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grahame Grahame , Australia
KGet - batch download (suggestion)

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Feb 10 2006
I would really like to have KGet to wait until a certain time & day to download AND if the download is incomplete then to allow continuing the download at the next approved timeframe.

I am able to download from Midnight to 6AM for free. However, if I go past 6AM I have to pay more $, so generally most big downloads (like Movies, Kernel etc) cost $$$ because of numerous reasons like, net slowdown, backbone throttling etc.

Additionally, maybe allowing a 7 day schedule whereby you can make allowances for different ISP free download times and Net maintenance periods.

Also being able to select one or more sites for each selected download file would really be a Power Plus - Why? A quick download test can be initiated and KGet selects the best site because of speed or user-experience or reliability.

Anyhow, just my 2c. Being a part-time developer of s/w myself I understand the effort going into every program so I would really appreciate the developers time in adding these suggestions (if accepted of course).

- Mar 04 2008