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Wide weather

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by Whise
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May 06 2008
Download the update from: - May 19 2008

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by meek
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Jun 10 2008
I'll see if we can allow background images as well to specify styles - May 14 2008
Sure I'd love to help out. Where do I sign up ? :)

- Apr 15 2008
Yeah I had thought about it.. I'll take a pass at it some time in the future, though that will basically be moving it more towards a gtk based app (though with cairo drawn widgets) - Apr 14 2008
Btw, I haven't got an Ubuntu box at home (work on Arch), will try it out at work tomorrow and figure out what's wrong.

Also, I'm not using the latest Screenlets version. Maybe that is causing people some hiccups.

/waits for Arch to release the new version - Apr 14 2008
Thanks :) - Apr 14 2008
It must be a bug.
works fine here. - Apr 13 2008
Could you try the bzr version and see if you still get that bug ?

Also, could you try to run it from the terminal and report any exceptions that you get over here: - Apr 12 2008
The upcoming version will support theming. Should be fairly easy to create a theme for the old look without the need of any pixmaps. - Apr 11 2008
First up: Excellent screenlet. Though it had some bugs that I fixed:

- reduced CPU usage
- removed excessive polling and timeouts
- using signals to detect pidgin presence
- using signals to detect changes in buddy list
- automatic height calculation
- mouse hover feedback
- Gnome only: Picks the desktop font

Download here:

PS: If you're using Compiz, I'd recommend going into CCSM (Compiz Settings Manager) and changing the following:
General Options->Focus & Raise Behaviour->Focus Prevention Windows = !(class=Pidgin)

- Apr 04 2008

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Sep 01 2008
lol ok, no worries :) - Apr 16 2008
Why don't you build on the NowPlaying screenlet instead ? It's got an existing themeing support as well. - Apr 16 2008
Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

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by Whise
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May 20 2008
I'd recommend changing your code to store the wallpaper as a ".png" at the end.
It makes the file a bit bigger, but the results of the merge are much better :) - Apr 04 2008