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Jul 31 2017
I'm glad that you like it :) You might know how much it has changed since I made its first version for GTK2. - Feb 25 2012
Hi again,

It's easy to change the color of scrollbar sliders. Go to the theme folder, open the file gtk-widgets.css in gEdit, set gEdit to show line numbers, and go to lines 647, 648, 660 and 661. In all these lines you'll see @theme_bg_color. Replace it with another color in the form #81756a (this is brown; use GIMP or another tool to pick up a color and get its code). You could also change 0.86 and 1.5 in the same lines to tweak the gradient. To see the result, change the GTK theme to Adwaita and change it back to GnomishBeige again with Advanced Settings.

Tweaking window borders is a bit tricky. Their colors are partly defined in lines 13-15 of the file metacity-theme-3.xml. Instead of gtk:bg[NORMAL], you could put another color in the above form. But these are just the colors of the thin lines around windows in different states. If by window border you mean the titlebar highlight, its changing is still trickier. You should study metacity-theme-3.xml and see what its lines mean.

All in all, it takes only practice and patience to write a theme. That's not so difficult as you might think. I hope we'll see your theme on this site :) Ask any question you might have and I'll respond, especially through messaging. - Feb 07 2012

First, thanks for your comment. Please tell me if your scrollbar sliders (handles) don't have the same color and gradient as in the screenshot because that would point to a bug somewhere.

As for colors, tastes are different. For example, I prefer not to have too many brown bars in the theme because I want it to be as "clean" as possible, but if you like brown scrollbar handles, you could tweak their color and gradient at lines 644 and 657 of "gtk-widgets.css"; just replace "@theme_bg_color" with a color of your choice (in the form of #ffffff).

The same thing can be easily done with the beige. Just put another color (sand color, for example) instead of "#efebe7" in front of "bg_color" in both "gtk.css" and "settings.ini" (only one place for each file). Play with it until you're satisfied with the new look :) - Feb 06 2012
It's OK.

From now on, please don't write your questions as comments. If you have any question, just click on my icon and send me a message. I'll reply with a message too. Thanks in advance.
- Jan 23 2012
I don't have Ubuntu. Test whatever font you want. However, you should restart Gnome-Shell to see the effect (or log out and log in). - Jan 23 2012
See "Advanced Settings" > "Fonts" - Jan 23 2012
And change "Bitstream Charter" to another font you prefer. - Jan 23 2012
Simply remove this line from that list:

font-style: italic;
- Jan 23 2012
Go to the folder where you've installed GnomishBeige, then in its sub-folder gnome-shell, you'll find the file "gnome-shell.css". - Jan 22 2012
Now your titlebars are OK.

> Désolé, je ne comprends pas cette phrase.

Unfortunately, although I can read French, I can't write in French and I don't trust "Google Translate" for writing ;) Just look at my screenshot and compare the appearance of the window "Advanced Settings" with yours.

In your screenshot, you'd asked how you could modify the clock font. Open 'GnomishBeige/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css' with gEdit and search for "#panelCenter" (without quotes). In the block "#panelCenter", you could remove the lines related to "font-weight" and/or "font-style". To change the Panel font itself, search for "#panel {", and in its block, change "Bitstream Charter" to whatever font you like. Then restart the shell. - Jan 22 2012
Nice screenshot! I'm just curious why your titlebars aren't that of GnomishBeige although you've set them to be so. Perhaps you should log out and log in for that to take effect.

And why is a vertical bar is shown on the switches (of Advanced Settings) instead of the word "On"? - Jan 22 2012

Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy you like it :)

BTW, an update will come soon. - Jan 22 2012

Graphic Apps 7 comments

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Jun 15 2015
You're welcome. You not only taught me about Imagemagick but also introduced me to Gtkdialogs. So, I am the one who should be thanking you. - Feb 15 2012
At last I made it work :) My guess about a bug in gtkdialog was right (see I just used:

exec $SHELL -c 'function'

instead of function itself in the action directives.

