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Vipul Shah Kolkata, India

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Oct 27 2019

Can't wait for the next update. :D

Thanks once again. - Jul 16 2009
Thanks a ton for the quick response and clarifying my doubt.

(This may sound a bit stupid, but i had no idea that the two sets were very different!)

all my best wishes are with you on this project. please do keep up the extremely good work!

i am currently using this set on my desktop, and i have no words to describe how much i am liking it! - Jul 16 2009
also it would make me very very happy if icon for the flock browser would get included!

cheers! - Jul 15 2009
The best icon theme i have seen here!

i hope you keep updating this.

thank you so much!

p.s. could someone please tell me what is the difference(s) between this icon set and the one by djaany

i am quite confused. thanks once again! - Jul 15 2009
buuf for pidgin

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by lubna
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Mar 17 2008
many thanks for the quick response.

i will most certainly keep dropping by to know what you find after checking.

just wonderful set!

thanks once again! - Jul 16 2009
this is a great work!!!

it is a pity it has not been updated for more than a year now.

is it possible for you to just take a look at the set and see if it has all the icons fr the current version of pidgin?

many thanks. - Jul 15 2009

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Dec 08 2009
what is the difference(s) between this icon set and the one by OxayotlTheGreat

please help me with this confusion.

many thanks. - Jul 15 2009
AdriX icon theme

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Nov 23 2012
i am using normal 24px. - Jun 10 2009
i downloaded the new one, but the problem seems to persist. - Jun 09 2009
i am using Ubuntu 9.04 gnome. while using this icon theme, i have noticed that when i click on the volume icon on the panel, the '-' icon seems to be missing. there is a big 'X' there. the volume increase '+' icon is fine.

could you help me with this?
thanks. - Jun 08 2009
Pure Grey

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Jun 06 2009
Thanks a lot! - Jun 07 2009
I really like your theme, but this is more to do with the widgets on the side of the desktop showing "Places, Applications, Contacts" etc.

What is that called? Could you please tell me how to get those?

Thanks a lot. - Jun 06 2009

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by metak
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Sep 08 2009
Hi, your theme looks really amazing and smooth.
I would like to just say a few things. Please when you make the theme, make a few versions of it, based on different highlight colours. For example, the menu highlight colour in the above screenshot is green. Have the option for different theme highlight colours.

Thats all. Rest is left to be seen when the actual theme comes out.

Good Luck! - May 14 2009

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by argus64

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Jul 27 2009
dAm's Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by dam2k

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Jul 27 2009

GTK2 Themes
by wulax

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Jul 27 2009