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Drawings Jun 04 2018
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America Latina Font

Fonts Apr 26 2018
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Vamox Icons

Icon Themes Jan 23 2018
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Origami Tux and GNU

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CPR graphics

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Red car niandu

3D Renderings Dec 28 2008
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USB plug

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lost screw

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Vamox Icons

Icon Themes 34 comments

by vamox
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Jan 23 2018
Version 2.0.3 is now the master version

I uploaded v2.0.3 in here also. - Sep 02 2017
2.0.2 available for download

Vamox 2.0.3 BETA - Aug 11 2017
Los iconos en home/usuario/.icons , metacity en home/usuario/.themes.

Si querés que los iconos sean accesibles a todos los usuarios los tenés que poner en usr/share/icons y themes (como derecho de administrador).

Los sonidos depende de cada distro y requiere setearlo manualmente. - Nov 28 2014
sorry, we don't have a hosting with enough bandwidth to resist the amount of downloads.

Tomorrow i will add mirrors in other hosts, I choose RS because they don't delete files of a collectors account. - Apr 07 2009
sorry about that, the version 1 was release un googlepages and end up killing the site bandwith in a few hours.

i will ulpoad it to others hostings soon.

- Apr 07 2009
We are very happy with the over 10.000 downloads, and thankfull for all the nice comments.

After some time of vacations, we are going to work on an update fixing some things and adding new stuff. - Mar 08 2009
# someguydude: The icons for the binaries is made and it's in the pack, probably is a problem with the naming. I just saw the original gnome theme, and there are 5 icons for that. This bug will be fixed soon.

# Debianized: Thanks! I will write down all this bugs to improve the theme. - Dec 19 2008
What disto do you have?

We had that bug in ubuntu 8.10 that the shutdown icon had a diferent name, but we thought it was solved adding a gnome-logut.svg in the apps folder and seems to work on this version.

So far in ubuntu 8.04 seem to work fine, except for the 16 x 16 png files that we didn't make, so the desktop icons.

We didn't have the chance to test other distros or older versions, and we will try to improve the - Dec 17 2008
wow, I can believe we overloded googlepages!! hehehe.

OK, I will make some rapidshare mirrors - Dec 17 2008
we made them, not pidgin, but there is a generic IM icon, a generic player and a generic terminal. Download the file called "vamox start button and icons" - Dec 17 2008
CD/DVD packaging Mandriva 2010 Spring

CD/DVD Labels 4 comments

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Aug 12 2010
Thanks for using vamoxCD!

I created a blog entry for Distro based designs - Jul 25 2010
Vamox project WIP

Various Gnome Stuff 4 comments

by vamox
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Dec 17 2008
Nuestra intención es publicar los elementos (GTK, Metacity, iconos, AWN, etc) en gnome-look, y ofrecer el diseño para que la universidad pueda crear una distro para el uso de los estudiantes de la UNLP.

Our goal is to publish all the elements (GTK, metacity, iconos, AWN, etc) in this site. Olso we want to give our Uniersity a chance to make a distro for the students. - Nov 14 2008