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Andreas Marschke Raguhn, Germany

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Feb 08 2010
I suspect this is a problem with your Theme. To guess how the theme and the background is and set it on those grounds differently is a bit hard. And makes code terribly big and unmaintainable. - Mar 20 2010
Sorry neglected it a bit for my duties on bangarang was also just a small proof that you can work with IMDb. Besides I might get a kicking for it(from them). But I thought I might try it. - Mar 20 2010

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Nov 23 2009
I just posted on my blog an idea about an amarok like application for Movies. The overall reaction was positive. One of them pointed me to your app. Its quite nice though there are some quirks, like the icon theming can be handdled by the systems instaklled icon theme thanks to KIcon/QIcon. The search for files is pretty slow. The "database file" is not a soo well thought if you have a big db specially at parsing(suggest mysql as in amarok). The movie view function lacks Fullscreen and external player doesnt even work. But I will try to solve these and port your app to KDE 4.3 as well as CMake to be valid if we want to proceed into trunk. - Sep 10 2009

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Sep 20 2012
I don't know if that is possible in python or not. Specially PyKDE. But you maybe could change the Plasma::Applet into a Plasma::PopupApplet because that would be very cool. This way you can move it to a panelbar and pop it up if needed.
If this is possible to be safe check that there is a icon set for the PopupApplet - Sep 04 2009
Wallpaper Proposed Jaunty

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by jvare
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Sep 11 2008
jesus fucking christ this fucking thing is much too much for my EYES get the hell out of here and takle that junk with you! - Apr 25 2009
MOC Plasma Client

Plasma 4 Widgets
by mitiao

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Nov 25 2010

by KuduK

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Sep 12 2009
Glassy Panel Background

Various Gnome Stuff
by fish95

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Sep 12 2009

Metacity Themes
by jeppester

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Sep 12 2009
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Sep 12 2009
MOC Plasma Client

Plasma 4 Widgets
by mitiao

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3   Nov 25 2010
xkcd (en)

Plasma Comic Sources
by mfuchs

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3   Oct 11 2010