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Jan 11 2005

You have "Hide unknown files" in View menu and it's quick for me (two mouse clicks only or ALT-H). Anyway, I will add this button to "View" toolbar in the next version - Dec 11 2004
oops, sorry :(
The link (to the tar.gz file) was fixed - Aug 31 2004
No, I have no plans to integrate eSvn to cervisia.

I don't really see what kind of "integration" is possible here. eSvn and cervisia are two different systems with different UI and different concepts. - Aug 22 2004
Yuo can access to eSvn's subversion repository - svn://

If you want to track eSvn for new versions you can use - Aug 22 2004
It's a bug :(
I have fixed it, and the new build will be avaliable a soon from - Aug 17 2004