Wow! These scripts are really nice :) Thank you very much for sharing. - Feb 15 2012
I installed the new gtkdialog. But now, for some reason, the functions aren't found. I get lines like:

sh: 1: alterimage: not found
sh: 1: printcommand: not found
sh: 1: dopreview: not found

The scripts seem OK. Maybe that's a bug in gtkdialog. - Feb 14 2012
I get "gtkdialog: Error in line 37, near token '<hseparator>': Unknown tag."

BTW, isn't gtkdialog too old?
- Feb 14 2012

Full Icon Themes 83 comments

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Aug 21 2014
Just give your users a link to this page (in "credits" or in any way), so that they could freely download the pack. This is for them, not for me. - Feb 14 2012
Sorry for duplication - Feb 14 2012
> ... i am not good to understand licenses

You have right. Licenses are too formal sometimes. In short, this is a free icon pack and you're free to distribute copies of it or pieces of it. However, you must pass on to the recipients the same freedoms that you received. This means that you must make sure that they could get the source too.You have right. Licenses are too formal sometimes. In short, this is a free icon pack and you're free to distribute copies of it or pieces of it. However, you must pass on to the recipients the same freedoms that you received. This means that you must make sure that they could get the source too. I think that's all what is important. - Feb 14 2012

The license is in the pack folder. It's GPL v3. - Feb 14 2012
Wow! You're right. I didn't know about the "colorize" option of convert. Thank you very much. - Feb 12 2012
I found some ImageMagick scripts (Fred's) that can colorize gray images but the problem with such scripts is that they also colorize shadows. - Feb 11 2012
Thanks a lot :) Could you please be more specific about that script? - Feb 11 2012
I understand that. Making a dark set from nouveGnome requires a lot of free time I don't have at the moment but I might make a dark set in the future. BTW, personally I prefer colorful icons with light themes. - Feb 02 2012
Thanks for the suggestion. Because the icons of the gray set are mostly hollow and have thin shadows, if I made them dark gray their looks would be partially distorted. And after all, they're made for use against dark backgrounds. - Jan 21 2012
Thanks for your comment.

I left app icons to be colorful because every new app might bring its colored icon, which wouldn't match the gray ones. However, I have plans to create gray icons for all GNOME apps I know. - Jan 15 2012
Thank you for your comment. I use these sets myself so I'll update them if needed. - Jan 05 2012

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May 09 2014
Your last question made me think about XDG. You could add extra special folders to '~/.config/user-dirs.dirs' with an obvious format but even if you add proper icons with names like "folder-XXX.png" to the "places" directory of your icon theme, they won't show up in Nautilus.

Unfortunately, here isn't an appropriate place for discussing this topic. - Feb 02 2012
Change their icons manually with right clicking and choosing "Properties". There are extra icons in nouveGnomeGray for that. - Feb 02 2012
Thank you. The icon theme is the gray version of nouveGnome. - Feb 02 2012
I searched the web and found out that Opera has its own portability layer. So, it isn't even based on Qt! - Jan 23 2012
Thanks for the information, Opera uses Qt, not Gtk. On the other hand, not being open-source, it has its own theming rules. If you don't want to use Firefox because it seems heavy to you, I highly recommend you use another open-source browser like Chromium, Epiphany, Midori, etc.

If you insist on using Opera for whatever reason and if it's themable, perhaps you could use a suitable Opera theme. - Jan 23 2012
No thanks. I saw Pidgin with your changes and agree that it's more beautiful. I hope you won't encounter problems with Firefox, Chromium and some other apps after those changes to the text view. - Jan 15 2012
To change the text view bg color to dark, just comment out or remove lines 380-381 of GnomishDark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, i.e. the contents of the "view" style. But in this way, all GTK2 text views would be affected, not just Pidgin's.

