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GTK3 Themes 179 comments

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May 09 2014
OK. I'll change them. I hope others will like that too. Thanks for your comment. - Dec 03 2011
Let's be more specific. Do you mean the blue in progress bars and radio\check buttons? If people don't like them, I could use white and grey. - Dec 03 2011
As a matter of fact, I made it without that blue first but it seemed a little dull to me. And blue isn't a sad color in all cultures ;) However, thanks for your comment. - Dec 02 2011
I'm glad you like it. - Dec 02 2011
Thanks! I just like to find a way to make the corners of the Nautilus view rounded. - Dec 02 2011

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Jul 31 2017
You could also comment out "font-weight: bold;" in the blocks "#panelLeft, #panelRight" and "#panelCenter" to see if your chosen font fits well. - Dec 02 2011
There are only three instances of this font in gnome-shell.css, and only one of them, in the "#panel" block, is related to Panel. You could comment it out.

BTW, I'll update the theme soon to support gnome-sushi. - Dec 02 2011
Thank YOU for your patience and cooperation. The problem was that some systems don't pick up colors directly from the file "settings.ini". I'll update the theme soon after making some other changes too. - Nov 25 2011
OK. I think I've found a clue now. Please download the following archive, extract it, and replace the file "gtk.css" from the theme with it. Then log out and log in and see if the issue is solved.

Please tell me the result. Thanks in advance. - Nov 25 2011
Out of curiosity, I installed Openbox- in my Debian. All the menus are as in GNOME, i.e. the GTK2 menus are dark brown and the GTK3 ones have an extra mild gradient. See here:

Unfortunately, I have no idea why the menu colors are changed in your case. Please tell me if you find the cause.

BTW, I liked Openbox ;) - Nov 24 2011
I forgot to ask:

Do you have gnome-themes-standard-3.2.X? - Nov 24 2011
That's strange and, at the same time, interesting. Let's see what might have made your menus have that color.

(1) Do you see that menu color only in Evince or everywhere?

(2) Do you have GTK+-3.2?

(3) Does Openbox have any color customization tool you might have used to change some colors?

(4) Are the menu colors distorted also in GNOME Fallback mode or GNOME-Shell? - Nov 24 2011
Thank you for your comment.

I haven't used blue at all. All GTK3 menus are dark brown with a mild gradient, as in the screenshot. Could you please show me a screenshot of those "blueish" menu colors? - Nov 24 2011
Thank you for taking time and leaving this comment.

> can you make the gnome shell top panel ....?

Yes, I could make the panel have curved sides but I didn't find that pleasing with the gradient I gave it. If you want curved sides, take a look at the ".panel-corner" blocks in the CSS file of the default theme ('/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css' with most standard installations) and add a similar block to the "gnome-shell.css" file of GnomishBeige. Especially You have to play with the parameter "-panel-corner-background-color". Play with other parameters too and see if it's pleasing to your eyes.

As for transparency, I love it :) I'm even looking forward to the implementation of optional widget transparency in GTK3 -- something better than Murrine in GTK2. However, The problem with GNOME-Shell is that, unlike Compiz, it doesn't support blurring of translucent areas yet. Without this capability, transparency could be an obstacle to readability. As I prefer usability to beauty, I avoided transparency except for the activities overview, which makes the screen dark enough. - Aug 02 2011
You're welcome. - Jul 28 2011
Thank you. Amendments will be made soon. - Jul 17 2011
You're right. I'll remove the font setting.
- Feb 20 2011
Thank you for your comment. You mean even the panel in the first screenshot is ugly? If not, maybe you don't have the font "Bitstream Charter" installed.
- Feb 20 2011
That's intentional, as I don't see any use for the Minimize button when Compiz is used (and even without Compiz).

However, for adding it, go to Emerald Themer > Edit Themes > Titlebar and set "U:IT:NXC:Normal Layout" (without quotes) for Title-bar Object Layout. - Feb 05 2011
You may want to use my other Murrine theme that is more polished:
- Aug 02 2010
You also have to install gtk2-module-rgba and the patched Nautilus from "". Then, in Debian, just add the contents of '/etc/profile.d/' from gtk2-module-rgba to '~/.profile' and log out/in. In Ubuntu this may be unnecessary. I think the Debian way works with other distros too.

You may want to add more exceptions to '~/.profile' or '/etc/profile.d/'. - Aug 02 2010
Rodent file manager

System Software 5 comments

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Jun 03 2015
Wow! Really impressive! - Oct 28 2011

Full Icon Themes 83 comments

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Aug 21 2014
You're welcome. - Oct 18 2011
By the way, that pidgin icon doesn't belong to this theme. Pidgin uses its own icon. - Aug 24 2011
Oh, that isn't related to the icon theme but to a graphical rendering problem that happens only with Pidgin. I sometimes see it here too, sometimes not, but only with Pidgin.

If you have an nVidia driver, you're lucky because with its previous versions (< 280.13) the notification area was a total mess.

We have to wait and see if later versions of Pidgin, GNOME-Shell or nVidia driver will solve this problem.

> soory, my english ist not so good, i speak german
I could reply in German but let others be informed too :) - Aug 24 2011
> Nice icons
I'm glad you like them.

> can you update ...?

I already use them in GNOME3 :) Try them! - Aug 24 2011
Thank you!

