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Alex R.
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes 265 comments

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Apr 11 2008
the windows on the taskbar like in XP? That wopuld rock! - Oct 11 2002
KDE User Login Logo

Various Stuff 7 comments

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Oct 04 2002
This looks good but the image at the top, will it change if you select a different OE? Like GNOME for example or will it reamin the same? If it remains the same, i don't know what the improvement is, I think th old one was very good, I jsut wish the little square's image would change when i selected different desktops or remaaint he same if it was something like a watch. - Oct 05 2002
TuXPererience 4 "Fixed link, again?"

Wallpaper Other 50 comments

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Oct 01 2003
TUX the Linux mascot from the tarball and Link! - Sep 29 2002
Suse 8.0 / Mofet + IcOSX + Keramix

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Sep 27 2002
BTW SuSE 8.1 will rock. - Sep 29 2002
My ScreenShot (OSX) (2scr)

KDE Plasma Screenshots 14 comments

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Sep 26 2002
your done, no point in having 2 incomplete releases, you guys should combine them. - Sep 26 2002
suse 8.1 ???

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Sep 26 2002
However, the title is misleading and the girl is ugly. - Sep 26 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

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Sep 22 2002
It looks nice, but you should jsut rename it to rabbit, has nothing to do with LINUX/KDE or oss. - Sep 22 2002
SuSE: The Linux Experts "Green for Life"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 10 comments

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Nov 17 2002
I found the icon here:

It is a GIMP file and is about 5 times bigger than in the screeenshot, it is much higher quality as well and includes all the alyers. To add something different in the crystal ball, you jsut have to swap a layer basically.

Also do you run Photoshop 7 under WINE, Mac or Windows, also what led you to Photoshop 7 instead of other programs.

I'm also glad you like my little changes :) - Sep 21 2002
SuSE - The linux experts

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Sep 27 2002
I like it :) - Sep 20 2002
Yet another MacOS X

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

by king
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Oct 02 2002
I'ms tarting to get worried. His site has been down for quite a while and I miss reading news from there :( - Sep 18 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes 385 comments

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Jun 15 2007
In the new version of SuSe 8.1 don't use the deafault icons, tehy're hideous. Use tese gorgeous ones, especially if it will be the default office suite:
*drool* - Sep 17 2002
I really like your icon set! but, I don't think you should of changed YAST for SuSe 8.1 theg raphics looked better before. - Sep 16 2002
USe this icon as the basis of your SUSE icons. - Aug 23 2002
why are my icons still .png instead of.svg. What's the diference? - Aug 22 2002
What's teh difference between your SVG icons and your classical icons. What's the advantage of using SVG. I'm running KDE 3.0 and the extensions till says .png. - Aug 22 2002
that the Khelpcenter icon in the Classical Crystal looks about 100 times better than this plain ugly one.

MAn this stie is primitive, it doesen't use cookies, it doesen't even let em edit my post. - Aug 21 2002
Please bring back the old icon for the MS hardrive. The Hardrive and the Windows logo looks A FEW HUNDRED TIMES BETTER. Also can we have a nice Kdevelop icon? BTW the old GIMP icon was also better. - Aug 21 2002
Please use the old graphics in SUSE 8.1 msot of the ones in 7.3 just looked bettter, ajnd many people agree with me. Also by 8.2 I hope that maybe these icons can become default. There a lot ebttter than Hicolor. Either these icons, or the Klassic or SLick but slick isnt updated anymore. - Aug 19 2002
Most of these icons look every good except for some like the light save or new K button. I'm very glad I'll be seeing SuSE specific icons too, but what we really need is consistency. This means that you need to amke a whole lot more icons. ALso all the Windows OSES have special effects that will be applied to all icons. For example any icon in WindowsXP will ahve dropshadows and a shiny look t it. THese are effects that are automatically applied to any icon. This means that a developer like you doesen't need to keep making icons for every little program that someone uses. This is waht makes OSes look consistent. If the KDE wizes could implement something like this it would make KDE a lot easier and Crystal would look consistent. Please try this someone it would make a huge impact on KDE, right now were being very inefficient by desiging icons for every program instead of ahving some effects for all the icons so taht any new program witha very ugly icon will look good and fit the style of the default icons. - Aug 19 2002
teh old lifesaver looks a whole lot ebtter. Many of these new icons hav e fake look and feal. Mabe it's just me though.. - Aug 18 2002
older classical Crystal icons better than the new ones. It would ebs o cool if all of the old ones were just enlarged and still ahd that high quality, tehre are way less SVG icons for my favorite programs taht go with Crystal. These new ones also seem to be too cartoonish now. - Aug 18 2002
make the windows logo look like thw XP windows logo. THese icons area great excpet the trash nd house. - Jul 29 2002
Mosfet Liquid Kwin Engine patch

