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Michael Majewski Troy, Michigan, United States of America

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Dec 09 2018
thanks for all the work :)

Gentoo does a system install of Eclipse, which it isn't really designed for. I just fixed the desktop file in /usr/share/applications and it works. one last fix, sorry i didn't catch it before, calibre should be calibre-gui. thanks again :) - Dec 23 2010
Great :) One thing, the qjackctl icon is blank.

icon names are ok, virtualbox needs another link for virtualbox-bin (might be gentoo only). Eclipse is weird, it's just stored in the eclipse program folder, called icon.xpm, so have to create my own desktop file.

Thanks for all the work! - Dec 22 2010
update: there already are oo.o icons, sorry. just had to fix my .desktop file. Thunderbird needed an extra link to the icedove icon, called thunderbird-icon.svg. - Dec 22 2010
ok makes sense, with all the trying out of icon themes i've been doing :)

I will request then: Eclipse, Calibri, OpenOffice, qjackctl, idjc, kvirc, thunderbird, virtualbox, and keepassx (just going up my quick launch bar). I will give it a shot myself, but i'm not too great with a graphics editor :) - Dec 22 2010
Great icon theme :) A few of the icons didn't change color with the theme change. The ones I have that didn't, keepassx, rhythmbox, exaile, and the openoffice gulls. - Dec 22 2010

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Dec 22 2010