I've put the other colors and also some other icons in the folder 'Extra' for anyone who wants to use them manually for any folder, i.e through right clickig on a chosen folder, clicking on the icon of the properties dialog and choosing them. - Aug 12 2011
I'm glad that nouveGnome makes your Debian more beautiful.

BTW, my distro is Debian too ;)
- Aug 09 2011
Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you like the icons as well as the theme.

> ... earlier when i tried to install ...

That's strange because the previous version was also a bz2 archive! However, I'm happy you have no problem now. - Aug 08 2011
Thanks for your feedback. I didn't know that it works outside Gnome too. - Apr 16 2011
Thank you, dinpelsac! I'll make it more complete and more beautiful little by little.
- Mar 20 2011

Education Apps 14 comments

by thof
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Oct 24 2011
Wise choice to statically link libkeybinder :)

Now adding to the favorites list is done more logically, although deleting from that list still requires adding to the "Hidden" one for the 'deleted' languages to be really removed ;) - Aug 17 2011
Although I think that the requirement of editing both an "ad" list and a "hide" list in GUI is somehow unintuitive, that's OK.

BTW, with the manual editing, I'd removed German from the 'hide' list when I added it to the 'ad' list. I just though the GUI would do so automatically. However, thanks for mentioning.

Keep on developing your good work!
- Aug 12 2011
When I add German and English, for example, they are added to the list but when I click on "OK", the application complains about German in this way:

Both lists contain at least one the same element. Element "German" needs to be fixed.

I also tried Dutch with the same result.

I can cancel the addition, close the selection dialog, quit the program, and manually add German-English through the conf file. Then they'll show up after starting the program. - Aug 12 2011
I'm happy that such applications are starting to be made for Gnome 3.

However, there are some bugs in GSTranslator that:

(1) Prevent adding of new languages as favorites; and

(2) Give these error messages:

Gtk-WARNING **: Unknown property: GtkGrid.n-rows
Gtk-WARNING **: Unknown property: GtkGrid.n-columns

As a temporary workaround for (1), I edited '~/.config/gstranslator/config.xml manually.
- Aug 12 2011
Blue Domains 5 different resolutions

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Jul 31 2011
Serene and beautiful! - Jul 31 2011

Text Editors 45 comments

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Aug 06 2016

Do you have any plan to port this nice application to GK+-3.0? - Jun 30 2011
Ok, I made a patch which fixes that:

- May 06 2011
Sorry, "startup_timestamp = gdk_x11_get_server_time (window);" sould be "timestamp = gdk_x11_get_server_time (window);" - May 06 2011
That occurs in both Debian and Ubuntu, with or without Compiz. A way to produce a non-focused password dialog:

1. Set Cherrytree to always minimize into tray and run an instance of it in the tray;

2. Put an encrypted (zipped) CherryTree file on the desktop;

3. Open a window, for example Nautilus, so that it has focus on the same desktop;

4. Click on the zipped file.

The result: the password dialog will have no focus.

In C and for a widget "the_widget", I use:

static guint32 timestamp;
#include <gdk/gdkx.h>
/* present the window to the user */
GdkWindow *window = gtk_widget_get_window (the_widget);
startup_timestamp = gdk_x11_get_server_time (window);
gdk_x11_window_set_user_time (window, timestamp);
gtk_window_present (GTK_WINDOW (the_widget));

- May 06 2011
This isn't a bug report but just a minor feature request:

When the user opens a CherryTree encrypted zipped file, the password dialog isn't focused by default, so that he/she first have to click on it and then enter the password. It would be nice if this dialog was focused whenever it appeared.

If the code was in C, I could make a patch but I'm not good at python yet.

Thanks. - May 05 2011
That seems reasonable since the RAM usage grows with savings, as I found recently.
- Dec 28 2010
CherryTree can use more than 100MB of RAM after a while, although its file is only 200 KB. Is this normal? I don't know if the memory usage of its previous versions was the same.
- Dec 27 2010
Your application is so great. However, you've equipped the text right click menu with too many items. I think the basic items are enough and the other ones make it difficult to use right clicking efficiently. See gEdit for an example.
- Sep 15 2010

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
First, thank you for this great applet.

With v0.43, when the first window is opened, its icon on DockbarX doesn't have the active color until the cursor is put on it once or the window gets inactive and then active again. The behavior is correct with the second window. I removed the old configuration folder but after logging out and in, the same thing happened. Switching between themes made no difference either. I find nothing relevant in '~/.dockbarx/'. So I returned to v0.42.1.

BTW, the folder '~/.dockbarx/' will be filled with so many useless log files after a while. I think it's more appropriate to only log (serious) errors in that folder.
- Feb 06 2011

Education Apps 1 comment

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Jan 10 2009
Thanks for this good application. However, please replace "" with "" in the file as not everyone knows Italian ;)
- Dec 08 2010

Cliparts 12 comments

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Jan 18 2011
Nice and professional SVG :) - Nov 25 2010
RGBA Gtk+ module

Various Gnome Stuff 56 comments

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Feb 23 2010
Add the contents of this file to the end of your "profile":
- Sep 18 2010

Notes 52 comments

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Dec 24 2011
Thanks. Now I start it with GNOME :) - Jul 15 2010
AnotherFolderView Screenlet

Conky 62 comments

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Jul 14 2010
> And do you mean functions like...

Yes I do. I guess they're in your TODO list. Keep on developing this nice application :) - Jun 25 2010

by thomas12777

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