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 17 comments

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Sep 16 2002
Stop pulling things out of your ass! HE wrote on his website taht his name was Daniel M. Duley, doesen't sound much likea female name! He is a damn male, where do you get this shit? - Sep 15 2002
Thank you, this thing has been pestering me fora while now. All we need now is an improved version of Liquid. However i do not know what happened to mosfet. - Sep 11 2002
SuSE bootsplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

by ftz
Score 50.0%
Sep 08 2002
Most credit should go to SuSE, it is much harder reating the default splash screen than takinga good picture of trees. Trees can be found everywhere. I like it though. - Sep 08 2002
SuSE 8.0 bootscreen 1024x768

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

by ftz
Score 50.0%
Sep 08 2002
Muhaha! IT RULES! BTW I like the splash, but you shouldn't make one for other distros, since it's basically the original bootscreen witha different colora dna K in the background. - Sep 08 2002
IcOsX Theme 0.7

Icon Sub-Sets 124 comments

by shok
Score 50.0%
Nov 08 2002
But there is no edit feature. UGH. From the screenshot of taht theme: I see the apple logos all ove rthe theme een the K was replaced. IS there a wy to keep the K and the normal linux thing on the top bar. I like that theme very much, but not the Apple labeling. - Sep 03 2002
THAT THIS ICON THEME ROXORS AS WELL! ALso you don't need a mac toconvert iscon files to .png, you can do it with Pixie Plus, CompuPic, XnView, adn even GNOME I think. - Sep 03 2002
I just looked at that theme! It si the ebst realized Aqua theme I have ever layed my eyes upon!
They're nothing compared to this. WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!! THat theme with your icons would look great. Well not techincally your icons, but anyway we deserve some mac icons, the whole thing uses tons of stff from Linux, and it even runs linux apps, but we can't run OS X apps. I hope you get even more icons from it, amybe all fo them if you can! I would do anything to get my hands on them. Except buya mac, that's too expensive for me. If it ran on PX than I would get OS X though. Also where do you get that theme! - Sep 03 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots 15 comments

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Jun 24 2002
Man the combination of ICOSX icons adn Crystal is amazing. THe new crystal doesen't looka s good as the classical in some places (ie: trash, clear desktop, help and other icons look just too cartoonish and colorful. MacOSX has the best icons I've ever layed eyes on.) However, there are some great Crystal icons too. Also is tehre w ay to adjust how deep the and how light the shadow is? HTe XP shadow slook the best.

Also, I think we should port all the OSX icons to LInux. After all, apple stole half 75% of their OS from us, including KErnel and everything, all tehy added was Aqua and a few small things. - Sep 03 2002
My Lindows Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 12 comments

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Aug 21 2002
I think you got a pretty sexy =)
I haven't tried Lindows yet. However, I
really hope that by the end of this year they will have something
really great availeable. RIght now the main highlights
is that easy Click-N-RUn thing, no longer is WIne the focus. I don't think running as root is a goog thing. PEople don't SU allday. Some of us do work n it and once we have the applications we want installed we won't need anymore suing :). - Aug 22 2002
Keramik RPM (for RH + KDE 3.0.3)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 61 comments

