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Plasma 4 Widgets Mar 10 2014
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Plasma 4 Widgets Sep 11 2013
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KDE 4 Splashscreens 11 comments

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Feb 18 2010
Supported resolutions:
I'll start with some praise. The excellent beauty of the smooth colour transition is clearly mind-blowing. However, some resolutions do not only affect the wallpaper but also the animation itself, causing the splash screen to crash.
You've got to manually adjust the ksplashML file. - Dec 24 2013
Icon Tasks

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Nov 10 2011
The plasmoid needs an internal source code update. A software adaptor (e.g. class(es)) may work as well. The developer obviously does not maintain this project any more. - Oct 16 2013
See "Mar 23 2013" - Jun 14 2013
Library links are broken for >KDE4.7
Compare files:
This plasmoid needs a revision for new KDE versions. - Mar 23 2013
Here as well, with KDE4.8 - Mar 23 2013

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Sep 11 2013
No problem. If you like it, just vote for it.
Kind regards, - Sep 12 2013
The plasmoid was updated. I cannot test it here though as I don't have procps-ng 3.3.8 per default. - Sep 11 2013
After a few annoying bug-workarounds I eventually got KDE 4.11 to run.
First of all, the crash is very likely due to a 64-bit architecture without ia32-libs being installed. See the last point of requirements.
Moreover, there's a bug in procps-ng prior to version 3.3.5 causing the rcfile being used to be locale-dependent. (
So if you have 3.3.1-3.3.4, this plasmoid won't work for you.
Actual procps-ng release seems fine, the name of the configuration file changed, however. So there'll be a small update soon. - Sep 10 2013
Thanks for your feedback
I'm gonna try it with 4.11 myself and see what happens.
Stay tuned, kind regards,
- Aug 31 2013
First of all: Are you sure you need the self-compilation? There are three versions in the plasmoid-package.
Does nethogs start when you display the NET intensive task? - Dec 22 2011
I updated 11.7 once again, with minor changes inherited from the debug release.
So I think the official version eventually supports newer kernels. - Dec 22 2011
Glad it works but I am still pondering about the problem.
Which version works? The debuginfo one?
Kind regards, - Dec 21 2011
This version works with arch and kdesu:
Honestly, I can't find the mistake.
Kind regards, - Dec 21 2011
I tried it on a system with kdesu now and it does not work here either. (development environment runs with kdesudo)
As soon as I get it to work I'll upload it.
Kind regards, - Dec 21 2011
I tried it on a system with kdesu now and it does not work here either. (development environment runs with kdesudo)
As soon as I get it to work I'll upload it.
Kind regards, - Dec 21 2011
Just to make sure I get it right: nethogs works? - Dec 21 2011
Ok, we're getting closer...
Case one and three are OK (indicates that it should work if you enter the password in plasmoid configuration).
Two is a riddle so far. You should either get an error message or a message prompt.

What graphical superuser frontend do you use? kdesu or kdesudo? - Dec 21 2011
It's a bit strange, or to state it differently, I do not see what I expected to do :-/
The plasmoid tries to start iotop with standard rights, and fails, as expected (OSError: Netlink error: Operation not permitted (1))
Afterwards, you should get a prompt, which, however, is not the case (and I cannot see a related error either) As a consequence, shared memory is not attached and painting is error-prone.
What python version do you have?
Can you start the iotop daemon manually by entering the direct path in a terminal?
For example via
kdesudo -c "python /home/YOURDIRECTORY/.kde4/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/BusyTasks//contents/iotop-0.4.3/"
sudo python /home/YOURDIRECTORY/.kde4/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/BusyTasks//contents/iotop-0.4.3/ - Dec 21 2011
Unfortunately the error code is not really useful as I get it here too when starting iotop without command line options.
Could you run it in plasmoidviewer and give me the output?
Kind regards, - Dec 21 2011
Another update, another try.
This time it works here at least.
Kind regards, - Dec 21 2011
I found a way to test it and discovered that it does not work yet.
Will upload a fix soon, stay tuned.
Kind regards, - Dec 20 2011
Should work now for the new kernel too.
Please consider the fact that I can't test it as I don't have a system with such a kernel yet.
You should have regular glances at a system monitor of your choice to control if all daemons start and stop correctly!
Kind regards, - Dec 20 2011
I guess you are right, it's due to a linux kernel update concerning tasks' permissions.
I hope I'll be able to upload a fix in a few hours' time.
Kind regards, - Dec 20 2011
That is, it does not touch the old file .toprc that the previous version left, either.
A short manual to restore your settings:

–Remove BusyTasks from your desktop.
–Remove the file .toprc in your home-directory if it is NOT your own one (e.g. you see something in top that you have not seen before the installation).
–Install the new version.
Kind regards, - Sep 21 2011
Hi chepioq
BusyTasks should not touch your top configuration by any means any more. - Sep 21 2011
I think I found the reason, it's quite a small bug but with big consequences.
Thank you for pointing it out!
I'll upload a fix tomorrow, stay tuned.

