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Jesús Sáenz Logroño, Spain
Lyrics Plasmoid

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Rating: 7.3
Jan 31 2011
I found an annoying bug. I have to configure the music player to get plasmoid working in each season. For example (org.mpris.clementine). Players option doesn't work.

is there any posible solution of this?

Thanks for your help
cheersssss! - Sep 12 2012
Akonadi tasks plasmoid

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Jul 24 2012
Thank for the change!!! Now, your plasmoid is in my desktop.

Cheersssss - Apr 04 2012
I installed google task, and it work ok to me, but I have a problem with size. minimal size is very big to me (i have another plasmoid in screen)

can you fix it?

Thanks anyway - Mar 29 2012

Amarok 2.x Scripts 31 comments

Rating: 7.0
Sep 16 2009
I show that you have just fixed the problem with the accents.

Thanks If you read my message and for make the script!!!!!!!!! - Nov 28 2009
I like Amaroknotify, but i think than i found a bug with the accents (á, é, í, ó, ú).When the name or the title of the song has accents, amaroknotify dont show any cover. Its posible than happens with other special characters

Thanks for the script and im sorry for my english

- Nov 18 2009