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Sondrio Valtellina, Italy
by rtl88
Score 83.8%
May 25 2020
Add a Gtk that's awesome!!!!! all even better themed. - May 10 2020
ChromeOS GTK Theme

GTK3 Themes 68 comments

Score 82.8%
May 18 2020
In the Compact Dark version you don't see the box to select options and it's not a matter of permissions because in the light version it's fine!!! - Jan 18 2020

In some selections the blue dot is not visible.

and in other menus you don't understand where to select because dark on dark makes selection difficult!!! - Jan 15 2020
The selection spaces in windows, folders and menus should be white so that you can distinguish when a box is selected by enabling a corresponding option.

the selection tick is not visible and makes little use of the gtk theme ...Please improve if possible!! - Jan 14 2020
Thank you very much. Thank you, great job! - Jan 05 2020

Full Icon Themes 24 comments

by brk95
Score 81.3%
Nov 24 2019
But change where, in the software file or where it is location I miss - Dec 05 2019
You can explain me better maybe with some examples and specifying folders in which to save please - Dec 05 2019
How can I change Devede-NG and Dvd95 icons? - Dec 05 2019
How can I change icons of dvd95 and devise on Gnome Shell please? - Dec 01 2019
Mac mojave REMIX

Full Icon Themes 6 comments

Score 65.0%
Oct 18 2019
Stone icon of OpenJDK that is missing, if you can add. for the rest wonderful!!!!! - Oct 24 2019

Gnome Shell Themes 53 comments

Score 77.5%
Sep 22 2019
I would have tried to be able, my suggestion would be to enable a minimum of transparencies, a slightly more visible character especially for small monitors, rounded corners for your favorite bar and a Gtk for windows ..... it is too nice with these suggestions would be the best and I would like to bring them you deserve a big hug because it is b - Oct 10 2019
It would be great to add a Gtk, rounded corners and transparencies for the final release of Gnome Shell 3.34 ....I'm testing it on Fedora 31 beta ....Great for small monitors, only it would take a more visible character!!!!!

It can become the perfect theme....really nice - Oct 10 2019
Is it beautiful but can you reduce the size of the calendar to make it a little more compact even for 1366x768 (16.9) monitors? - Nov 13 2018

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

Score 78.0%
Apr 21 2020
I'll wait for it really nice theme ... I'm already on Fedora 31 beta with Gnome-Shell 3.34 - Oct 05 2019
Is it possible to update the theme for Fedora and Gnome 3.34 which is really very nice? could you also insert a gtk3 theme for the windows so as to make it complete please always compatible for 3.34 - Sep 22 2019
With a more compact calendar and its own Gtk theme it would be even more beautiful!!!! - Jul 20 2019
Is this about Gnome 3.32.2?

Beautiful, it would be exceptional with even its own gtk for nautilus for 3.32.2 - Jul 04 2019
But Shell 3.32???? - Jul 04 2019

Full Icon Themes 269 comments

by tarma
Score 90.7%
May 15 2020
I know as soon as possible if you don't explain to me how to replace them, I did it once but who remembers!!!!! - Sep 30 2019
I think you can manually modify how it was for other packages, but in this case you have to help me explaining the paths because I do not remember anymore!!!!! - Sep 25 2019
Abrt is Fedora's error reporting service and not just I think, others:

that I've been pointing you out for a while but in Fedora they don't appear. - Sep 24 2019
Add ABRT icon for error reporting in Fedora that is now missing dvd95,DeveDE-NG and a better Alink Creator icon of amulets that matches - Sep 22 2019
1.1.4 really nice we expect improvements - Jul 03 2019
Ciao potresti aggiungere icone di Conky ,Conky-Manager e OpenJDK perfavore....ottimo lavoro ultima relace - May 17 2019
Excellent this time.....Only "Contacts" icon are out of tune, which is horrendous the one of defaulth and Openjdk....If you can edit them excellent and for now no errors are known!!!!