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Sep 08 2002
should see the new unreleased liquid. t looks even better than Aqua :p Seriously though Liquid only slighty resembles Aqua. You probably haven't used Aqua. Besides if it resembles Aqua just change the colorscheme, you can't do that in Aqua anyway. I really think Liquid should be default, Keramik may be origina;y, but it jsut isn't ready, besides many people would love to ahve aqua on Linux. - Aug 21 2002
The KDE developers selected it to be the default. I'ms tarting to lose faith in the judgement of KDE developers. Keramik is not mature enough or fast enough to be the default KDE theme. THe gray parts from KDE look ugly and are inexusable for a theme. IT ruins te whole atmosphere.

"But we cant do it.
Its a too big speed hit.
After all the style was planned to be default,so it must be fast on low end machines.
Not everybody has a Athlon XP:)"

WEll than everybody should get AtholonXXp's :p Now seriously how can High Performance Liquid theme thsoe ugly gray areas and be faster than the default theme for KDE 3.0.3 and Keramik isn't as fast even without theming them?

Mosfet's project deserves to ebt he default. He is one of the greatst KDE coders of all time.

Liquid has been in development for more thn a year and the project was made by a very experienced coder. here are some fo his contributions:

"Pixie image management system. Pixie is my graphics management application, which features very fast thumbnail based image browsing, tons of photo effects, and a clever component architecture which allows it either to be used as a small image viewer or a feature-packed browser/editor. You can read about it here.

Co-author of Kicker (The KDE Panel). Along with Matthias Ettrich, I was one of the original authors of the KDE panel. Matthias Ettrich committed a framework for a panel which provided a movable bar with a taskbar but no buttons. I wrote the original code for all the buttons, panel applets, application (K) menu, recent document menu, QuickBrowser, KasBar, and rewrote the clock applet to use LCD numbers. Currently maintained by Matthias Elter.

Designed of several widget styles, including the default, and the KDE theme engine. I wrote the default widget style, which controls how widgets look in KDE2/3. I also wrote the KDE theme engine and newer styles such as Liquid.

KDE Window Manager work. I designed the default style for the window manager, which controls how it looks and feels, as well as the Laptop, B2, System, ModSystem, and KStep styles.

KDE libraries and core work. I have my stuff all over the KDE libraries ;-) I wrote the plugin architecture for widget and window manager styles, KDrawUtil, KPopupMenu, KPanelMenu, and KDualColorButton, as well as contributed and maintained several classes such as KPixmapEffect.

I also did some earlier work like a KDE1 port of Siag, the "Scheme in a Grid" spreadsheet, which is no longer maintained by anyone."

Not to mention MosfetPaint. Yet Liquid with it's higher speed, more complete feel, larger flexibility and maturity it was not selected as default. Liquid 0.9.6 will most likely be out before the KDE developers get clsoe to releasing KDE 3.1. Why haven't they taken Mosfet's hard work into consideration? His theme even has it's own control center where you can further customize it. It's unreal. WHY was Keramik selected?

- Aug 21 2002
Keramik on Redhat 7.3

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

by tapir
Score 50.0%
Aug 20 2002
round scrollbars in the screenshot. How do they lok in the latest version? - Aug 21 2002
Keramik KDE 3.0.3/SuSE 8.0

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 17 2002
I guess my SUSE 8.0 just isn't as good as yours :(

I do ahve one suggestion though, change the icon text to black and take the unrelining off. - Aug 19 2002
Klassic New Crisp Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 21 comments

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Aug 27 2002
This should be waht Hicolor was meant to be. A simple, elegant, crisp and attractive iconset. - Aug 19 2002
Dark Blue for Liquid

KDE 3 Color Schemes 5 comments

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Aug 18 2002
Where did you get thsoe wonderful icons?

