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Andy Hruska Botkins, oh, United States of America
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Aug 22 2011
Never mind, I told you I am brand new. LoL

sorry to bother all you experienced professional programmers.

I just now, noticed, "licensed to BSD." i think this means will not work under Windows 7 ?

Er, well, If someone knows how, if you could please comment!

Would be much appreciated!! - Apr 03 2012
Hi, i'm brand new here. Can somebody please help! Idk what to do with the code. I copied it to clipboard, now where do I paste it in, LoL

It would be GREAT to snatch up YouTube playlists and play them in vlc (so i can speed up, slow down, add audio compression and eq etc. etc. I am already doing this, but having to cut and paste individual videos into vlc play list one at a time.

I had Fortran years ago, and this and that computer programming but nothing very profound (except internet, old dos, ms office, oh and I had some autocad and batch/script programming -- and a long time go, a bit of assembly programming).

thanks! - Apr 03 2012