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vlcTADED (save playlist position+resume)

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Sep 27 2014
I ran into similar problems that you mentioned.

The trick I found that works is to manually create a playlist, then load the playlist into VLC. When the playlist is running, then open the plugin (View --> Continues TV Shows --> Create Files for New Show --> [Enter Name] --> Create Files). After you do this you should see Config.txt and Playlist.txt in ~/Documents/vlcTADED.

After this close VLC and try opening the show through View --> Continues TV Show --> Load Show. I found it will always resume the correct file from the playlist. To get the correct position from the file I have to manually uncheck View --> Continues TV Show before closing VLC.

It was a little buggy the first few times but appears to be behaving stable and reliably now. Lua is a programming language, so the the .lua file can be manually inspected in text editor to better understand how it works. I would like to thank the developer for sharing this very useful plugin.

VLC is a great tool. I think a next-gen "killer feature" would to easily and conveniently watch TV shows with a Netflix-esque convenience. - Mar 25 2018