Pardon, I was wrong to copy by translating - Mar 11 2019
Ottime stavolta.....Stonano solo icona "Contatti" che è orrenda quella di defaulth e Openjdk ....Se si può modificarle eccellenti e per ora non noto errori!!! - Mar 10 2019
Korla Bug

/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory categories/scalable of theme korla has no size field

/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory categories/symbolic of theme korla has no size field

/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory emblems/symbolic of theme korla has no size field

/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory notifications/scalable of theme korla has no size field

/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory panel/symbolic of theme korla has no size field

- Jan 03 2019
add Thilk icons.Contacts,calculator,GlmageReader,OpenJDK,simplescan,Dvd95 - Dec 07 2018
/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory of theme korla has no size field
- Oct 25 2018
Repositories go open on Git... continue work anyway... beautiful Right - Oct 23 2018
Given are the best when you open a repository??

Don't stop the job, fix some small mistakes and keep them, they're beautiful!!!!! - Oct 20 2018
/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory of theme korla has no size field - Sep 19 2018
Tenks Missing icon Guvcview and SimpleScan If you do not mind when you have time.... the most beautiful ones create and defaulth sometimes a little bit size!!! - Sep 14 2018
/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory 96@2x/status of theme korla has no size field

/usr/share/bleachbit/ GtkWarning: Theme directory of theme korla has no size field - Sep 13 2018
You could add a more beautiful icon for Guvcview for courtesy that Defaulth is crappy??? - Sep 13 2018
is the best but missing some icons: Dvd95, DeVeDe, Guvcview, Streamtuner2, Timeshift, Veracrypt, Wxcas, Amule, Amule Gui

You can insert them??? - Sep 13 2018

GTK3 Themes 52 comments

Score 84.4%
Apr 28 2020
But 3.32???? - Jul 04 2019

GTK3 Themes 40 comments

Score 82.4%
Mar 14 2018
Gnome 3.32?? - May 11 2019
An update for Gnome 3.30.2? - Mar 04 2019
Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

Full Icon Themes 345 comments

Score 88.5%
Apr 29 2019
Missing icons Devede,DVD95,Onionshare,ophcrack if you can add them you complete the work

Really beautiful!!!!! - Mar 23 2019
To install them correctly in Fedora and set up Suru Light with blue folders??? - Mar 22 2019

GTK3 Themes 111 comments

Score 88.3%
May 22 2020
Thanks a lot, then in almost all the dark themes like captain login sections or input fields the text you never see!!!! - Mar 09 2019
If it is possible veins I would be infinitely grateful for my Fedora 29 on which I use only the theme Flat-Plat-Blue-Dark-Compat
as I have a small monitor - Mar 07 2019
TurkinOS Icon

Full Icon Themes 5 comments

by swlx
Score 50.0%
Sep 01 2018
Continue project that are also beautiful for Gnome: Also include icons Contacts, OpenJDK that are very out of tune in the midst of the beautiful work done!!!!!! - Mar 02 2019
Cupertino iCons Collection

Full Icon Themes 238 comments

Score 81.7%
May 27 2020
Add icon AlinkCreator (amule),Glabel,Openjdk 1.8 - Feb 11 2019
Finally a package really well done, I point out some icons to add to make it even more complete: AlinkCreator, (amulets that can be improved), Dvd95, Devede, GimgeReader, Shutter, Torbrowser, guvcview

Open a repository for Fedora29 - Nov 22 2018

GTK3 Themes 74 comments

Score 84.5%
May 23 2020
You can't then make a compact theme for Gnome-Shell + GTK for 3.30 - Oct 26 2018
Also Eliminate black bars that appear by opening bleachbit that do not center anything with the theme - Sep 26 2018
Can have a compact version for Gnome 3.30???

According to Mè if you scroll menu bar giving him some effect also results much better than the theme of OSX - Sep 26 2018
Really nice, but I wanted to ask if it was possible to have a more compact version even for small monitors (calendar too Large) - Sep 13 2018