome. - Feb 27 2012

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Aug 21 2014
You're welcome :) And thanks for your encouraging words. - Aug 31 2012
In the directory 'nouveGnome/Alternative/places/' you could find SVG icons and especially, 'folder.svg'. Open it with Inkscape, change its colors as you like and export appropriate PNG images. Read the explanation file inside the folder "Alternative". - Jul 22 2012
Thank you very much for your kind words, Francoise! I'm glad you find these works attractive :) - Jul 08 2012
Ha ha! Linux is superb. There's no rational reason why one should go to another OS from Linux. - May 27 2012
Thank you very much!

I'll maintain these sets as long as I use Linux. And Linux will always be my main OS :) - May 24 2012
Thank you for the encouragement! I use both of them and update theme whenever I make several changes. - May 02 2012

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Aug 13 2012
Nice dark theme! I like its plastic like texture in the screenshots people made with it.

I voted up but don't understand why some people vote down such a beautiful theme without leaving a reasonable comment or reporting a bug.

BTW, your screenshot doesn't show nice aspects of the theme. I recommend you change it. - Aug 02 2012

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Jul 31 2017
Resize grips are style properties of GtkWindows. It isn't possible to use images for them. - Jul 30 2012

There are only two values, namely -GtkWindow-resize-grip-width and -GtkWindow-resize-grip-height. The default value (used in this theme) is 16 for both. If you set them to zero, the resize grip will disappear. - Jul 30 2012

The date of the latest version is May 5th. Just download the theme (NOT its source) from here, extract the archive, and put the extracted folder 'GnomishBeige' in '/usr/share/themes/' (remove any previously installed folder 'GnomishBeige' from there first). You might need log out and log in after that.

I usually update this theme when a later version of Gnome comes out or when an issue is reported. - Jul 23 2012
I'm happy you like it.

If GTK+ is upgraded to v3.4 in your distro, the theme won't work in its current form. However, I'll update it as soon as gnome-shell-3.4 comes into Debian. In fact, I'll always update this theme as soon as I can. - May 01 2012
I'll update it as soon as gnome 3.4 comes into Debian experimenal. - Mar 29 2012
Thank you, tneo :) - Mar 01 2012

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May 09 2014
Thank you very much, Marcelo. I'll include the correction in README with the next version of the theme.

BTW, the gray font may be #8E8E8E. - Jul 02 2012
In GnomishDark, the main background color is #3B3B3E. There's also a less dark color #4D4D4D used for notebook backgrounds, for example. Please tell me the result! - Jul 02 2012

I think you misunderstood that post. They say that you should change those (default) light colors to some dark ones of your choice. Would you please test that? If the effect is positive, I'll add it to README. It would be a great help because I can't test Ubuntu Software Center in Debian (it crashes instantly). - Jul 02 2012
BTW, doesn't this fix the issue: - Jul 01 2012
You're very welcome.

Apparently Ubuntu Software Center can't be installed in my distro, Debian. However, I'll investigate the problem tomorrow. I might need your help for testing. As soon as I find a solution, I'll send you a message. - Jul 01 2012
I fixed a hidden bug. Please update! - May 10 2012
You're welcome and I'm glad you like the theme.

Now I see what problem you were talking about. The Synaptic's quick search issue is fixed automatically because I used the Pixmap engine for GTK2 entries. I hope all GTK2 apps will be ported to GTK3 soon and we'll get rid of such issues. - May 10 2012
There may be two resons for readabality problems in apps: a bug in a theme, or a problem with the app. The developers of some apps presuppose a dark color on a light bg. This is a deficiency in design. I call such apps "dark haters".

Synaptic isn't a dark hater. You could change its color scheme in its Preferences. I don't know about software center (I don't have Ubuntu) but Meld is another PyGTK dark hater. Usually there are workarounds. - May 10 2012
Good to hear that!

If the GTK3 theme works for you, you sould still have GTK-3.2. Updating it to GTK-3.4 will break the theme in its current form. I've made a version for GTK-3.4 but I have to wait until gnome-shell-3.4 comes into Debian. - Apr 15 2012
I forgot to say that the (GTK3+Shell) theme shouldn't work in an updated Ubuntu 12.04 with a Gnome desktop. But I'll update it as soon as Gnome-3.4 comes into Debian. - Apr 15 2012
You want Pidgin's chat window to be white-on-black? Open "gtkrc" (in the folder gtk-2.0), find style "view" and comment out its two lines (put a # before each of them). They should be lines 387-388. Then if you restart Pidgin, its chat windows will have a dark bg.

However, that change will affect all GTK-2.0 text views. So, for example, if you encounter readability issues in Firefox, revert the change. Unfortunately, some apps are dark-haters.

BTW, I'll update the theme for Gnome-3.4 soon and its GTK+2.0 part will be more attractive. - Apr 15 2012
Oh, now I see what you say :) I intentionally removed that in my shell theme as I wanted it to look more serious. You see, tastes are so different ;) Restoring that "bubble" shape isn't straightforward but you could use the default shell theme with GnomishDark's window and GTK+ themes through "Advanced Settings"; they're compatible enough. - Mar 20 2012
You're welcome.

Showing bubbles at mouse-over is beyond what a theme can do and is related to the app itself. A theme can change only the color and gradient of some widgets when they go under the mouse cursor or are clicked. - Mar 20 2012
BTW, don't forget to restart Firefox after creating '~/.mozilla/firefox/.../chrome/userContent.css' (and also '~/.mozilla/firefox/.../chrome/userChrome.css') as explained above. - Mar 19 2012
Inside your .mozilla/firefox folder there's another folder, whose name is different for different users and because of that, I used "..." for its name in the above explanation. However, its name should be something like "xyz.default". It contains all settings of Firefox and the "chrome" folder should be in it too. - Mar 19 2012
Thank you very much for your appreciation. - Mar 07 2012

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