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Youtube playlist

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Aug 22 2011
Thanks for all your help. I have one other question - Is it possible to modify the script to grab the most recent videos from a Username?

I was able to look through the YouTube API, and it seems the URL to get the most recent videos from a Username is:

The API URL is slightly different from the URL in your code, but I thought there might be a way..

Thanks again! - Aug 17 2013
Youtube playlist

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Sep 05 2017
Hi, I've run into a small bug when attempting to add multiple YouTube playlists to VLC - maybe you can figure this out.

All of the playlist URL's load properly, but only one playlist gets expanded to play. It seems as if VLC only shows the individual YouTube videos if you actively play the playlist. This makes the Random Play feature see a whole playlist as only one file, therefore reducing the likelihood of playing it.

Is there a way for this plugin to load the individual videos of a playlist into VLC, instead of loading the Playlist URL as a folder?

An example is below, with two YouTube playlists:

Run "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" "" "" - Jul 21 2013
This is awesome - thank you so much! - Jul 14 2013
Works great! Is there any way to modify the Addon to only include the 20 (or any number) most recent videos that have been added? Or only the videos that have been added in the last day? I'm trying to create a shortcut for news played through VLC, and don't want to include old news.

Thank You! - Jul 13 2013