BTW: You don't need an icon for Xkill, just press CTRL+ALT+[ESC] andd it will pop up. :) - Aug 19 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

by DRAKe
Score 50.0%
Aug 12 2002
damn wasn't enough space, but you get th point. It looks pretty good though, Liquid si the ebst theme by far. I mean teh enw version which will mos tlikely come out in a few weeks. - Aug 14 2002

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 26 2002
This is great. If you know how can yiou also post the default bootsplash for SuSe 7.2. That was my favorite boot splash screen of all time. - Jul 27 2002
Office icons (preview)

Icon Sub-Sets 26 comments

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Aug 03 2002
Keep up the good work! - Jul 27 2002
IcOsX Theme First look !

Various Stuff 15 comments

by shok
Score 50.0%
Jun 13 2002
I really like them!

You can also use this: to speed up development. - Jun 13 2002
Suse 8.0 bootsplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

by zeki
Score 50.0%
Jun 02 2002
it loks good, but the default IMO still looks better. I have a request from you, while I think the 8.0 splash screen looks good I think the 7.2 and 7.3 splash screens looked much much better, can you take the 7.3 splash screen from the evaluation version
(which you can ge there: and than submit it to Please , I would do it myself but I do not know how. Please help me. - Jun 02 2002
iKons 0.7 preview

Icon Sub-Sets 16 comments

Score 50.0%
May 18 2002
I like Ikons 0.7 a lot they look fantastic. Thank you for making them! I can't wait for the full version!!!

One suggestion though:
Delete your other submissions of Ikons when you release 0.7. that way people will know which of your releases is best, it won't take up space in highest rated because your latest is better than all the past submisssions there is no point for them to be there. I think you should include your previous submissions only on yuor website.

thank you for your icons again! - May 24 2002
Desktop Icons 0.5.0

Icon Sub-Sets 64 comments

by dave
Score 50.0%
Nov 05 2002
can you work a little on the folders. For the yellow folder for example can you make the lock red. A yellow lock on a yellow folder is a little strange. - May 23 2002
this is the same icon theme that was posted with only a trash icon. I really like your icons :) i think they look great and so does antiallias's trash icon. Keep up the grat work, you have a very nice original iconset on your hands... umm hardrive. Now there is Crystal, Ikons, Free Icons, Slick , Hicolor, Marbles, Desktop Ions, there are a bunch of completely different original icons. Thank you linux community.

Just one suggestion: I know your icons have a very elegant classic style but could you also make 2 windows hardrives with an XP logo? - May 23 2002
Marbles 0.1.4 (Solid)

Icon Sub-Sets 21 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 09 2002
I love your icons. Keep up the great work!

One Suggestion:

Combine the 2 latest Marble releases. marbles 0.1.2 Translucent and Solid. Make a tar.gz version with 2 folders one for the translucent and one for the solid version. There are so many marbles releases it will be easier this way. If you need more space I think I can host your icons so when people click download they will download it from me. Anyway great job and keep up the great work.
- May 23 2002
Marbles 0.1.3 (Translucent)

Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

Score 50.0%
May 26 2002
I love your icons. Keep up the great work!

One Suggestion:

Combine the 2 latest Marble releases. marbles 0.1.2 Translucent and Solid. Make a tar.gz version with 2 folders one for the translucent and one for the solid version. There are so many marbles releases it will be easier this way. If you need more space I think I can host your icons so when people click download they will download it from me. Anyway great job and keep up teh grat work. - May 23 2002
SuSE 8.0 and Conectiva Crystal Icon

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

Score 50.0%
May 23 2002
did you get the first 3 green suse icons on teh taskbar. They look pretty good. Your screenshot also looks ok but it would look much better with Liquid 0.9.5 since your background fits the theme. - May 23 2002
What KDE could look like

KDE Plasma Screenshots 16 comments

Score 50.0%
May 09 2002
that few WIndows USers ever even heard of windowsblinds or wincustomize .com so as long as they've never heard of it linux is much prettier. :) ALSO if you think High Performance Liquid 0.9.5 is ugly I can't understand what you think is beautiful. Also on today's 2.6 GHZ computers with 2 GHZ of RAM memory usage won't be noticed. (I live in the bay area) - May 23 2002