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Yaman Tarakji
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Apr 21 2019
Hi there
I've done everything in the tutorial to the letter

I just installed 18.04
fully update
now i'm trying to get macOS HS GDM Theme to work
i'vev done everything
- backed up ubuntu.css

- copied the new ubuntu.css
- chmod 777 /usr/share/backgrounds/

then copied SetAsWallpaper script to the right place
- cd ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts
- sudo chmod +x SetAsWallpaper

then restarted nautilus
- killall nautilus

then cleared ~/.cache/wallpaper

Now I go to the Pictures folder, I right click an Image -> scripts -> SetAsWallpaper
- nothing happens the wallpaper doesn't change
- after 5 seconds 2 new images are generated gdm_lock-0.jpg and gdm_lock-1.jpg they look like original ubuntu wallpaper not like my image and that's it

now if I set the picture as normal wallpaper then right click -> scripts -> SetAsWallpaper
the 2 generated images look blurred version of my image and then I go and select Lock Screen to be one of them
- Lock Screen has the blurred image but
- Dialog screen (where I put my password) is still Purple background´╗┐ - Jun 01 2018