BTW, you could also change the GTK3 scrollbar width at line 716 of GnomishDark/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css. - Jan 15 2012
For GTK2 scrollbars, just uncomment line 280 of GnomishDark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, i.e. remove "#" from its start. Then, it will be:

GtkScrollbar::slider-width = 12

As this is a tiny change, I'll update the theme if other changes are made too. - Jan 15 2012
Thank you and I'm glad you like this theme.

I think the GTK3 scrollbars are thinner than those of most themes and reducing their thickness would make them useless. If you mean the GTK2 ones, they seem a bit thicker because of their Murrine shade but I'll see what I could do about them.

Pidgin's message dialogs contain text views. If I made them dark, all text views would be so, which would create readability problems in many apps.
- Jan 15 2012
You're right ;) New ideas may suddenly come to one's mind. - Jan 15 2012
Thank you very much for this information. I don't know why the same version of Meld has that problem for you but not for me. (Debian patches?)

However, there's another issue with meld I forgot to mention: when searching a file, unlike other apps, Meld makes the search entry white. That's because the color is defined in its source (in so, it doesn't match the dark background set by the theme for entries. Only if the search text is selected it'll be visible.

Such issues are specific to some apps. I think that's the case with software-center too. - Jan 09 2012
Thanks a lot!

I use Meld 1.5.2 quite often and it highlights new lines with black text on yellow backgrounds. In fact, the only "issue" with Meld is that, when comparing folders, it shows the names of identical files with black on dark gray but they're fairly readable and not of interest because of their being identical.

I don't have software-center (my distro is Debian) but I'll study its source and let you know if I fix the problem.

BTW, what's the version of your installed Meld and does its problem persist after log-out and log-in? - Jan 09 2012
Would you please tell me the name of all applications whose windows show this behavior? Here I don't see such a problem but if you give me their names, I'll install them and try to fix the problem. - Jan 09 2012
You might have copy-pasted an incorrect text or used incorrect names for the files.

In your home directory, you should have a hidden folder named ".mozilla". Go to its subfolder "firefox", then another subfolder named "XXX.default" (XXX could be anything) and finally, the folder "chrome". In the last folder, create a new document with the name "userContent.css" if it doesn't exist. Then open "userContent.css" with gEdit and copy-paste the lines I've mentioned above. You could also do a similar thing for "userChrome.css" with its corresponding contents above. Finally, restart Firefox. - Jan 06 2012
Thanks. I'm glad you like it. - Dec 31 2011
Thunderbird and Lightning seem OK here. Firefox tricks (userChrome.css, for example) can be used for TB too. - Dec 13 2011
At last, I found a solution for the input field issue in Firefox. Create '~/.mozilla/firefox/.../chrome/userContent.css' with this in it:

input {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background-color: white;
color: black;

textarea {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background-color: white;
color: black;

I'll include this explanation in the main body of this page with the next update.
- Dec 12 2011
Thank you!

The problem you mentioned is browser-dependent and is related to the webpage combo issue I mentioned above. With Firefox, the case is exactly as you said. With Chromium, everything is OK. With Epiphany, another sort of problem might show up. I don't think there's a global solution for this problem, which appears with dark themes. - Dec 10 2011
Thanks. And yes, gray or dark icons match this theme better. - Dec 07 2011
GTK3 theming potential is much more than that of GTK2. Perhaps one could give a png bg to GTK2 menus but that would require the old pixmap engine with its extra load. Anyway, GTK2 apps will be replaced by GTK3 ones sooner or later. - Dec 06 2011
Here, Firefox's right click menus are like other GTK2 apps, i.e. white text on dark grey bg. I use '~/.mozilla/firefox/<SOME_CHARS>.default/chrome/userChrome.css' with this in it:

color: white ! important;
- Dec 05 2011
Dark-Grey-n-Gold GTK Updated

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Mar 16 2012
You could search the file "gtk-widgets.css" from GnomishDark (on this site) for the word "evolution" and add similar lines to your theme. - Jan 16 2012

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Dec 14 2011
It's so dreamy, especially when upside-down. - Dec 14 2011

by thomas12777

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