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GTK3 Themes 16 comments

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Aug 05 2019
Bom trabalho. Por favor, poderia traduzir também para o inglês? Obrigado.
Great job. Could you please translate the description it also into English? Thank you. - Aug 19 2018
Obsidian Icon Theme

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Nov 01 2019
Greatest icon theme. For perfect integration if KDE in Manjaro, copy the all arquives in the folder "places 16" in the Breath icon theme (usr/share/icons/Breath/places/16) to "places 16" in Obsidian icon theme (.local/share/icons/Obsidian-green/places/16), and inclued the KFaenza in "index.theme". The line "Inherits=Obsidian" to "Inherits=Obsidian,KFaenza" and install KFaenza. 100% perfect in the KDE. - Jul 07 2017