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Amarok 1.x Scripts 46 comments

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May 06 2009
Great work! Do you mind if I include these in the archive? - Feb 07 2009
Thanks, I'll encorporate this and do a release soon. - Jan 20 2009
This has been fixed in the latest version. - Sep 10 2008
No, I'll port to amarok 2 once amarok 2 does a stable release. - Sep 10 2008
This will be addressed next release. Thanks for pointing it out. - Sep 09 2008
For now just keep from totally hammering google's servers, it seems to work fine as long as you don't spam it with requests, I'll see if I can come up with some work around... - Aug 31 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 66 comments

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Apr 11 2008
A new python rewrite is coming soon everyone, so don't think this project is abandoned quite yet. It'll feature major improvements, I just gotta port all the plugins over and then it'll be ready for release! - Jul 08 2008
This is due to metrolyrics trying to protect from scripts like googlyrics. I might put a parser on there next version. - May 24 2008
Sorry, no dark lyrics support at all due to the way the lyrics are stored as whole albums per page. I really want to do a major rewrite but I don't have the time or don't feel like it. - May 14 2008
Thanks! Yeap. this'll be in next release. - Apr 14 2008
Ah, my appologies, good work ;) - Apr 14 2008
This means you need to install the WWW::Mechanize perl module. See the description for instructions or search your distrobution's package management. - Apr 12 2008
The latest version, 0.2.1 has the lyricstime amongst numerous other regexs fixed. I'm planning to do up a configurator soon and move all the data into SQLite or something... - Apr 11 2008
Not a bad idea, when I've got a chance I'll put something up on my site. - Mar 06 2008
Thanks! Great work. - Mar 06 2008
Ok, it's been fixed in SVN. If you'd like to try it out:

On manually installed amarok script:
cd ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/googlyrics
svn update
This assumes you have subversion installed.

On ubuntu:
sudo -s
apt-get install subversion
cd /usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/googlyrics
svn update

This will install subversion and update it. - Feb 17 2008
ok, thanks for the update, I'll fix this soon, sorry! - Feb 15 2008
My apologies, I'm behind on releasing, I'll look into adding these sites, should be done and next version will have autosaving lyrics. - Feb 11 2008
I've been considering this feature myself, but I stopped when I saw that all the lyrics were store by amarok in the database anyways and just queried that directly. I think I'll still implement this though, it's a good idea, plan on it in 0.2, as for the lrcshow-ii thing, I guess I'll figure out what that is, then see what I can do :) - Feb 04 2008
Site prioritization isn't available right now, sorry, I hope to have it implemented soon! As for Dark Lyrics, the way the site is organized prevents it from being added (ex: all lyrics for an entire album on one page), I intend on fixing this problem with a coming rewrite. When I've got a bunch of time (think I'll start it now) :) If there are songs that aren't being found, tell me and I'll see what I can do about other sites with their lyrics. - Jan 29 2008
Done. Next release will be able to rip from normal and print pages on this site. - Jan 23 2008
Done. This will be available next release. - Jan 22 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 51 comments

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Jan 18 2008
Well everyone, it seems I'm completely firewalled out of scroogle, nice work, eh? Don't worry, I'll release an update by tommorow to fix this up. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Jan 14 2008
Oh really? the user agent switch in the latest version seems to be working for me still. If anyone else reports this issue I'll switch to ripping google, that's less evil anyways. - Jan 14 2008
I'm using WWW::Mech 1.34 myself (and amarok 1.4.8) and only saw this problem before when it was possible for mechanize to fail to retrieve a page and the script to continue to try to parse it, now we have error detection for that kind of thing :). Seeing as you still had this issue in 0.11, I'd like to look into this more. Can you name a few songs you were trying to query that got this result? Do you need a proxy or anything to connect to the internet (though I expect that would have given you a connection failure message)?

You're right about the bug report system, sorry about that. - Jan 14 2008
I'm sorry to hear this. Sorry to tell you, but, noone asked for your opinion. Well, it doesn't appear any block is in effect yet. Please read the bottom question on here, In any case, the next release will spoof user agent to Windows IE6, so, I hope you like playing cat and mouse. I feel the queries themselves are fairly hard to identify as being automated in the new release too. Enjoy Scrooglyrics 0.11! - Jan 13 2008
Support for Lyriki will be avaliable next release. - Jan 05 2008
Thanks, I was in an awful mood and needed to know my work was appreciated.

1) Yeah, that's just because the page was recently created and is yet to hit google, not much I can do about that, sorry.

2) This seems like a pretty good idea, I'll see what I can do, maybe for 0.9 :) - Jan 05 2008
Thanks for the info! I was wondering how to do it earlier. This'll surely be in the next revision. - Dec 30 2007
Well, I've removed the dependencies on HTML::Strip and HTML::Entities in the latest release along with several other improvements you and neoeno have given me ideas/contributed code for, thanks! Hopefully the new version will be more friendly towards inexperienced users, but some ubuntu packages would probably be nice. - Dec 24 2007
Wow, cool, nice work! I plan on making the next version include some of your improvements too, stay tuned, probably a big update coming within the next few days. - Dec 24 2007
Glad to see others taking some interest in this little project of mine! You've got some really interesting modifications here and since I can see your code is already based off 0.5.1, would you mind if I release it as a 0.6? As far as the site: OR site: thing goes, we might be better off doing something like inurl:lyricssite:com/lyrics so that we just get lyrics pages and not other garbage pages off their site. - Dec 23 2007
Like I'd expected, actionext has changed their website, I'll be releasing an update momentarily which will fix support - Dec 22 2007
Try googling exactly this, it's how the script does it:

"Artist" "Song" lyrics

(note the quotes)

If the song does show up in the top results for this, then please provide me with the name of the song and the artist and I'll have a look at why it's not ripping properly. It's possible change their website recently and an update will be necessary. - Dec 18 2007
This has been fixed in 0.5 - Dec 15 2007
Ah, I should probably fix that, eh? :) Ah well, next release. - Dec 14 2007
Sure, next version will include this and The only thing that might be an issue with lyricwiki is that it doesn't seem to be one of the top results on google for most songs and this is purely how the site is chosen. - Dec 11 2007
Sorry to hear that, I've been thinking about some easier way to package it, I might be able to include the modules and/or make packages for (k)ubuntu. - Dec 10 2007
Oops, I meant 0.3, sorry, there's no 0.4... yet :D - Dec 09 2007
The last lyric bug has now been fixed for 0.4, I had this problem too, but only recently managed to track it down. Seems to be fine now, if you still encounter it, tell me. - Dec 09 2007
For release 0.3 we've now got support, if you'd like to suggest more sites, post a comment :) - Dec 09 2007
Woohoo, we broke 42 downloads :) - Dec 09 2007
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KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jul 19 2005
thanks i was wondering where i found it. I'll add it to description after this post. - Jul 19 2005