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Widya Walesa , Indonesia
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Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

Score 88.4%
Nov 10 2011
This plasma widget rocks! Works great here at Slackware 13.37 + KDE 4.7.1 (AlienB build).


Thanks! - Oct 04 2011
Libpurple KWallet Plugin

Chat & Messenging 5 comments

Score 72.2%
Nov 20 2011
I'm using Slackware (current version) with KDE 4.4.5 and this plugin works great. I like it. Thanks for the plugin. - Jul 20 2010
rekonq Web Browser

Browser 290 comments

by adjam
Score 79.2%
Jan 12 2014
this is what i mean. i've captured some screenshot from system monitor:

1. kio_file process when rekonq still running

2. and this is kio_file process after i close rekonq (terminate/kill)

you can see, there is one kio_file process that didn't stopped, when i close rekonq and it still running until i kill it. i didn't running any download or any other background process using rekonq. - Nov 19 2009
from kde system monitor, i saw that the kio process from rekonq was not being terminated when i stop the browser (from close button or killed from system monitor). is this more to the behavior of kde kio process or rekonq it self doesn't kill its child process (CMIIW)?

thanks for the answer. - Nov 14 2009
almost forgot: works nicely on my slackware64 (current version), using webkit 1.1.10. - Nov 11 2009
thanks for the great work. this is the fastest browser on my system. for now and forward this is will be my primary web browser. - Nov 11 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

Score 88.4%
Oct 20 2011
Score 79.2%
Nov 11 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

Score 88.4%
9   Oct 04 2011