Once again a global call for feedback:
As I already mentioned earlier in the comment section, feedback is important!
Although I keep testing the program extensively I cannot find all mistakes.
Please tell me if there's something wrong! - Sep 20 2011
"As you will not resolve this problem, I could not use your plasmoid..."
I can only solve the problems I know about.
Unfortunately people here are not very communicative.

"When I install and lauch it, the command "top" don't work properly in console."
What do you mean?
Does it quit with error or does it display something?
What top version do you use?
Do you have your own top configuration? - Sep 20 2011
Tested the 'BusyTasks - noresizing' version again.
Please make sure you use this one.
Should work for you. - Sep 08 2011
Even with the "noresizing" version? - Sep 08 2011
No problem, mistakes do happen.
I better have such kind of feedback than have nothing but a couple of arbitrarily bad votes.
Kind regards, - Sep 08 2011
"since release 9.0"
Sorry, I was referring to release 8.0. - Sep 08 2011
Ok, now we eventually caught the real problem. (The package path problem only occurred for plasmoidviewer):
You don't have the System V IPC module for python installed, which is necessary since release 9.0. See description for download link and installation!
- Sep 08 2011
In the plasmoid package path?
Can you print it here please? - Sep 08 2011
Hi chepioq, thanks for your feedback.
If I get things right, this is an encode problem of your package path string. Obviously a function does not support unicode characters. This accounts for the directory where you ran plasmoidviewer, but may not be true for your plasmoid package directory.
Does it have language specific symbols too (like french accents, for example)? - Sep 08 2011
And thanks for your offer to help, I think I'll come back to it later. - Sep 04 2011
Glad it works now.
The plasmoid is not finished yet, I currently work on the next release with icons. Having least priority language support is still a nice feature that may be included when everything else is done. - Sep 04 2011
You've got to resize manually via the plasmoid interface now! - Sep 03 2011
I must admit I got ahead of myself, the target goal of this version might have been missed.
If resizing really is your only problem with the plasmoid (what I can't imagine though), this version should work: - Sep 03 2011

Mountains 6 comments

by jfest
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Mar 25 2012
Just tick the option to hide wallpapers then. - Mar 26 2012
I guess you mean "mountainriver" - Mar 25 2012

System Software 30 comments

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Feb 29 2012
Thanks, this time mount succeeded! - Feb 23 2012
fuseiso and fusermount work well. - Feb 18 2012
Tried but the results are the same.
Just a plain and simple "Mount Failed" in konsole and no visible change in the main window. - Feb 17 2012
The only error message I see is:
"Mount Failed"
Not very useful, I know.
Do you have a debug version with more output? - Feb 17 2012
Adding some clarification:
Compilation succeeded without errors.
By writing "mount fails" I refer to the error message appearing in the command line interface when dragging an ISO file into the application's window.
My system is Kubuntu 9.10. - Feb 17 2012
Moreover, installation instructions ought to be put in an installation file. - Feb 17 2012
I'd definitely appreciate the possibility to mount unburned CD images. Current application version does not work for me, however.
Mount fails for all my images. - Feb 17 2012
Luna 2

Plasma 4 Widgets 31 comments

by glad
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Jul 06 2011
If the moon in Luna2 is supposed to be completely invisible on the new moon, then these remarks truly are a thoroughly embarrassing and, unfortunately, everlasting exposure of my ignorance.
Can someone confirm my assumption please - Sep 27 2011
The original luna works.
Updating to last version, rebuilding and reinstalling did not work. - Sep 27 2011
Interestingly I noticed today that this plasmoid does not work any more on my Kubuntu 9.10.
Plasma does not report errors, the plasmoid is shown but the moon is not drawn.
Plasmoidviewer claims the following:
Couldn't find node 0. Skipping rendering.
QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap

Anyone having an idea? - Sep 27 2011

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles

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Mar 19 2013
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets

by Emdek
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May 27 2011

Plasma 4 Widgets

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Oct 16 2013

System Software

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Jan 31 2012

Plasma 4 Widgets

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Jul 15 2011
Luna 2

Plasma 4 Widgets

by glad
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Jul 12 2011
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets

by Emdek
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May 27 2011